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    New drive size problem

    Hi, I got a 4GB WD HDD and was initializing it (GPT) when the USB connection cut. It was showing the correct size before but now shows less then half. Is there a way to fix this? I've done the Googling and tried switching to MBR then back to GPT but no luck. Regards, Tar
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    Request for very simple script.

    Hi, Sorry to bother you with this but I know very little about scripting. I'm looking for a file that I could run that would select a already running WinAmp and press 'c' (the pause button). I'm running Windows 10 Pro. I've been trying to look up on how to do this but cant put it together in my...
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    Windows 10 and CPU usage at 100% and Feature Update 1903

    I'm posting the below issue to leave a record for anyone else that has it will be able to find a possible fix as I could not find one. Last week my CPU was running at 100% all the time for 5 days straight. After uninstalling most programs and hardware to no effect I re-imaged the system...
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    DDNS Help!

    Hello, I've been trying to set up DDNS for days now. I got it to the point where I could resolve hosts but I had the error "Unable to add forward map" but then started getting " temporary name server failure" and DNS would not work at all. Below at logs and configs; syslog: ----...
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    2x 780's upgrade to one 1060?

    Hello, I currently have 2 780's SLI 3GB each on a Intel Core i7 4770K OC'ed to 4.3/4 I think. If I get rid of the 2 780's and replace it with one "Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Mini ITX OC 6GB GDDR5 (GV-N1060IXOC-6GD)", would the performance be equal or greater? Regards, Tar.
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    Vintage - Backup questions.

    Hello, I have some questions about backing up my old software/games. First are the floppy's. I know that some 80's floppy's had DRM but the one's I have should all be from the 90's with no DRM. Mix of OS's, software and games. To back these up, can I simply copy the files to a folder or do I...
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    Vintage Forum?

    Hello, It's been about 20 years that [H]ardOCP has been helping me put systems together. I remember I discovered this site a few months after I discovered Voodoo Extreme (RIP) when looking to do my first build (somewhere around 98). As things go with age, I'm in the process of building what my...
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    850w or 1200w for new system?

    Hello, I just ordered a new system. Before I placed the order, I checked a wattage calculator (can not remember witch one) and it told me 750-800w should be enough. So I ordered the system with a 850w ps. The one I ordered is: Seasonic X850 Gold ATX 12V 24PIN 850W Active PFC 80PLUS Gold...
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    PC Audio Problem

    Hello, It's been a wile now that I have been having what I think are audio problems on my PC. When my computer is sending out a audio single, the system would freeze or go to a gray screen (no error code/message) and then from the speakers I would hear a loud buzzing sound. This would not stop...
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    Android + Wi-Fi + Static IP = Help Me

    Hello, I've got a LG EVE and just won a Archos 7 at the office party :) I've been trying to connect them both to my home network without success. I added the MAC's and static IP's to my router table and the MAC's to the filter table. I then setup the static IP info in the Android's...