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    Can my Antec TP-2-550w handle 8800GTS SLI?

    Hello, Was wondering if my current Antec TP-II-550w PSU can handle another 8800GTS so I can run them in SLI mode? If not, maybe you can recommend a new PSU under $75. here are specs...
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    Serious Gaming LCD?? A joke or a reality?

    Hey, I remember when LCDs first started coming out a few years ago I was excited about them, but kept reading how horrible they were for gaming because of screen lag. Well, it's been a few years and I've read here and there about LCDs over the years and it seems like the technology has...
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    Thinking of Upgrading..Have some questions..

    Hi! It's been a while since I've upgraded my mobo/CPU combo. As a gamer, all the dual core processors didn't impress me much because most games did not take advantage of them. Only until recently have games taken advantage of multiple cores and it makes sense for me to upgrade. Anyways. I...
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    EVGA 8800GTS 320mb..Different 2D and 3D OC settings?? Not Working..

    Hi, I just got my EVGA 8800GTS 320mb video card a few days ago. I'm having problems setting the 2D and 3D overclock settings independently. They are always linked. I am using Xtreme-G 171 drivers. I tried the latest 169 Nvidia drivers and the Xtreme-G 174 drivers. None of them solved my...
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    Currently have Dell P991...Upgrade CRT or keep old one??

    Hello All, I currently have a Dell Trinitron P991. It is 19 inches. I have this problem with the monitor: One of the members fixed their CRT and I can probably do the same with mine for about $18 for the service...
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    OT: Printing PDF Documents 400+ pages website?

    Hey All, I have a really long document that is in .pdf format and I am wondering if anyone knows of an online site that could print the document and send it to me in the mail?? Thanks!! -fro
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    Noob Question: Format a partition without formatting the whole drive?

    Hello All, For some reason I don't know the answer to this question. Can I somehow just format one of the partitions on a hard drive without having to reformat the entire drive? For example, I have 1 drive with two partitions: C and D. C partition has Windows on it. Can I somehow just...
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    New mobo..Same CPU, suggestions/advice on transfer?

    Hey All, I recently ordered a DFI LANparty nf4 board and am going to be transfering my 3000+ 939 over into it. This is the first transfer I have done and I am wanting some advice and suggestions. When I get the CPU out of my K8N, what should I do about the thermal paste? I currently have...
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    New 7800GT...What should I know?!

    Hey All, I just ordered a 7800GT to go with my system upgrade and was wondering what things I should know about the card before I recieve it? Any problems?? Driver issues, game issues, overclocks etc..? Thanks!! -fro
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    K8N Neo 2 Plat Upgrade(AGP) to?? (PCI-E)

    Hey All, I currently have a K8N Neo 2 Plat and I am thinking about upgrading due to my AGP holding me back. I want to get a comparable/better mobo with PCI-E that fits my 939 CPU, unless it is recommended I upgrade to a new socket that as well. Thanks for the suggestions!! -fro
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    Fan Adjusts To Heat..But Which One?!? Confused..

    Hello All, I have a problem. When it has gotten hotter in my apartment, one of the fans in my computer kicks in after a while when it is hotter than normal. This is very annoying because it can get VERY loud. The problem is that I have no idea which fan it is. I have an MSI K8N neo2...
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    New X800 XT AGP 256MB for $219 Shipped!

    ** UPDATE: BOTH RETAIL & OEM ARE NOW OOS! ** As topic says..ZipZoomFly has the X800 XT AGP 256mb version for $219 shipped. Looks like you can get the OEM or the Retail, but the Retail is out of stock.
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    MSI K8N Neo2 Plat..Process to Apply AS5 to NorthBridge HSF??!

    Hey All, My computer has been getting hotter these days in the Summer. Since I recently ordered a VGA Silencer for my 9800 Pro and will be installing it, I also want to apply some AS5 to my North-Bridge HSF on my mobo. I heard that the board can be notorious for having an inadequate supply of...
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    9800 Pro..Upgrade now/soon or wait?!

    Hey All, With all the new cards coming out, should I wait to upgrade or should I upgrade now?? I would be willing to spend upwards of $230 for a new video card, but I am wondering if the introduction of the newer video cards will push the prices on other cards down even lower? Also, my...
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    Good Ram other than TwinMos To Compliment 1 stick of TwinSP..

    Hey, Yesterday I posted in another thread that I had recieved a refund from Newegg for my 1 stick of bad TwinSP. Since Newegg is out of stock of the SP(Reason I recieved refund over replacement), I am left with only 1 good stick of TwinSP for now. I was wondering if there is another good...
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    Hardware or Software Firewall??

    Hey, I was wondering which is better: a hardware or software firewall? It will be connected to just my computer and running off a cable modem connection. For the hardware firewall, I would be willing to spend up to $50. What are some good hardware firewalls? Thanks, -fro
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    Where to buy Gaming/Computers/Tech Shirts and Stuff??

    Hey All: I was just wondering of anyone knew of a good place to buy Geek Shirts about gaming, computers, and whatever else. I know ThinkGeek has some stuff, but I am looking for more sites. Any ideas? Thanks!! -fro
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    I need Ram that will hit 280mhz+ on a K8N Neo2.

    Hey all: I currently have some cheap Samsung DDR in my PC and I am looking to upgrade. I need a Gig of RAM. I currently am able to reach a speed of 245mhz on my Samsung Ram but that is about it. I need some RAM that will let me overclock higher, in the upper 280's. Suggestions?? I...
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    Explorer 3.0 Upgrade to a it worth it?!

