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    RAID suggested practice for Windows - home use

    What is the suggested RAID practice for Windows at home in your opinion? Setup: "Server" in one part of house that is multi-use but also a sync point for backup of another RAID where data is stored and manipulated. I copy/sync from RAID 1 (Areca controller of 5 drives) to currently another...
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    Sack Panic - Linux Vulnerabiltiy

    Figured I'd post for notice
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    NES Classic - Discontinued

    NES classic now a luxury bid item for Ebay and craiglist
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    Warm - GTA-V Steam sale - $40

    Steam has GTA V on sale through Nov 3rd for $40.19 with 500k in game cash. I know this isn't earth shattering but the first actual sale of a steam download version I've seen in a while.
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    Windows 8 won't initialize SSD on install..but Win 7 does

    All - I have a an issue that is kicking my butt and I so far have been unable to figure out. My issue revolves around UEFI and a new SSD for my newly purchased laptop. Laptop - Lenovo Edge 15 with existing slim rotary WD (works fine) Situation - Trying to install new SSD in place of...
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    Man Cave - Theatre

    Hey all - Just sharing my construction thread so far and curious on opinions on how I'm doing. LED's I installed under the sectional with remote control to change colors and brightness. Basement was a complete open slate when I started. I did all construction with 2...
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    Crucial M4 - 512GB - $350 - Amazon

    *Edit* - Drive back up to $400
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    ATI 5770 crashing/sound looping

    Hey all, I'm having a heck of a time trying to track down the source of my under load system crashes and am asking for a little assistance from other tech savvy people. Here is my scenario: So far the 2 games I currently play, COD:MW2 and SC2 I get random crashes that either lockup...
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    Multi direction constant ping with recording capabilities?

    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone know of a simple ping tool that can be setup bascially as a ping xx.xx.xx.xx -t but it records every response instead of logging to a buffer. We are trying to tackle a very unique network annomalie and this would be a helpful step. In a perfect world...
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    Unable to lock windows XP

    So I feel like an idiot.. Failing at fixing this one Scenario: I cant lock a Windows Xp SP2 box using Window + L and CTL+ALT +DEL brings up the task manager instead of the 6 button interrupt window. Attempts to fix: Attempted to add the enable registry DWORD to this location...
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    Please school me in real world VMware use.

    Hey all, Okay for some reason Im having trouble grasping the IT admins holy grail of wmware. Can someone who uses it in the field tell me how and what they use it for? This is my weak understanding thus far. And full warning Im far more a network/windows guy then a apps/nix/programming...
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    Remember Goldeneye? Now on the HL2 engine! SWEET!
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    Quite informational SN95G5 New Shuttle Review

    Click me Me want! The gigabit LAN sounds like a clusterfuck but otherwise I want now! Edit: According to Shuttle, September is when we are likely to see the release. :(
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    Palm Desktop to MS Activesync?

    Hey all, Is there a way to get say the address book from Palm Desktop converted to a format that can be synced with Microsofts Activesync? the reason I ask is that I have a customer that had an old Palm V and upgraded to a HP 4150 with Windows PPC. Thanks for any help, I tried Google...
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    [H]orde [H]ardware Donation Thread?

    Hey guys, i was thinking why isnt there a thread designated to donating spare/old/new hardware to people willing and able to run them? I have a bunch of ram, HD's and other usefull old hardware I dont need. If this isnt a good idea then just tell me to shut up. :p On a side note I have a...
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    Hey just a quick question, and sorry up front for the annoyance but what is When I connect to the forums I always get "operation timed out connecting to" but I dont notice anything broken :confused: Thanks
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    JAVA on Windows CE device

    Hey all, I am trying to get JAVA enabled on a test PDA of ours (HP 4355, HP 5555) and Im having no luck! I have tried the HP client, the superwaba client, and the client from called CrEme.... and none of them have worked. Does anyone else know where I can find a true JAVA...
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    Amount of viewable threads per page

    Im sorry if im an idiot (most likely cause). But can I increase the amount of threads I see within a specific section. For instance: when I click "General Hardware" and shows the threads can I get more of them to show on the page then whats default? Not posts within the thread, but the...
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    New UT2004 Patch out

    Go and grab it
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    To those having problems with UT2004

    Ok guys, as some of you have noticed the rollout for UT2004 has not gone well. However, they have found the cause of most problems and guess what it is the same as UT2003, the CD protection is causing it. Now I know the rules and hacks and cracks are not allowed to be talked about but in this...