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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    There exist neither flashes nor beeps. Prior to solid white, amber appears quicker than the blink of an eye, which I understand to indicate no fault. Yes, I can test another computer with a VGA port. I will believe the monitor is working fine. So for good measure, I will take your suggestion...
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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    Thank you for your replies. I don't have another GPU on hand because in trying to keep things simple, I have actually never messed with discrete graphics. Now that I am this far invested, I suppose I might need to take your suggestion and get a graphics card (even though I don't really like...
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    Rendering/Autocad PC upgrade advice

    I think you mentioned a budget but did not specify said budget.
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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    I bought this five-year-old Dell desktop computer on eBay about nine months ago and finally got around to setting it up today. There is no picture on my Dell display connected by VGA. The monitor's power light is amber; playing with the buttons on the display confirms there is no signal. I think...
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    Ebay 10% off everything. MAX Discount is $100

    When I get a chance I need to find out if this deal applies to petroleum fuel retail gift cards.
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    Facebook Applies for Patent to Figure Out Who You Live With

    This isn't weird or anything. Facebook deserves a lot of trust and money.
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    Fake Google Analytics Script Exposes Vision Direct Customer Info

    I have sometimes wondered what third party scripts run on this forum, but I never got around to looking into it.
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    CDW Outlet Finds

    I know this is a noob question but I don't get why the same product has several different links.
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    Facebook Has Patented Generating Friend Suggestions Based on Real Life Contact

    The more Facebook knows about all of us, the more Facebook can intelligently serve humankind. Pervasive monitoring really does not need to concern anyone.
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    Start Backing Up Your Flickr Photos Now!

    How many owners has Flickr had lately?
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    Google Sign-In Page Requires JavaScript Be Turned on for Security

    When using an up-to-date instance of Firefox on the newest Ubuntu LTS, Bank of America will say the browser is outdated and not supported.
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    Smart Sam's Club Store Opening in Dallas Next Week

    That's what I was thinking. Does this require having a mobile phone?
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    Toyota Will Electrify Entire Vehicle Lineup by 2025

    What exactly is wrong with the Nissan Leaf?
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    The Founder of Mandrake Linux Is Creating a Google-Free Android OS

    This guy is right on with his statement on the dominance of big tech companies. What an abysmal situation we find ourselves in.
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    Elon Musk Flaunts Pics of Mars-Bound Tesla Roadster aboard Falcon Heavy Rocket

    If this means what I think it means, how is this different from any other kind of pollution? Launching cars into orbit for no other reason than one can?
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    TV Sets Are Starting to Disappear from American Homes

    But then how are we supposed to have interesting threads in [H]ard|OCP Front Page News that give us the feeling of understanding the world more?
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    TV Sets Are Starting to Disappear from American Homes

    There is probably a serious flaw in my thinking, but my reaction when I read this was: "How is a change of less than two per cent over nearly a decade significant at all? Hell, what's the measurement error?"
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    Sneak In on Prime Day 2017

    I have Prime, so I'm not sure that method would work, especially if signing in is required to check whether the code works. Here is the code for anyone else interested. PRIMEBOOKS17 Expires within, as I recall, a day or two. A good deal for book shopping.
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    Sneak In on Prime Day 2017

    Do you have to be a Prime subscriber to use the coupon for $5 off any book?
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    Limited payment choices in PayPal at Priceline?

    Yep, sure is. I get how Priceline might be finicky, but why PayPal? Is the extra cost passed along to merchants like Priceline?
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    Airports Begin Using Facial Recognition on US Citizens

    This is necessary to keep all of us safe.
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    Limited payment choices in PayPal at Priceline?

    I discovered this weekend that one can book a hotel room at pretty decent prices using Priceline, and one can use PayPal to do it. I'm really late to the party, I guess; it's the first time I used Priceline. Anyway it was also the first time I used PayPal to pay for something with no ability to...
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    Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and derivatives experience.

    I am trying this with a different computer now and not having the wireless problem with secure boot. The main thing is that wireless is working with no configuring necessary.
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    Chrome OS Can Finally Use Printers without the Cloud

    This is not exactly printing via USB, and maybe it's better that Chrome OS doesn't do that anyway. I will have to look into the possibilities of printing over a network with Chrome OS.
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    Musk Calls Himself an "Idiot" for Complicating Model X Configurations

    Why the infantile obsession with needing to drive something that looks like an SUV? It's like everyone needs to drive something that looks like a fucking Hummer.
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    Wormable WannaCry Type Vulnerability for Linux & Unix with Samba

    What happened to people running an older, but frequently updated, release, like Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or Ubuntu 14.04 LTS? Did they get the fix with normal, routine updating methods?
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    eBay code for 15 USD on purchases of 75 USD or more, Wed May 24

    There is just over one hour remaining on this deal. Use codePREMEMDAY15expires at 8pm California time
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    Facebook's Internal Rulebook on Sex, Terrorism, and Violence Leaked

    Nothing against reading things for oneself. However, I would like to hear any and all speculation about the "agenda" of Nick Hopkins and The Guardian. What are you hinting at? Why cast such aspersions?
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    US Senate Goes HTTPS & Encrypted Messaging

    I disagree. To me that sounds apolitical, not political. That's why I asked if there's any reason to believe the job has been politicized beyond what the basic description implies. It sounds like an impartial person who has no reason to care what Wyden thinks about national security policy. Why...
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    US Senate Goes HTTPS & Encrypted Messaging

    How political or politicized is the office of the Senate's Sargeant at Arms? Why would that person care about Wyden's policy position on cybersecurity? And was this letter intended to be publicly available so soon? The letter reads like more than a simple thank-you letter to an administrative...
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    Switching to Opera: It's Time to Break up with Chrome and All the RAM It Eats Up

    How dare you say anything good about Edge on this forum!
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    I should be clear that not all threads are nearly this bad. This one leads a person to believe that the company that licenses the MP3 codec will cease to allow other companies to use the MP3 codec in the future.
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    What is the pattern on, and function of, this forum? The mods copy and paste, possibly make the problem worse, and then leave it up to the rest of us to pick up the pieces after the confusion sets in?
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    The thread's intro is misleading. It's like the thread that boldly proclaimed the NSA no longer spies on Americans. Click bait? I am the first to admit I did not dig deeply enough to figure out that Google and Amazon will continue to have rights to MP3 decoding. But why is the first post written...
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    Microsoft Confirms x86 App Support in Windows 10 ARM

    And much of what it will now have to emulate will be malicious code. Decades worth of Windows malware now will run on ARM!
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    Hollywood Fearing Worst Box Office Summer in a Decade

    It made me go straight to Amazon to pick up some Philip K Dick literature, FBM.
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    The MP3 Is Officially Dead

    What about all the music downloads from Google and Amazon that cost real money and came in MP3 format? Pay now, can't listen to it later?
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    Amazon Cuts Free Shipping Minimum to $25

    I wish one could easily tell whether a proposed order would create a profit or cause a loss for Amazon. Sometimes I think they have to be losing money when I place an order. While I know it is not my problem, it would still be nice to know.