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    Christopher Nolan Declares War on Motion Smoothing, Other Crappy TV Settings

    For me, smoothing makes the movie/tv show look TOO real! It seems like I'm on set watching them make the movie/show. It doesn't feel like a movie. I love 60fps for Youtube 'real' videos, but movies/tv shows the 24fps I think helps separate it from 'reality'.
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    PETA Criticizes Far Cry 5 for Fishing

    The fish are actually the only animal in the game you DON'T KILL, you only CATCH.
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    Bitcoin Slide Continues Towards $8K

    I mine(and I game...gaming comes first). Mining profits have dropped significantly in the last month. I only have 1x1080 at this point, because I sold my 1070 2 weeks ago. I'm making PROFIT of about $1.50/day(compare that to $5/day 2 months ago). That would mean a ROI would take 13 MONTHS. I...
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    Bitcoin Plummets Below $7,500

    I think this cryptocurrency stuff will help the young generation be better investors than any other generation. There's no generation that has invested at such a young age and learning about the ins and outs of investing. One of the best ways to learn is to fail and learn from your mistakes. So...
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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Camera Glass Shatters Mysteriously

    Any smart phone these days should be able to handle all the dick pics thrown at it.
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    Oculus Rift Availability Update

    you can play rift games on the vive. Revive: GitHub - LibreVR/Revive: Play Oculus exclusive games on the HTC Vive, scroll down for downloads and installation instructions. Please forward all donations to the EFF.
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    Oculus Rift Game Will Scare the Crap Out of You

    Have you ever used one? I'm an owner of a Rift. You have to experience it to understand how amazing it is. It's going to succeed BIG TIME. It is really the future of almost everything when it comes to virtual experiences. I'd love these on airplanes in the future to pass the time and take your...
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    Senator Demands Complete U.S. Ban On Bitcoin

    Bitcoin is one of the dumbest ideas of the 21st century. This is going to go down as one of the biggest failures in the intertubes history. It just makes no damn sense. -fro
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    Nvidia promotional code - Planetside 2

    Why the hell would someone give away $50 worth of station cash? It's worth at least $25 any day of the week to anyone. You can offload these for $25 within an hour. -fro
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    Corsair Vengeance RAM Giveaway! 5 12GB Kits!

    Corsair kicks ass because it keeps cool, but carries a big 'stick'.
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    Google Buying New York Headquarters

    This is one of the largest carrier hotels in the world. A great majority of transatlantic cables come through 111 8th Ave and Petabytes of information pass through this building every day. -fro
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    Can my Antec TP-2-550w handle 8800GTS SLI?

    cool, thanks for all the responses! Looks like I need to buy a better PSU. I figured I did, but wanted to check to make sure. The Antec TP2 550w has ran my current system w/out any issues for over 2 years, but it's time for an upgrade. Thanks for the help, -fro
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    Can my Antec TP-2-550w handle 8800GTS SLI?

    Hello, Was wondering if my current Antec TP-II-550w PSU can handle another 8800GTS so I can run them in SLI mode? If not, maybe you can recommend a new PSU under $75. here are specs...
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    Serious Gaming LCD?? A joke or a reality?

    Hey, I remember when LCDs first started coming out a few years ago I was excited about them, but kept reading how horrible they were for gaming because of screen lag. Well, it's been a few years and I've read here and there about LCDs over the years and it seems like the technology has...
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    E8300 in the wild yet?

    How long did it take the e8200 to reach the market once it was officially announced?
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    Thinking of Upgrading..Have some questions..

    awesome, thanks!
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    Thinking of Upgrading..Have some questions..

    It does, but I will need 2. One will be for my two DVD drives. I have two IDE hard drives. I will be using both of them, at least temporarily. I plan on getting a SATA drive, but will need to access the old ones for a temporary amount of time. EDIT: Well, I was just thinking that if I needed...
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    Thinking of Upgrading..Have some questions..

    Hi! It's been a while since I've upgraded my mobo/CPU combo. As a gamer, all the dual core processors didn't impress me much because most games did not take advantage of them. Only until recently have games taken advantage of multiple cores and it makes sense for me to upgrade. Anyways. I...
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    EVGA 8800GTS 320mb..Different 2D and 3D OC settings?? Not Working..

