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    How are Samsung phones nowadays?

    Haven’t had one since the note 3 and that was my 3rd Samsung phone. Never again.
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    iPhone 12

    If this is typical Apple fashion, I’m sure you have lots of examples?
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    iPhone 12

    I just got done reading your links (except for the Anand one, I actually remember reading that one now). Ultimately it comes down to brightness but increasing pixel density brings up the need to increase voltage to maintain brightness. From what I understand this more true than not when...
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    iPhone 12

    This comment comes up every time anyone (especially Apple) increases screen resolution. It doesn't hurt battery life, screen brightness does.
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    iPhone 12

    I understand that this site pretty much only considers performance for gaming but the Apple SoC's have never been made more gaming performance in mind (although they are good at that!). Apple's post processing software consumes a huge amount of resources, that's where all of this performance...
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    iPhone 12

    I have an 11 Pro Maxx, while this phone looks interesting I think I'm good. I'm stoked to see Apple continues to nock cell band's support out of the park but I'm not clamoring for 5g support just yet.
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    Navi 21 XT to clock up to 2.4GHz

    I wonder if it can still receive calls while i'm in the back yard?
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    Surface Duo (Christmas 2020)

    this is a strong no go for me, and I'm a hardcore office user. This offers me literally nothing over my iPhone and Surface Pro.
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    Ridley Scott back to operatic sci-fi in Raised By Wolves

    I have listened to all the alien audio books, there are some seriously awesomeones, this one included. Id say the Cold Forge is my least favorite, it’s more about an individuals instant climb into insanity than the usual alien escape/survive theme that is typical in the alien franchise.
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    iPhone Home screen redesign?

    Been using the new update for a few days, it’s pretty good, haven’t used most of the newness but I’m not a fan of the new News layout. I much preferred the old one.
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    Esoteric (rare) hardware from the past

    The Abit NF7, 3200+ and Ti4600 (except mine was BFG's) takes me back, that was my favorite gaming set up, upgraded the GPU to the 7800 AGP eventually before moving on. I also still have a box with the golden orb coolers, those were very popular back in the day. I forget what I had mine on, I...
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    iPhone Home screen redesign?

    I'm not really excited about any of these future software updates, but the phone call thing certainly piques my interest a bit here as that has bit me in the ass before. Haven't yet to really dive into any of the announcements though, been a busy time for me.
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    Intel Acquires Killer NIC

    Interesting concept initially that didn’t really blow up the market. Then seeing integrated NIC’s destroy add-in’s they essentially became a software package company. I have a board from a gen or two ago with killer on it and honestly, I had an easier time RealTek. what surprises me is Intel...
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    I remember back in the day the Samsung Apps were a reason to get their phones. But it soon turned into “wait for a root” before you got the phone so you can get rid of them! their default browser during the Note2/3 era was the very best on Android. Until Chrome stopped being a resource hog...
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    Get your first look at Halo 3's PC screenshots

    I loved ODST, I still keep my 360 around to play it.
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    Granted I’m saying this while on an 11 with no cheeks. Really what I’m getting at with the comparison is that you can get a maxed out SE for less than a 64gb XR. The other things like the camera and screen are pretty small but the presence of the cheeks might actually be a bigger consideration...
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    Apple is packing in addition hardware. The SE will be similar to XR, there are some take-some/lose some’s with the relationship but when right next to each other there is almost no reason to go with the XR now other than FaceID (which I have to admit I’d have a hard time giving up!). Id expect...
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    Not only do they suck but there isn’t a reason for 5g, at least nothing ground breaking.
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    Apples new Iphone SE

    I’m probably going to get this just to replace my aging media player.
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 Rumored to Bring 15% IPC Uplift

    Heh I was thinking the same. I’d hate for that to be a reason it becomes hampered though.
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    AMD: Sorry, No Official Ryzen Drivers for Windows 7

    Well for me it was free, I didn’t mind Windows 8 because I hardly ever used the start menus other than to select log off. Even when MS brought it back with Win 10 I barely use it, even the log off feature. storage spaces was a large upgrade for me, my only gripe is the ever changing network...
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    AMD Zen 4 microprocessing units to destroy Intel thanks to their 5nm designs

    If this destroys intel, than it will also destroy the bank!
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    NVIDIA’s Ampere GPU Likely Delayed To Q4 2020, And Its Not Just Because Of Coronavirus

    I’m waiting for new gen Zen before I upgrade but ideally I’d wait for both. I still have a 1080Ti that plays well enough still. although I barely game anymore. At this point I’m wondering why I still upgrade lol.
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    DOOM Eternal - Official

    Bought it today, might play it tomorrow
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    Incoming PS5 News Tomorrow at 9 AM PST

    I agree, I got 2 free Xbox’s and they are both are still in use.
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    Pixel 4

    I find it funny that soli ended up all but useless, typical with android implementation that something with great potential was dead on arrival with poor support.
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    Well damn that’s no good. But in my experience Samsung is quite good at botching updates. I’d hope though that google does better with testing in the future.
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    Galaxy S20 Thread

    I think my major problem with Samsung and their major updates for older phones is the lack of testing and often makes them rather unusable. It has happened to me and has been mentioned in this thread. It’s almost better to just not update the phone, except for the mandatory security updates.
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    Gamers are ditching Radeon graphics cards over driver issues

    Wow that takes me back, I also had the Rage card, the AIW or their “media” capable card. I loved it ... at first. First driver update ruined it, had to wipe PC and restart fresh and told myself to NEVER update that sumbitch ever again. I did go back to AMD but their driver support team has...
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    Who else annoyed with Apple obsoleting your device?

    Nope, you are right, I miss remembered what they were blocking This what I was talking about.
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    Who else annoyed with Apple obsoleting your device?

    i remember Google talking about removing Google Play access with rooted devices way back. Did this become a thing or was that only tied to Google Services?