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    HiFiMan HE-560 V3 $300 + Free shipping Adorama

    depends on the tube amp, but generally you need solid state for planar magnetic headphones as they are low impedance and low sensitivity (inefficient).
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    EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 vs Hybrid = HELP ME CHOOSE!

    wat i have an nf-p12 on my hybrid and it's completely silent no matter what. i don't even have to run the fan at max speed.
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    what is the time frame of these fancy future LG technology?

    there are already transparent screens in the wild iirc, not available in the consumer market yet obviously. personally i don't see the point in terms of television, but having screens on your windows or bathroom mirror would be cool.
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    Looking for a 23-25" high refreshrate display with G-Sync

    get out of here with that shit, lol. good choice. personally, if money were no object, i would have gone with a 240 Hz screen as your brother's use-case is the exact scenario those are geared for. i'd nudge him towards either using ULMB for those games or simply using fixed refresh mode with an...
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    Forza, Vega destroys 1080ti

    60 fps cap versus no cap ???
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    Samsung CF791 or Acer predator z35p or Asus ROG PG348

    "by Q1 of 2018" includes Q4 of 2017 :)
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    Samsung CF791 or Acer predator z35p or Asus ROG PG348

    consoles should work on it just fine. i don't know about the audio deal.
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    Samsung CF791 or Acer predator z35p or Asus ROG PG348

    i understand, friend. my monitor budget is less than half of what the ones you're looking at cost :P like i said, i recommend the Z35P. right now, i think it's the best all-around monitor with gsync out there.
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    Samsung CF791 or Acer predator z35p or Asus ROG PG348

    probably somewhere in the range of 1500-2000 USD but we know nothing for certain.
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    Samsung CF791 or Acer predator z35p or Asus ROG PG348

    the current implementation of HDR in windows is poor but with these newer screens there's no way they don't have something planned to make them work at their best. the CF791 does not have real HDR, it's the same thing as in their lower end TVs. the CF791 doesn't get anywhere near bright enough...
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    Samsung CF791 or Acer predator z35p or Asus ROG PG348

    do you need a new monitor right now? there are some biiig things coming pretty soon; real HDR, full array local dimming, 144 Hz 4K, 200 Hz 1440p ultrawide and probably some other things i'm forgetting. all of the monitors that should have this stuff are expected to be out by Q1 of 2018. with...
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    Most power hungry single-GPU ever from AMD/ATI and from NVIDIA

    i went through all the halo/top end nvidia cards as far back as possible on techpowerup and i didn't see one that went over 300 W or really even came close to that number, in fact i think all of them were under 250 and interestingly enough the GTX 480 was in line with all the others. it seems...
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    Motion Blur

    they're the same thing as far as i know.
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    Motion Blur

    it's very light AG is all.
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    Acer Predator X35 - 3440x1440 35" UW@200hz VA G-SYNC HDR

    just fyi this image is extremely misleading and essentially useless. the difference in apparent colorfulness could literally just be because of brightness differences or even software alterations to color reproduction. check tftcentral reviews of various VA, IPS, and TN monitors; they give...
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    Motion Blur

    iirc all of the korean single input monitors have no overdrive so the motion blur is very bad. VA televisions are also quite bad but they have overdrive, so the motion blur should be similar if not better. if it says semi-gloss you can believe it. the vast majority of tvs today are semi or full...
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    To G-sync or not to G-sync...

    there aren't any, unfortunately, at least not from the mainstream brands. i came from a full glossy monitor and i can tell you that you get used to the AG, i don't even notice it anymore.
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    To G-sync or not to G-sync...

