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    Don't Forget - WCG 10th Birthday Challenge!

    The WCG project is celebrating its 10th birthday. So SETI.Germany has sponsored a brief challenge from Nov 16th to Nov 25th. So tune up your hardware and crunch some WUs to hlep research and the HardOCP WCG team in the challenge! Maybe try out the new Uncovering Genome Mysteries project if...
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    WCG Christmas Race 2013: Dec 1-24

    Happy Thanksgiving to the [H]orde! Since December is right around the corner its time to start polishing up your OCs and borging some last minute machines for the World Community Grid Christmas Challenge!! Every year in December the World Community Grid team from hosts a...
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    WCG Christmas Race 2012

    It almost December and to World Community Grid fans that means its once again time for the WCG Christmas Race! Every year in December the World Community Grid team from hosts a Christmas Race for a fun holiday challenge between WCG teams. The challenge is run through the WCG...
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    WCG Christmas Race 2011

    Every year in December the World Community Grid team from hosts a Christmas Race for a fun holiday challenge between WCG teams. The Horde has participated for several years in a row and even though there are lots of other challenges and contests going on in the DC subforum right...
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    March Madness: 2011

    For the second year in a row we are presenting March Madness, BOINC style. :) This year we will be organizing a team effort in a BOINC project called Spinhenge@home. Spinhenge is a BOINC project so it uses the BOINC software that can be downloaded here. Once the software is dowloaded and...
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    DCVault: January 2011

    Happy New Year Commandos! Just wanted to start some discussions on possible project work for January and beyond. There were a lot of non-BOINC project discussions for this month, although with the holidays and just finishing up the WCG races I dont want to do anything too structured this...
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    Christmas Race 2010

    OK everyone. Its that time of year again. December is the month when the powerhouses of WCG come together to have a 24 day race for the great WCG projects in the spirit of the holidays. I had waited to make this post to make sure that we were going to be able to get entered in the race but Im...
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    BOINC - November [Prep Month]

    Its been a little quiet around the BOINC crowd lately but thats all about to change. :D As many of you know, December is usually when many of the big WCG teams participate in the Christmas Race. Now its a little early for too many details but I just wanted to get the ball rolling. If you are...
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    September DC Vault Project: Malaria Control +Muon

    After a month "off":D, back for September is a new DC Vault project of the Month. This month I thought it would be good to work on a project that hasn't had much publicity around the boards: Malaria Control Project. This project has come a long way in the last year. A year ago you could only...
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    July DC Vault project(s)

    Alright everyone. Our June goal is taking just a couple extra days to pass up Ukraine in POEM. So I figured that we could have a slightly less structured effort this month. Hopefully this will give folks a little bit of a break, allow them to maybe focus on some personal goals or projects...
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    May BOINC Project: Leiden Classic

    Again this month we will be joining together to make a push in one of the BOINC projects. The project on the docket this month is Leiden Classic. So if you have any spare CPU cores (even older cores still work well in BOINC) just download the BOINC client here and attach to the project. If...
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    April BOINC Project: QMC@home

    Since we had so much success as an entire team running RCN last month we are going to try and highlight another BOINC project this month. Quantum Monte Carlo@home is a BOINC project that studies the Quantum Monte Carlo method to further Quantum Chemistry research. They can probably explain it...
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    tripod recommendation

    I have owned my D40 for about a year now and am planning on upgrading to a D90 in the next year or so. I am currently looking for a tripod that would work with both of those cameras. I would like to get both the tripod and head for <$150. I have done a little research and looking around but...
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    Time to see who is [H]ard

    OK. I know there are some folks up here with some very [H]ardcore [H]ardware. As you may or may not know the Hardforum has one of the top Distributed Computing teams on the planet. The following is a friendly invitation to join us in a Christmas Challenge. I'll try to keep this post...
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    Christmas Race 2009 - Lets Go Horde!

    Its that time of year again folks. The World Community Grid Christmas Race runs from Dec 1st to Dec 24th. Here is the link for more info. Last year the [H]ardOCP team got 4th place out of some very good teams. This year all of the big name teams are out and gearing up. The WCG team has been...
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    Data Recovery Software

    I had a user today bring me a flash drive. They said they had accidentally deleted an entire folder off of the drive. Anyone have any experience trying to recover data like this? Any suggestions of some good free software to use? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Congrats to Razor_FX_II

    Just wanted to congratulate Razor_FX_II on reaching 25 million BOINC points. This is quite a milestone and the Horde is lucky to have such a dedicated DC'er. Looks like he is about to break into the Top 300 in the world in BOINC points. Nice going Razor! Keep up the good work! P.S...
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    Automatic log-out

    I work at an educational institution that uses Windows/AD. We were running into some issues with professors leaving themselves logged into the classroom machines. Obviously if they leave themselves logged in thats a big security risk. So we used a script on those machines that would give them...
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    Got extra GPU power?

    Once again this year the [H]ard|OCP Folding Team is competing in a friendly Folding Challenge known as the Chimp Challenge. The Chimp Challenge is a folding event that has grown over the past few years and this year will include 8 of the top 10 folding teams in the world. We here at the...
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    RSS problems?

