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    Need help with OpenVPN Config... IPv6 to IPv4

    I am using a router that provides an OpenVPN server to my home network. I exported the config file from the router and have the free community download openVPN software, and it loads the config and connects to the vpn server no problem. Except when doing an IP address check, it shows my ipv4...
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    AMD Zen 3 Launch Event Discussion

    This is for us to talk about the launch event, viewable on AMD's youtube page, live at 12PM ET. stream: 5950x: 16/32, 4.9GHz Boost, 3.4Ghz Base, 105w TDP $799 5900x: 12/24, 4.8GHz Boost, 3.7GHz Base, 105w TDP $549 5800x: 8/16, 4.7 Boost, 3.8GHz Base, 105w...
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    What new hardware did you buy today?

    I didn't see a thread like this but thought it would be a good thread to just talk about stuff we order. So what did you order today? I am speccing a new rig, so today I ordered: Lenovo L28-30 4K IPS Monitor Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Motherboard
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    Nvidia rtx 3090 discussion

    Let's talk about performance, not availability. I've been thinking about this card as being a titan replacement. However, the titans have always been nvidia produced, not aib. It looks like all the regular aibs are on board for the 3090. Do we think it is really a titan then? No other generation...
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    Leak showing Nvidia RTX 3000 Series Lineup to Include 3060, 3080 20GB, more Gigabyte code redemption for included game apparently listed skus for applicable cards. The list includes many unannounced products.
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    POLL/Discussion: How do you tweak your Ryzen CPU?

    Trying to figure out what people are doing for Ryzen settings to maximize performance. I was running 4.3GHz all core on a 3800x but the idle power usage was kind of high so I decided to try going stock with undervolt. I was surprised to see how much performance started climbing the more I...
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    SOLD EVGA Nvidia Geforce RTX 2060 KO Ultra - Ebay SOLD use your 10% off coupons!
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    $300 to spend: 4K Monitor vs 4K TV?

    I have a budget of about $300 and want to get into the 4K world. Currently using a 50" Samsung FHD led backlit LCD as a monitor, for gaming, web browsing, watching videos, etc. General use. I was thinking of getting one of the <$300 50-55" TCL TVs. What are the pros and cons of going monitor vs...
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    do people still tweak and overclock memory?

    I just got some new RAM and it occurred to me that I bought it based on its rated performance. I remember back in the day (they way back days, ddr1 days) we would spend countless time reducing timings, memtesting, reducing, memtesting, until we found our best stable settings. Is this still the...
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    MSI GL63 8RD 15.6" 128GB SSD 1TB i7 8750h 8GB GTX 1050Ti Laptop if you want to PM me an offer before there are bids go ahead!
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    How do you build a fast PC-based NAS?

    Basically I want to replace my WD 2 bay NAS with something faster. I've been happy with my 2x3TB mycloud mirror (like EX2) NAS, but I want to move to something that can't be perceived as not a local disk. I definitely want redundancy (RAID 0 = no), but I want it to be faster. Doesn't have to be...
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    LAST DAY: MSI GL63 8750h laptop, Dell Ryzen Desktop Computer

    MSI GL63 15.6": 8750h, GTX 1050 4GB, 16GB DDR4 2666MHz, 128GB m.2 sata SSD, 1TB hard drive, IPS screen Dell Inspiron 5676: Ryzen 1400 (upgrade support up to 2700x), 8GB DDR4, 1TB hard drive, Radeon RX570 4GB
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    Help identify Socket A motherboard

    I am trying to identify a socket A motherboard. Noteworthy features are 4 dimm slots instead of the usual 3, and it has onboard SATA. I'm sure some of you Gurus will be able to help! I was thinking it was nforce 2 ultra 400 based but I can't find a single photo of the same board anywhere.
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    3700x 8 core ryzen on ebay - $295
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    RTX 2060 KO Owner's Thread (and other 2060 cards with TU104)

    Making this thread to discuss 2060 KO cards using the TU104 die. For those who do not know, 2060 cards traditionally come with the TU106 die. However, EVGA's 2060 KO has been shown to use the TU104 die (shared with the 2080) with limited shaders/cores. Gaming performance is equivilant to the...
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    Best split screen PC games?

    Looking for some good split screen PC games to dust off the steamlink and play. Ideally looking for something recent/with stunning visuals. Please share suggestions, all game types welcome!
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    Basic question.... Disable LAN access for one computer but allow internet access?

    As the title says, I have a NETGEAR router and would like to block access to my local network while allowing internet access to a particular device. Is this something that is viable or does it have a certain term I can search for?
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    Could folding/DC help find a cure for the Coronavirus?

    This is just a thought, but could folding and DC contribute to finding a cure or vaccine for the Coronavirus? If so, why do organizations working on this not publicize that so media outlets would suggest we all contribute in times of crisis/emergency? I know very little about the process of...
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    EBAY: ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom ZE553KL - 32GB - Navy Black (Unlocked) Smartphone as always, PM me if you want to save 10% and deal outside of ebay.
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    Do a mini itx build they said

    It will be fun they said.
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    GTX1050Ti, Socket 1155 bundle: P8P67 Deluxe, Xeon 1225, 8GB DDR3

    Selling a few things on ebay (more to come), but I have this GTX 1050Ti as well as socket 1155 bundle for sale that is great for what it is. Please see the descirption for details, and as always, if you want to PM me and work outside of ebay I will sell it for 10% off...
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    Cheapest New or used passive 1440p card?