    if you looked at my PG278Q and QX2710 side-by-side, you wouldn't be able to tell which was which in terms of color. tftcentral's results back this up. TN has overtaken IPS; IPS has disgusting IPS glow that completely ruins dark scenes and has more motion blur. TN has poor viewing angles and...
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    LG launches 240hz 32 1440p screen

    i have one of those korean monitors that have no overdrive, they don't have excessive overshoot (because they don't have fucking overdrive lol) or "other issues" besides lots of motion blur. they still benefit from the higher refresh rate in terms of smoothness otherwise they wouldn't have been...
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    LG launches 240hz 32 1440p screen

    oh my god you can have response times longer than the refresh rate, they don't have to be faster. it will still be just as smooth as it would be on a faster screen. it literally doesn't hurt anything to have.
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    ASUS ROG SWIFT PG258Q (240Hz native)

    it depends on the game. you'll definitely be bottlenecked even on low in a lot of games by your GPU, your CPU is pretty much as fast as it gets so all you can really do is oc it as much as possible. faster RAM helps in some games also. tftcentral reviewed this monitor and found that it had...
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    How long does your 4K TV take to power up?

    it's a once-you've-experienced-it-everything-else-sucks kind of thing. my PG278Q turns on instantaneously, it's one of my favorite features ever.
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    Question about GTX 780 Ti and 144 Hz 1440p G-Sync gaming

    i know this is old but no one gave you a proper answer: drop everything as low as it'll go including resolution. if your framerate is still bad you've got some shit wrong with your system that i have no idea how to diagnose. you should be getting at least 3x that on normal competitive settings.
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    Acer X27 4k 144hz HDR Gsync

    the X35 and PG35VQ are still due in Q4 i think.
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    Can someone please shed some light.. G-Sync 165Hz

    if your framerate is LOCKED to 60 fps, a 60 Hz monitor with vsync on is as smooth as a monitor with gsync on (gsync has a lot less input lag, though). what gsync and freesync do is give you vsync smoothness at any framerate (within the monitor's f/gsync range) without the input lag penalty...
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    Can someone please shed some light.. G-Sync 165Hz

    no, the smoothness would be worse because it wouldn't be synced. there would be less motion blur, however, as the screen would be updating more frequently non-synced.
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    Acer Predator Z35 - worth it?

    i'm pretty sure plenty of displays can do HDR10. dolby vision is the hard one.
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    Acer Predator Z35 - worth it?

    it depends on the standard.
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    Acer Predator Z35 - worth it?

    if you're looking at dropping that much cash on a monitor, WAIT. there are some huge developments that will be on the market by the end of this year, namely the PG35VQ and Predator X35; 35" 21:9, 200 Hz, 3440x1440, GSYNC 1000 nit HDR FALD VA. i don't know how this will affect the rest of the...
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    Do you prefer glossy monitors or monitors with AR film applied?

    these last few posts... my brain hurts.
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    Best GeForce GTX 980 Ti?

    anecdotes... the point is that pump noise is a potential issue that you cannot guarantee you'll avoid unless you buy an air cooled card.
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    1080ti on Freesync monitor

    ok, gsync is great, but that's just ridiculous.
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    Best GeForce GTX 980 Ti?

    the Lightning is the best, period. that model has consistently been the best every generation since it was introduced. best fan noise, best temperatures. unfortunately it has also consistently been the most expensive. all cards are subject to silicon lottery and the vast majority max out around...
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    Considering getting a Acer Predator XB271HU TN

    you're getting banding because you changed the gamma in the nvidia control panel.
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    Warm: Micro Center Only i7-6850K for $299 In-Store Only

    i don't know anything about file servers. wouldn't that be hilariously overkill?
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    8TB easystore $159.99 BestBuy

    that's actually insane. what's in it?
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    Nvidia Control Panel Settings? Do you change anything?

    which settings are you talking about? any of them? change prerendered frames to 1 (reduces input lag), texture filtering to high quality (default is "quality"), and if you're using gsync set vsync to on. only adjust desktop color settings if you can't adjust them through your monitor first...
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    Has the gaming monitor market become stagnant ?

    link? i can't seem to find what you're talking about.
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    Do you prefer glossy monitors or monitors with AR film applied?

    uhh no i didn't, you have me confused with someone else. i own a QNIX QX2710 which uses a PLS panel. it is a perfect monitor other than the fucking disgusting IPS glow that ruins literally anything dimmer than directly lit scenes. trying to play The Witcher 3, STALKER, ANY game that ever has any...