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    Help with troubleshooting no video: Precision T1650

    I bought this five-year-old Dell desktop computer on eBay about nine months ago and finally got around to setting it up today. There is no picture on my Dell display connected by VGA. The monitor's power light is amber; playing with the buttons on the display confirms there is no signal. I think...
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    Limited payment choices in PayPal at Priceline?

    I discovered this weekend that one can book a hotel room at pretty decent prices using Priceline, and one can use PayPal to do it. I'm really late to the party, I guess; it's the first time I used Priceline. Anyway it was also the first time I used PayPal to pay for something with no ability to...
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    eBay code for 15 USD on purchases of 75 USD or more, Wed May 24

    There is just over one hour remaining on this deal. Use codePREMEMDAY15expires at 8pm California time
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    Most recent ThinkPad T-Series with an optical drive

    What are the most recent ThinkPad T-Series that had an optical drive available? Is there anything more recent than T440p or T440? I am more interested in 14-inch displays instead of larger screens. After searching around I didn't find anything definitive. (Maybe I'm just blind.) Edit: It...
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    Want to make a prediction? Tell me about Raven Ridge web performance under Linux

    Now that some of you have examined Ryzen (or read reviews) after only a day or two, this is a speculative poll. I am particularly interested in performance when running many tabs in Google Chrome under Ubuntu and plenty of RAM and integrated graphics only.
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    Any experience with Rackspace?

    Is Rackspace a good company to work with? Its new owner is a private equity firm that also owns a whirlpool bath manufacturer, a producer of coated papers, cruise line operators, a plastic container supplier and various casinos in Nevada. Just wondering if anyone has used their services or has...
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    ESD damage during normal usage

    Is it possible that a notebook computer can receive ESD damage from normal usage? For example, maybe both the computer and the bag or sleeve into which it slides in and out are electrically charged. Imagine that the case is never opened for upgrades or maintenance.
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    Keyboard backlight: maintenance and reliability for a notebook PC

    What failures can one expect to occur over the years in a backlit keyboard? Will it get dimmer over time? Will the fading occur evenly or in spots? Can a failure potentially affect other aspects of a notebook PC? Does it make sense to disable backlighting most of the time in order to preserve it...
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    Not-so-obvious hardware installation failures

    What are the best ways to know if something goes wrong when installing new memory, storage, processor, etc? If the computer won't boot then it's pretty obvious. If it feels slower than expected then that's another clue. What are the most common problems that are not so obvious?
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    Other consequences of temporary server hardware

    It seems like I am not getting email alerts about new PMs. Is this possibly a consequence of the temporary server hardware?
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    Computer upgrade malfunction thread

    Today I tried to upgrade to an SSD and replace RAM (did it all at once). Now when I turn the computer on there is no video and the fans accelerate to full speed. Maybe I used incompatible RAM? Edit: I used 1.35 V memory, thinking it would be compatible with 1.5 V. Is it possible I damaged both...
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    SSD suppliers that reliably provide a spacer or adapter

    After doing some digging I have found that Crucial and Adata are good about providing a 7 to 9.5 millimeter spacer or adapter with most if not all of their current SSD models. Are there others I should be aware of?
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    How does Android deal with battery depletion

    When an Android device runs out of battery power, does it attempt to power down gracefully or just suddenly cut off power?
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    Question about ESD protection: how to maximze

    How can one set up a workspace to eliminate electrostatic discharge when handling computer parts? I live with carpeting only and I own only a basic wrist strap. What gear should I obtain? I don't want to take any risks. I was thinking I should take my computer to a place like a public library...
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    Dropbox for iOS

    Do you use Dropbox on iOS? Why or why not? If so, do you like it?
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    Apple ID and iOS app security on questionable Wi-Fi networks

    Has anyone here developed any techniques for safely using iOS on public Wi-Fi networks? Here's a more specific scenario: Let's assume one has an iPod touch to use on one's secure home network (for banking and shopping at home) and on publicly available networks (for anonymous browsing when one...
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    Should I worry about a web page asking me for my Frontier PIN?

    Yesterday I was browsing the web like normal on Chrome OS. Then I tried to do a Google search. Chrome gave me a warning that my connection to Google may not be private. When I tried to open another web page, I was redirected to another web site. The following is a screenshot of what it looked...
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    Shopping, budget is 300, looking for reliability

    Sometime in 2016 I will be shopping for a 2.5-inch SSD for a notebook computer. Budget is 275 USD max. I don't care very much about performance or capacity. The most important thing is reliability for years to come. (Low power draw might be a secondary consideration for battery life goodness...
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    Silly question about bash

    When I enter a single apostrophe on a command line, I get a greater than sign as output. In other words, entering ' yields the following > Why?
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    Choosing an email address for whois contact info

    Which is a better choice for whois contact info: a free email address unrelated to the domain name in question, or an email address with the same domain name as the one being registered? Assume for this purpose that all whois contact info is effectively masked by a privacy service. I am...
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    iPod touch 6th generation