    Like the title says, looking to replace a quadro fx570 with a passive card. Needs to drive a 1440p monitor. Hdmi preferred. What's out there that fits the bill? Little money as possible, was thinking a 740gtx or low 900 series card, but is there anything cheaper?
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    any good deals on camera security systems?

    I have been reached out to by a colleague as the 'tech guy' for advice on a camera system for an automotive business. Basically we are talking about an 8 camera system that covers both indoors and outdoors and records to a central computer or DVR box. Are there any good deals on something like...
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    any side by side benchmarks with x370/x470/x570 with ryzen 3000?

    Wondering if anyone has tested performance differences with the new CPUs between chipsets. I understand a few new features are enabled only with x570 (PBO?) but am curious how it affects performance.
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    120mm AIO deepcool 120EX

    no reasonable offer denied. Hard members can PM me and save 10% if dealing outside of ebay.
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    Selling TWO i7 8750h laptops - $650-$920 range

    Have these two laptops I am looking to sell. Both work great. MSI GL63, 8GB, 1050Ti, 256GB SSD+1TB HDD Dell G7 7588, 16GB, 1060 6GB MaxQ, 512GB NVME SSD as always, I will take 10% off the asking price for [H]...
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    How to fix windows 10 not booting

    Alright guys, I am at a stand still right now. A family member's computer is failing to completely boot. I suspect it has something to do with a shut down during update scenario but I could be wrong. The problem is the computer will get to the user selection screen, you can log in, but then it...
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    Repairing a bent LGA pin

    I recently picked up some free computer parts, among them was a socket 1155 motherboard and cpu. The combo works fine other than the iGPU not showing up at all and no video output to onboard video ports, and it wont see more than 2 dimms. I looked over the board and it looked fine. The socket...
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    MSI AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB Armor - $90 shipped with coupon

    I am selling my RX570 for $105, use coupon code PICKFAST on ebay checkout to pay just under $90 shipped!
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    PC for streaming only?

    I am looking into live streaming and have a PC capable of gaming just fine. I was wondering if it would make sense to have a second PC (which I can get cheap) just to handle video input and streaming from the gaming PC. Would a machine with a 6 core x58 xeon and 12GB of ram be good enough for...
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    recommend a cheap used phone?

    I am looking for a friend, not for myself, who recently cracked the screen on their phone and would like to upgrade. Something ~2-3 years old is fine. Must have: 5.5" or bigger screen (bigger is better) great battery life at idle (must last all day doing nothing) available for verizon network...
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    Windows 10 "Do you want to reopen Youtube?"

    A client of mine has come to me saying he has a transparent window appearing each time he boots the computer asking if he wants to reopen youtube. He is running windows 10 on a machine I provided about 2-3 months ago. I assumed this was some sort of malware but I haven't found anything and he...
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    Getting my first trackball

    As the title says, I am going to be picking up my first trackball mouse today from best buy. I have always looked at trackball mice as sort of odd and useless, back in the day when logitech had that one with the big red ball, probably about the time they introduced the wave keyboard (I did buy...
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    good, inexpensive color accurate display recommendations?

    I am looking to invest in a new monitor, primarily for video production/editing work, so color accuracy is important to me, and secondarily used for games. I would prefer it to be 4K/UHD, since the footage I work with is 4K. High refresh rate is of no concern to me, nor is freesync or gsync. It...
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    Are there cheap but powerful windows tablets?

    Does such a thing exist? I see tablets with low power dual core chips costing a bunch of money, and then I see the ones with the powerful chips costing a TON of money, $3k+. How is it that to get a tablet that is as powerful as a $900 laptop, I need to spend 4x as much?
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    bf1942 is back online

    I had no idea that BF1942 had a patch to allow online play again. Not sure when this happened, but you install the patch after the game and sure enough there are servers online. One of my all time favorite games, and after playing modern Battlefield games, well, I suck at BF1942! Will be playing...
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    HP OMEN 7700hq 1050ti, AMD FX 8320, more! Omen laptop, 7700hq i7, 1050 Ti, asking $750 or best offer! AMD FX 8320 CPU, asking $50 or best offer! More to be added! Flexible prices! if you want to deal outside of ebay, I will instantly do 10%...
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    thought some of you might find this interesting....

    So I bought some hardware on craigslist the other day (the start to every great story), and it was for a very good price. I got an AM3+ motherboard, a CPU, and a water cooler for under $100. The deal was done in a parking lot, and I didn't really look over the stuff too hard, it looked like what...
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    Is there any way to restore this SSD to original capacity?

    So I bought this SSD: As the listing says, this is a 512GB m600 that has been resized to 412GB. The seller sold 8 like...
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    What are you mining right now?

    Seems like a good idea for a thread where we can periodically chime in with what algos we are working on. For me right now, daggerpascal for my 10 series cards, equihash for my 9 series cards, both via nicehash.