    Is there a problem with the HardOCP RSS feed? The news here seem to be about a week old. Or is it just me?:confused:
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    WCG Questions

    Well I was kind of curious about the WCG project so last night I decided to install that on the second core of my Opty (first core is running my GPU2 client). I was very impressed with how easy it was to install (with help from the Hard Guides:)) and how clean the interface was. I really like...
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    2.4 Million PPD

    Looks like the Horde is the first team to 2.4 million PPD! Way to go guys!:) Now on to 2.5 and beyond! </Buzz Lightyear> Fold [H]!
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    A couple SFTP ?s

    Recently I have taken up digital photography. I want to share a bunch of pictures with a friend of mine over the internet. I was thinking about setting up a SFTP server but I want to make sure I do it securely. The data being transfered isnt all that sensitive but I dont want to open up any...
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    Calling All You ATI Guys . . .

    Calling All You ATI Guys . . . As some of you may have seen on the front page news, the Hard Forum's folding team (the [H]orde) is currently in a four team folding competition called the Chimp Challenge. This is a friendly competition between four of the top folding teams in the world...
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    Tripp Lite KVM recommendations

    Hey guys - I am looking for a KVM. I have never bought one so I'm not 100% sure what to look for. I only have a couple requirements: 1) It must have 4 ports and 2) it must be USB not PS/2. After some researching and looking around I found this one...
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    anyone ever used psshutdown before?

    Hello all- I was looking to shutdown a bunch of computers at work every night with a simple batch script and the Sysinternals utility psshutdown. Here is the basic script I am starting with: echo Starting shutdown at: time /T psshutdown -c -m "Nightly Shutdown" -n 5 @c:\shutdownlist.txt...
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    Arctic Cooling Freezer 64

    Hello - I just bought a new AM2 motherboard and CPU to put in an old case that I had laying around. I bought a AC Freezer 64 to put on the CPU. Yesterday after I had installed the cooler, I noticed that the pressure from the cooler was actually bending the motherboard. When you look...
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    any one ever used this motherboard?

    I need an AM2 motherboard. I do want to overclock a little (nothing extreme) but my main concern is I am not looking to spend to much cash, and I would like not to have to have a northbridge fan making a bunch of noise. Has anyone ever used this board...
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    Dead Processor?

    What would the symptoms be if my processor died but all the other components in my systems were still functioning properly? What would happen when I pushed the power button?
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    AoE3: Sound problems

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    "Lite" Linux Distro

    I have an old laptop ( IBM Thinkpad T23 ) and wanted to put Linux on it. The laptop does not have a lot of power however. I think it has a P3 1.13Ghz and 128MB of RAM. Can anyone recommend me a good, somewhat user friendly Linux distro that will run well on the resources that this system has...
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    VPN Software

    A couple friends and I like to play Age of Empires 3 every once in a while and recently one of my friends had me download some VPN software called Hamachi so we could play over the internet instead of always taking our computers to a central location. Has anyone ever used this software? I am...
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    swapable hard drive enclosures

    Where I work we frequently need to take old hard drives and "clean/overwrite" them before we get rid of them. Is there a hard drive enclosure that someone could reccomend using USB2.0 that is very easy to swap drives in and out of? Or does anyone have a better solution than mounting the...
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    Windows Forensics

    Hello. I am working on a project regarding forensic analysis of computer hard drives. Does anyone in here know if there is a way to turn off the "auto-detect" or "automount" ( for you linux guys ) feature in Windows? I want to plug in an external hard drive in Windows and mount the drive...
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    Roller Chair Mats

    I am looking for one of those plastic chair mats to put down on my carpet so I can roll around easier. I found some nice ones on Office Depot / Office Max's websites but they are really expensive. My have carpet in my computer room so I guess it needs to be somewhat think. Those of you that...
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    Asus M2N-E

    I bought an Asus M2N-E motherboard with an AM2 Socket. Now I went ahead and bought some Crucial Ballistix RAM that operates at 2.2V. The one problem I see is that my Asus board only has the option in RAM to raise the voltage to 1.95V. Is this something that could be fixed with a BIOS...
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    battery replacement

    I need to replace my battery in my IBM Thinkpad T20 laptop. Can anyone recommend me a good place to get laptop batteries? Thanks.
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    Card running a little warm, need advice.

    I have a XFX 7800GT, and when I play games at 1280x1024 resolution my graphics card gets quite hot ( 75C - 85C ) and sometimes even crashes my enitre computer ( leaves me staring at a black screen ). When I play at a lower resolution like 1024x768, it runs somewhat cooler and I have no...
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    Gaming Headset

    I am looking for a good gaming headset. It must have a microphone and be comfortable. I was looking at this set: Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. :)
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    VOIP discussion

    I'll admit right off the bat here that I have no experience with VoIP. I have done a couple searches on here and on Google, and while I have found several websites that try to explain what VoIP is and how it works many of them are somewhat confusing to me. I was hoping that we could have a...