    Hey, I have an Intellimouse Explorer 3.0(had it for a few years) and I was wanting to upgrade to the MX510 beause I've heard a bunch of great things about it. I play a bunch of FPS games(Clans/leagues and such). So my question is if it is worth the upgrade?? Will I notice a big difference...
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    Help recommend an LCD For Movies & Basic Tasks Less Than $500...

    Hello All, I am looking for some recommendations on an LCD monitor less than $500. It is for my father. He mainly uses the monitor for doing basic computing tasks and watching movies. He doesn't play any games. He has a 9600 Pro video card. He currently has an old 17 inch Dell Trinitron...
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    Gaming Laptop Suggestions...

    Hi, I have been thinking recently about possibly purchasing a gaming laptop but wanted to know how much I would have to spend and what the best ones are..?? So what's the deal w/gaming laptops? -Seinfield -fro
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    Need an Easier Way to Transport PC...

    Hello all, I like to take my computer with me when I am gone for a few days because I don't like to leave it in my apartment and I can't stand to be without it for more then a few days. The problem is that I always dred the day to unhook everything and carry it all down the stairs and out to...
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    Best Headphones Without Amp?!

    Hello all, I was wondereing what the best set of headphones was without an amp. I am willing to spend up to $100 for a set. These will be used on my computer. I'd like a pair that does not have overpowering bass, but where the bass compliments the other sounds. Also, I have no preference over...
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    Best Memory Other Than TCCD?!

    Hi all, I was wondering what is the best memory besides TCCD. Is there a cheaper alternative or is the difference between TCCD and non-TCCD memory so much that you really can't compare it with anything cheaper?!
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    Do I need a fortron 530w PSU or am I Paranoid?!

    Hi all, The current PSU that I have came w/my case (Chieftec), it is a TurboLink 420W PSU. This thing is a pos, but it has been running OK for the last year or so. I recently upgraded my rig (which is in my sig). I have been having problems with my system. The video card keeps crashing and I...
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    9800 Pro - Screen turns black w/weird lines..bad card?! help!

    Hi all, I am having a problem. I have a 9800 pro and recently, after about a few hours after my computer boots (sometimes much less), my screen will go black and I get about 5 lines that are just messed up colors and stuff. My mouse pointer turns to a square, gray/purple bar. I first...
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    HTPC Better Then High-Quality Stand-Alone Seperate Units?!

    Hello all, Over the years I have been fascinated by HTPC's. I was just wondering how an HTPC compares to stand-alone equipment? Is an HTPC better then a very good DVD player, reciever, equalizer, ect ect..??? Also, how would you connect high-quality speakers to an HTPC running speaker...
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    voltages too high/low?!

    Hi all, I have this turbolink 420W PSU that came w/my chieftec case. I am running 2 HD's 2 CD/DVD's 2 case fans and everything else in my sig When I look at voltages in MBM5, they say that my 3.3v is a 3.1, which seems really low, I have seen it get around 3.06 before my 12v is...
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    Best Headphones For Under $100

    Hello all, I was wondering what the best headphones for under $100 are (no more than $150)? My Dad is wanting to get some new headphones and told him I'd check into it. He mainly listens to music and possibly for watching movies. I'm going to buy him a Z680 Logitech system as well hehe...
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    Temps on MSI K8N neo2 all over the place!

    Hi, I am wondering for all the K8N neo2 owners what are you doing about temps? I have tried bios: 1.36mod, 1.41mod, 1.4 official. They have all given me different temp readings. 1.36 gave me the lowest readings but would max out @ 46C and for some odd reason jump between 46 and 42 back and...
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    MBM voltage settings for K8N Neo 2?!

    Hi, I was wondering what to set the voltage settings in MBM to get correct readings from the K8N neo2? Is MBM a good program to use or is there other programs that are better/more accurate? thanks!
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    Mobo crashes, how to get files off hard-drive w/new mobo??

    Hi, I have a problem. My motherboard crashed and I was wondering if there is a way to get the files off my hard drive using a new mobo that is different from what I had. I can't get the new mobo to boot windows, I have even tried safe mode. I have even tried other computers and nothing seems...
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    The Truth Behind Lapping?! Which method is right..

    Hello all, I was just wondering what is the standard for lapping a HS? I have just got done reading a few guides on lapping and they all say different things. One says you should get it to a mirror finish using high grit, others say that mirror finishes can actually make things worse. Some...
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    From 2.4 Intel to 939 AMD...Do I have What It Takes?!

    Hi all, I am thinking about going from a 2.4B Intel processor to a AMD64 3000 939 CPU. What do you all think of this choice? I was also wondering if the parts that I have now are going to be compatible/good for the new AMD. All my parts are in my sig. My PSU came w/my Cheiftec case, it is a...
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    Best Intel Board For $80-110??

    Hello all, My old Gigabyte mobo is messed up and I was wondering what the best Intel mobo is for around $80-110. It does not need to have a bunch of features on it but I want it to be very stable and very overclockable. So what would you suggest?? Thanks!
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    Gigabyte RMA Experiences?

    Hi, Has anyone had to RMA a Gigabyte board and if so, how was the experience? thanks!
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    Computer Boots for a few hours than crashes?! not overheating...need help!!

    Hello all, I am having a problem with my computer. My stats are in my sig. The problem started when I was playing a game and then all of a sudden the monitor acted like it was shut down. Everything else kept running inside the computer (power-wise) not sure if the computer was locked...
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    Hardware Based Firewall Suggestions?!

    Hello all, I was wondering if you could give me some suggestions on a hardware-based firewall? I don't want to spend more than $30 or so. I use a cable modem currently. Thanks for the suggestions!! -fro