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    10k rpm SAS drives dead?

    Looking to build three 50 TB raw storage nodes for a test environment. Had mind set on 10k rpm SAS drives, came to find out that there only appears one viable model (1.2 TB Seagate, see which...
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    Lara Croft GO 80% off ($0.99) Hitman Sniper 90% off ($0.50) - Android only

    At the Google Play store: Lara Croft GO $0.99 (80% off) I played Hitman GO and loved it, can recommend, though the GO games are not for ADHD players. Hitman Sniper $0.50 (90% off) Didn't play yet, did buy though. For iSheep there are discounts too, just not as deep. Lara Croft GO is...
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    GMG Shadowrun Returns & Shadowrun Dragonfall $2.99 each

    Shadowrun Returns $2.99 @ GMG Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut (stand alone version) $2.99 @ GMG 20% OFF coupon may work...
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    Pemmican Jerky BOGO - $40/52oz + shipping

    This Weekend Only, Buy One Get One Free! Choose two cases of our favorite flavors or build your own custom case. At checkout use promo code "STOCKING" and you will receive one case free ($40 value). Limit 1 per checkout. The $40 for 52 oz is the price for the normal...
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    Square Enix PC Games Surprise Box $9.99 (warm?) ---- For just $9.99, you will receive a surprise selection of our most exciting PC download games worth over $80! Stuffed with 5 PC download games, and additional store offerings, this is one holiday...
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    Hedvig, more startup SDS Not unlike most other SDSes, installs on bare metal, does what Datacore et. al. do. In fact most people who work there come from Datacore, Scale IO. Has anyone done a demo/POC with those guys yet? Like any other startup, the pricing appears very flexible as they...
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    IBM V9000 AFA & SQL workloads (I/O wait)

    Is anyone running the IBM 900 or V9000 AFAs? Can you speak to what happened to your SQL workloads after you switched from whatever you had before to the IBM array? Specifically, did you see an increase in VM CPU consumption after switching? As the story goes, SQL is experiencing high...
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    SDS, commodity storage, and mission-critical workloads

    I had DataCore SANsymphony at my old place in a low volume non-mission-critical environment and it worked fine. Is anyone here running their production mission-critical workloads on the hundreds of TB scale on DataCore SANsymphony or Atlantis USX? The rational mind suggests that SDS is the...
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    Let's talk about replacing an EMC Isilon

    In all seriousness, is there scale out solution at all that comes even close to the resiliency of the Isilon and can deal with ~230 million files in ~10 million directories for a data volume of several hundred TB? The most prominent Isilon issue is file locking. When using a share as a...
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    SolidFire all-flash-array anyone?

    Does anyone have one of these in production? Pricing seems attractive, it's a startup but not that new. They have been shipping units for a couple of years if I read that right. Fairly negligible market share, but the tech looks impressive. I like...
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    quiet business projector recommendations?

    Need to buy a couple projectors for work and am fairly overwhelmed with the choices. Need: - tabletop operation - HDMI input (single is fine) - Display Port Input (limiting factor in many cases) - as quiet as possible while as bright as necessary - 2.7 to 3k lumens is fine - throw...
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    publishing Nutanix performance info violated the EULA

    Publishing Nutanix performance info violates the Nutanix EULA. So that just happened. Meanwhile, back in this reality, people know How to Lie With Statistics (by D. Huff) and decision-makers know that benchmarks can't be trusted. However, a global (Thank you Internet!) trend tells a...
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    How to monitor Citrix server login availability?

    Which tools do you guys use to monitor the login availability of Citrix servers? Scenario; there are hundreds of ctx servers and one of them passes all traditional server monitoring metrics and is UP, but refuses logins (for whatever reason).
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    when do virtualization startups become viable contenders?

    This isn't about any one particular vendor, but you can certainly pick a whole bunch of them on the storage, software, or hyperconverged side. When do they actually become viable contenders for millions of dollars of infrastructure budgets per client? One way to look at this would be to...
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    how to find PLP matching monitors for QX2710?

    Do you guys know of an easy way to figure out which monitor make/model would make a good compliment for a portrait-landscape-portrait setup with a QNIX QX2710 in the center? The QX2710 is 2560x1440, presumably this means that the two portrait monitors would need to be 1440x900. Matching the...
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    Qnix QX320QHD doesn't do 2560x1440 via docking station?

    Dell XPS 13 (3200x1800 native) Qnix 320QHD (2560x1440 native) StarTech 4K DisplayPort dock USB3DOCKHDPC According to the docking station page it does: I am using a DisplayPort cable. Windows 8.1, is set to duplicate displays. The laptop is lid is open: When connecting to the dock...
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    GTA5 SP broken since recent patch?

    Seems like I can't use the phone in GTA5 on PS3 since yesterdays(?) patch anymore. User error or do you guys have the same issues. This is in single player, not online play.
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    collaborative real-time editing of outage log?

    What do you guys use at work to track the work that's being done to remediate an unplanned outage? During complex issues multiple teams are involved (i.e. AD admins, security, storage, networking, etc. etc.). There has to be a better way than an Excel spreadsheet where anyone can add an...
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    the beauty of a unified environment

    I recently changed jobs which took me out of EDU and into the private sector. One of the VAR engineers I used to work with would always say that he 'hated' the EDU sector because it was always such a hacked together environment. In my previous job as working manager I was responsible, and...
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    let's talk about VBLOCK

    Has anyone here deployed these? What's the good, the bad, and the ugly? Looking at the 24U Vblock 100 version for "branch office" usage where no sys admins are present.
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    VMware snapshot removal suddenly takes hours

    Something isn't right. The snapshot removal of an MS SQL VM started to all of a sudden take hours rather than previously taking minutes. It looks like there are long gaps in writing to disk. The graph shows the only noteworthy write IO happening on that datastore. You can see that there's...
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    VCP now requires recertification after 2 years

    Following other vendors, and engaging in more nickel and diming, VMware recently announced that VCP certs are only good for two years before they have to be recertified. In the past this wasn't much of an issue since major release versions followed a 2 year cycle anyway (3.5 in 2007, 4 in...
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    So I buy a 180 TB Backblaze, then what?

