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    10Gb SFP+ card for RAID PC to switch, Sonnet Presto Solo reviews?

    I would like to connect my PC RAID server to US-16-XG Ubiquiti 10Gb switch using SFP+. I would prefer only a single port, and would like it to be PICe3.0 X4, so as to not to unduly burden my expansion slot requirements. PCIe X8 just isn't needed for a single-port card on PCIe3.0. But if the best...
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    Areca 1882-ix-16 won't boot new Win 10 PC

    I just put together a new windows 10 computer, but my Areca array doesn't come up. I did not see an opportunity to install RAID drivers during the clean install. Windows is on a standalone SSD connected to the motherboard, the RAID6 array is for storage. I installed the .INF drivers within...
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    M.2 PCIe SSD boot drive in BIOS motherboard?

    I need to put a SSD in my Gigabyte GA-EX58-UD4P motherboard. It has an Intel 920 and it is hard to justify replacing the motherboard and processor at this time given it is more than adequate for at least several more years. It had an OCZ SSD for several years, but that drive failed for the...
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    Areca 1882ix-16 RAID expansion

    I just added two more Hitachi (now Toshiba) 5K3000 3TB drives to increase from 8 drives to 10 drives. Using the web interface I chose "expand RAID set". Two days later it finished. It then checked the array (apparently automatically?) without complaint. Windows storage manager still shows...