    Best Buy currently has a small discount on the new iPod touch. I almost bought one, but stopped when I saw "iOS 8". I read somewhere that Apple mobile devices slow down as a result of each iOS upgrade. So with that in mind, isn't it a no-brainer to pay ten bucks more to buy it direct from Apple...
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    Crucial model numbers

    Is anyone here familiar with the intricacies of Crucial memory brand nomenclature? Over the summer I bought the following RAM. BLS4G3N18AES4.16FER2 Yesterday I tried to buy the exact same RAM and it ended up being: BLS4G3N18AES4.16FKR3 For comparison, together they are...
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    Changing router firmware with no connection

    This article really has me thinking I need to get serious about my router. For security, is it okay to save money and buy a used router on Amazon Warehouse Deals? Any idea how to download and install the latest firmware before connecting it to the internet?
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    ThinkPad keyboard tuning

    I ordered a ThinkPad X140e on eBay for a buy-it-now price of 125 plus shipping. The condition was described as: Nothing more was described with respect to the condition. One of the shift keys is very "spongy". It works, but it has an annoying feel to it as if a sugary drink was spilled around...
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    Seagate Seven warranty of three years

    I am looking for the most reliable compact USB storage device I can find. The Seagate Seven caught my eye just because of its three year warranty. Does that imply that it may be more reliable than other Seagate products with a two year warranty? I don't really care about speed or cosmetic...
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    Best RAM upgrade for a Chromebox

    I want to get a 4GB stick of DDR3L for my Chromebox. The Chromebox only came with 2GB installed. Should I just add the 4GB for a total of 6GB, or should I remove the 2GB in order to not have mismatched memory installed?
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    I couldn't find a thread dedicated to Tarsnap. Is anyone here using it?
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    Skull SSD show off build

    I'm not sure how practical a project like this would actually be, but I would like to get some feedback. I am interested in finding some sort of case or chassis to contain a basic motherboard and an SSD. The SSD is a 2.5 inch Intel SSD with a skull on it. I want the SSD to show from the...
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    How are mobile and desktop chips different

    Are all of Intel's mobile processors rated for lower TDP than all of their desktop processors? Sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm just puzzled when I see Haswell chips rated at 35 W and branded as Core i3 for desktop. What makes the difference these days between "mobile" and "desktop"...
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    Due diligence for MacBook Pro shopping on craigslist

    What steps can one take to ensure one gets a good computer when shopping for a MacBook Pro on craigslist? I have been in contact with the seller of this one. He is interested in trading for a computer I bought brand new from Dell. So far I haven't even asked him any questions about his...
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    eBay restocking fee for a defective return

    I bought an HP ZBook on eBay. Worked fine for a couple of hours after I powered it up and immediately disabled tap-to-click. Later in the day it became impossible to use either of the left click buttons. The computer is impossible to use except the keyboard and right clicking. There appears to...
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    Dell trouble with Windows and recovery

    I bought a new computer online from Dell Outlet. It came with an image of Windows 7 which required a password. The password was not provided. It appeared to have been customized for a specific customer other than me. I contacted Dell and they sent me a Windows recovery USB device. When I boot...
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    Debian 8 Jessie released

    Who else has upgraded to Jessie? I installed it today and found it to be very good so far. All of the problems I saw with Wheezy haven't happened yet. So I am optimistic that this is a Debian release I can actually use. Edit: I didn't see the other thread in the news section when I posted this.
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    Warm? Birch ply standing desk shipped for 230 NZD

    Kickstarter campaign for a standing desk. A few more people will get it for 230.00 NZD. That price includes shipping to the USA. Edit: The USD exchange rate looks like it's close to the lowest point in several years. That will help a little for we Yankees.
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    Updating all of Windows 8.1

    Is running Windows Update enough to update one's entire system? Or is there an additional step necessary to update the Metro apps, including the touch version of Internet Explorer? In my particular case, I am talking about a tablet that was never used with a Microsoft account and the Windows...
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    Dell Latitude 3340 factory sealed 289.00 free shipping eBay

    Is this a good deal? The price is excellent for a brand new unit. In fact it is so good that I have to wonder if something is fishy about it. There is one left and I am thinking of buying it myself. Opinions are welcomed, especially with regard to possible risks.
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    Turn a computer into a Hackintosh for 150 (eBay buy it now)

    Is this a good deal? Is it likely to be legit? I am interested in opinions about this: Someone on eBay is offering to turn any computer into a Hackintosh for $150. (I believe I am within the rules for posting this thread because the eBay listing is not an auction-style listing.)
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    2015 Dell XPS 13 question about Windows 7

    The new Dell XPS 13 portable looks pretty nice. The prices look ever better. But is it available with Windows 7?
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    Opinions on the BlackBerry PlayBook now

    How well has the PlayBook aged? New ones are still available on eBay. Are they still providing software updates? Do the batteries seem to hold up okay? I am looking for a web browsing tablet to throw around on the go and I happen to like the BlackBerry brand.
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    Lenovo Outlet politely asks me to return a computer

    I ordered a ThinkCentre desktop computer in new condition from the Lenovo Outlet a few months ago. This weekend I got this email. Am I required, legally or ethically, to cooperate? From my point of view, if I end up getting a replacement, it needs to be comparable: small form factor...