    Bah, well that sucks. Guess the card shouldn't get really hot anyways in 2d since it's not doing anything so it shouldn't hurt that much. Thanks for the info!
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    EVGA 8800GTS 320mb..Different 2D and 3D OC settings?? Not Working..

    Hi, I just got my EVGA 8800GTS 320mb video card a few days ago. I'm having problems setting the 2D and 3D overclock settings independently. They are always linked. I am using Xtreme-G 171 drivers. I tried the latest 169 Nvidia drivers and the Xtreme-G 174 drivers. None of them solved my...
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    didn't even know about the https servers...I thought those were used only for checking out, didn't know they mirror their whole site on them. well, for people that used the https servers and got through I say you deserve it. -fro
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    WTF, I got the next weeks deals page as well but thought that was the same as "Sold Out"...damn, should have kept refreshing.. ;/
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    wow you got lucky...kinda... ;/
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    1000 Xbox 360's $100

    I didn't even get a page saying anything about it being sold out..I got a page showing next week's deals ;/ -fro
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    Upgrade to 7900GS worth it?

    anyone have more info on in the same situation. X850XT vs 7900GS (overclocked, of course) Worth upgrading?? -G
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    Currently have Dell P991...Upgrade CRT or keep old one??

    Does the G520 offer any improvements in image quality or would it basically be a 21 inch version of the one I currently have?
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    Currently have Dell P991...Upgrade CRT or keep old one??

    Hello All, I currently have a Dell Trinitron P991. It is 19 inches. I have this problem with the monitor: One of the members fixed their CRT and I can probably do the same with mine for about $18 for the service...
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    Oblivion Horses

    I never had a horse die on me. It is always knocked unconcious. Do the Dark Brotherhood quests for a fine horse. -fro
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    SPOILER ALERT: Skeleton Key (Oblivion) help!

    I had to do this one the old fashion way..went into EVERY house in the damn city. Probably took me over an hour to complete.
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    Oblivion Lock Picks

    If you are not level 10, just look in crates and boxes. I look in everything where I am. You will find lockpicks. As others have stated, the theives guild quests have lockpicks as well. Talk to the homeless, they are the "eyes and ears of the Gray Fox" if you have yet to initiate the quests. I'd...
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    OT: Printing PDF Documents 400+ pages website?

    Well, I guess I'll just print it out at my house. I thought going through some big printing business on the net or something could print it out and send it to me through the mail. oh well. Also, I Wasn't sure where to post this topic, sorry if it was too OT. -fro
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    OT: Printing PDF Documents 400+ pages website?

    I have a printer, but it is so large, I'd probably run out of ink. I'm trying to find a cheaper solution. Kinkos cost about as much as a print catridge. -fro
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    OT: Printing PDF Documents 400+ pages website?

    Hey All, I have a really long document that is in .pdf format and I am wondering if anyone knows of an online site that could print the document and send it to me in the mail?? Thanks!! -fro
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    Another ATI vs. Nvidia thread -- x800xt/XL or 6800GT?

    ever since Newegg went w/UPS they now ship to Canada. -fro
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    Another ATI vs. Nvidia thread -- x800xt/XL or 6800GT?

    To get the C3D X800GTO to unlock is above 98% and that number is even contested. Basically they all unlock. You are right about overclocking through, some people have bad luck, others good. The X800GTO unlocked to 16 pipes will at the very least do X800XL speeds. -fro
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    Another ATI vs. Nvidia thread -- x800xt/XL or 6800GT?

    I'd save your money and get a PCI-E setup. AGP is a dead technology and getting PCI-E will allow you to upgrade again in the future, plus you can get a Connect3D X800GTO and unlock it to 16 pipes, overclock and get performance that rivals the X800XTPE for $160. Best bang-for-buck in a video...
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    Connect3D X800 GTO $154 AR

    Hot for the people that are looking for a cheaper upgrade. Best value/performance. I'd jump on this if only the 7800GT(OC to GTX speeds) wasn't much better than the X850. EDIT: Due to such low price and my inability to control my time of upgrade I decided to go w/this card. Basically...