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    AIX in cloud

    Thanks . I know AWS can host linux systems. Just wasnt sure if something similar exists with AIX.
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    AIX in cloud

    Thanks for your help. I will try that
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    AIX in cloud

    Is there a cloud solution to run IBM AIX?
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    Best 30" monitor

    Nice to see that the LG W3000H-Bn is still a contender. Outstanding PQ.
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    Best 30" Monitor?

    another vote for the LG W3000H
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    New i7 gaming rig advice - $3k

    I'd suggest that you wait for the refreshed P55 with SATA 3.0 and USB 3 for future proofing unless you need to upgrade now.
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    Intel SSD G2 TRIM firmware failure rate

    2 working fine: 80GB Asus Rampage Formula X48 Compatible IDE Win7 64bit intel inf update 80GB Asus Commando Compatible IDE WIn7 64bit Windows
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    LG W3000H-BN or Samsung 305T plus

    Thats good to hear. Are S-IPS a lot superior to PVA panels or will a noob like me wont even notice the difference.
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    LG W3000H-BN or Samsung 305T plus

    anyone can help?
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    Doublesight DS-305W

    too bad. Can you show us some pics of the "waterspill".
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    LG W3000H-BN or Samsung 305T plus

    I have narrowed down my options on either the LG W3000H-NB or the Samsung 305t plus. I cant find the LG available anywhere. Is it best to wait for the LG to be available or just pull the trigger on the Samsung. Thanks in advance.
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    Worth sticking with 965 chipset?

    My son uses an Asus Commando in tri-fire with a wolfdale. IMHO you should probably wait for the next round of I7's before thinking of upgrading.
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    4870x2 resolution wont go higher than 1280x800 on 30" monitor

    Well if Diamond is telling you to RMA the card, then I suggest you heed the advise.
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    Good RPG game

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    4870 1GB or 4850 X2 2GB?

    X2 definitely.
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    Ati 4870 X2 or Nvidia GTX 295. Can't make up my mind...

    I will go with the 2 GTX295s which has the built in physx engine.
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    I need help to diagnose a possible issue with my GTX 285

    Wow talk about customer satisfaction. I know where I'm buying my next vid card.
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    Suggestions for a new motherboard

    how much is your budget?
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    i cant update my vista sp1 system with sp2?

    For beta testing shouldnt you be reporting this problem to MS?
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    I need help to diagnose a possible issue with my GTX 285

    No I meant the GPU fan. I seem to remember getting the same BSOD. I think I solved it by increasing the fan speed in the Catalyst control center.
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    Help me build a i7 Gaming PC w/ $2G Budget!

    Since you plan to OC, I would wait until the new DO stepping I7s hit the market - ETA 3/25. That's if you can wait.
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    I need help to diagnose a possible issue with my GTX 285

    Sounds like a heat issue. Can you try increasing your fan speed prior to starting the game.
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    bad capacitors?

    Well to each his own. As long as your satisfied.
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    BSOD vista 64bit ( Screenshot included)

    look at the event viewer. There should be some clue on what is failing.
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    BSOD vista 64bit ( Screenshot included)

    I thought you solved the problem by upgrading nod32?
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    Asus "Marine Cool" Concept MB

    Since this is a concept board, not sure what are the benefits by using SO-DIMM memory.
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    Screen flashing

    Check the event viewer for any system errors.
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    ATI 9.2 is up

    Windows 7 64bit no problems with 9.2 on my 4870x2.
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    Best power supply?

    HX1000 FTW!
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    FARCRY2, you've got to be kidding!

    any scratches on the disk?
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    Radeon HD 4870 X2 in CrossFire or Single GTX 295

    IMHO the speed increase running xfire does not justify the cost. I think single card setup is still a more optimal solution.
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    4850 X2 or 4870?

    That doesn't look good. It seems you would need to RMA but definitely after you have tried it with the new PSU.
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    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4870 X2

    Would this be MXM II compatible?
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    PC Cloning

    Acronis most definitely.
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    F.E.A.R. 2 + surround sound = 8-O

    Cant play this game when I'm alone. Very scary.
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    Gaming Nettop?

    Good choice on the asus n10
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    Laptop Won't Post

    Try to run with 1 stick of ram.
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    Need advice on new RAM

    mobo manufacturers publish a memory compatibility list. The manual that came with your mobo usually includes such a list.