    As many of you know, there's Backblaze which earlier this year came up with a direct wired (no backplane) enclosure for 45 drives. See: Storage Pod 4.0: Direct Wire Drives – Faster, Simpler and Less Expensive Then there's a company called 45drives which sells the Storage Pod 4.0 under the...
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    VMware & Pearson Vue axe $50 instructor reward program due to budget constraints

    I don't have a good sense for how many $50 gift cards were given out but before the program was cancelled it paid out one $50 for every 10 students referred to the exam. Two points of information about that; the voucher code would entitle students to a 70% discount off of the Pearson Vue exam...
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    Windows Phone UX, oh how I miss thee!

    Two months into using my S5 I had to boot up my old Lumia 900 to check whether I got all the data off of it and wow, what a pleasant experience that was. Homogeneous presentation on the start screen, tight tile grouping with no wasted space a la S5, responsive UI, just a pleasure to use. I...
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    unable to install Win7 on Samsung 840 Pro 256 GB

    Asus P6T6 WS Revolution motherboard, latest BIOS (905) installed. BIOS for ICH10 set to AHCI. Marvell controllers disabled in BIOS. SSD connected to ICH10 port, only other device connected to ICH10 is the DVD-RW. All other HDDs disconnected from SATA. Windows 7 64bit SP1 install hangs at...
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    how to identify whether or not a card supports dual-link DVI?

    So I just bought a XFX Core Edition R7-250A-ZNF4 Radeon R7 250 1GB 128-Bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 CrossFireX Support Video Card only to find out that it doesn't do dual-link DVI. In the specs it said: Max Resolution Analog: 2048 x 1536 Digital: 4096 x 2160 Though when connecting it to...
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    Synology NAS with WD Green; good/bad idea?

    I have four 2 TB WD Greens that have been sitting around and I want to put them to use preferably in a NAS box (I don't want to build my own, I'll just buy a 4 or 8 disk Synology). Performance isn't an issue as this will be for backup archive storage only. However, there seem to be...
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    Does rooting Samsung S5 remove the shitty swipe to answer performance?

    Now that I have had the S5 for a few weeks I am not at all impressed with this phone. I am stuck with it for close to a year so it is what it is. One of the major annoyances is that it's impossible to swipe to answer a call unless one hammers the display like a maniac to get the phone to...
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    Hero of the Kingdom - fun little timewaster!

    Indie dev point and click adventure type, cheesy cliche description: Currently on Steam Sale for $2.37: Demo is available (is that awesome or what?!). I am about an hour into it, the Internet says that it's about 2.5-3 hours to complete it, so at...
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    what's your virtualization training budget?

    This is a question more so for those who deploy and operate virtualization environments rather than those who sell them. VARs probably spend a lot more on training because they have to? I was just asked to look over a 175k VDI pilot budget for another unit in my org and I noted that there...
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    HyperX 3K 240GB SSD + Watch Dogs $135

    Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3/240G 2.5" 240GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (Stand-Alone Drive) Free Watch Dogs Game Voucher w/ purchase, limited offer Description says it's stand alone, but pictures show that it...
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    Dell C1xx series "futureproof" for vSphere 6?

    Disclaimer: I realize that this is all speculation at this point. I am considering to buy a few more of the Dell C1100 with 144 GB of RAM each, the deals are just really good. But ..., given that the hardware was originally released in 2010 (though the servers are from 2011), I do have to...
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    parallel processing numerical modeling worthwhile to virtualize?

    I just ordered a few servers which will only be used to run CPU intensive climate models on where each model run will need to be allocated 6 cores and 72 GB of RAM, and the computation takes several weeks per run. The servers I ordered have dual hex-core CPUs. Ordinarily we would install...
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    Ingress - burning up the data plan?

    So there's Ingress for Android, a giant data mining game by Google. Seems decent enough, though it's tough to get started as rookie since most...
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    wireless charging for Samsung S5?

    Having to monkey with the flap to get to the S5 charging port is annoying as hell, though I suppose the S5 doesn't have to be charged that often. Over the last couple of days mine is at >85% at the end of the day with little use. Still, I am thinking to grab a wireless charger off of ebay...
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    HTC One M8 screen not seamless with chassis

    Despite my bitching about the M8 being too damn tall I went ahead and got myself one yesterday. I just like the feel of the phone much better than the S5 or G2 (which were the other contenders). Love the UI/UX too, but here's the thing; This is a stock image with the problem areas...
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    ATT pricing Apple out?

    Considering that all iPhone 5S variants are at least $50, if not $100 more on an ATT contract vs. other providers it does beg the question whether ATT is purposefully pricing Apple out, or is ATT so big that people will pay whatever for the iPhone just to stay on ATT's network? iPhone 5S 16GB...
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    VMturbo ops manager?

    So an acquaintance of mine mentioned vmturbo to me today and I was like "what's vmturbo?" while thinking of this: Then I googled for it and apparently it's a real thing made by some dudes formally from IBM. Anyone using it, or at least test it out? Worth a look?