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  1. tim_m

    $799 LG 34GK950F-B 34" 21:9 WQHD 144Hz FreeSync2 - Amazon I've been eyeing this monitor recently and it's back down to $799 on Amazon. 3rd party seller but fulfilled by Amazon so looks like it's covered by Amazon's free return policy? Any predictions for Black Friday deals on this or similar ultrawides or is...
  2. tim_m

    Time for an overdue upgrade

    Ok, so I built my current PC quite some time ago (March/April of 2008). I upgraded the video card, CPU, and added an SSD in July of 2010. Current specs to give an idea of where I'm coming from: - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9550 Yorkfield 2.83GHz - 4x 1GB sticks of CORSAIR XMS3 DHX DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600...
  3. tim_m

    switched to SSD, what to do with other drives

    for starters, i have a asus p5e3 deluxe motherboard. i've been using the onboard intel matrix raid and had 2 raid 1 volumes (call me paranoid), one for the os and one for storage, all 4 drives are identical. i decided to splurge on intel x25-m g2 160gb ssd after a minor bit of struggling...
  4. tim_m

    scrolling/fixed menu with javascript

    say you have a site with a menu in a left or right column with no other content in that column and you wanted to make it so the menu was always visible when the user scrolled down the page, would you 1. make it so the menu animated into view when you scrolled, as in this example 2. try to...
  5. tim_m

    Win7 Address Bar Length

    can anyone offer insight as to why i absolutely cannot adjust the length of the address and search bars in windows explorer in my fresh install of win7? this is my first time working with win7 so i have no frame of reference if this is any kind of normal thing or not. if i mouseover the...
  6. tim_m

    Possible hardware issue, need assistance

    This has been driving me absolutely crazy for quite some time (too long for me to remember when so I can't recall any specific changes). Very randomly with varying frequency (from never in a day to twice within 30 minutes) my system completely freezes without BSODing. That is to say, the...
  7. tim_m

    good for a lol

    don't know if anyone's seen this before but i found it very randomly while checking out the demo for this php directory index lister thing (there are some other nice pics there too, but i'll let you look for yourself ;))
  8. tim_m

    sed tetris

    i just found and tried this out while figuring out how to do something with sed
  9. tim_m

    fedora core 7 dvd problems

    so i finally finish downloading the fc7 dvd iso over bittorrent (which was a nightmare because i had azureus set to use too many connections which stopped my network connection from working but never noticed since no other torrents had so many peers to download from... but that's another thread)...
  10. tim_m

    java serialize/deserialize of generic objects

    lets say i have something like so: Map<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>(); // add stuff to the map... now say i want to write the object to a file. my understanding is you do the following: try { ObjectOutputStream os = new ObjectOutputStream( new...
  11. tim_m

    dyndns > no-ip

    about a month ago i stopped being able to ssh into my home server from school. over thanksgiving, i finally had time to look into the problem. there was nothing wrong with my server. as it turns out,, which i was using for dynamic dns, apparantly deleted my subdomain. i was able to...
  12. tim_m

    just changed my kernel boot logo

    i know this is just a silly little thing but i found it worth while. i managed to change the default 80x80 pixel image of tux that shows up right when the kernel starts loading. i changed it to a picture of my cat. basically, what you need to do is open up the gimp and create an 80x80 image...
  13. tim_m

    a stargate in WoW

    i was walking through desolace yesterday when i noticed this
  14. tim_m

    win2k add/remove programs problem

    i have a win2k machine that gives me this when i go to control panel -> add remove programs, in both regular and safe mode any help appreciated this computer had some spyware and viruses that i've removed but not that much
  15. tim_m

    win xp oem activation

    as you may or may not recall, i work at my college's computer help desk and fix people's computers. often this results in the need to format and reinstall their OS. many times i've reloaded an oem computer with no problems, just use an oem xp cd and the key from the sticker on the bottom of...
  16. tim_m

    logitech mx duo media keys problem

    not sure if this is a hardware or software problem, please move if necessary out of the blue, the media keys on my logitech mx duo kb stopped working correctly. some do not work at all, some have been mapped to other keys. i.e. the mute button acts like the f-lock button, the f-lock button...
  17. tim_m

    apache 2 vhosts question

    i'd like to automatically have point to but also be able to have seperate sub domains that would take precedence over the user's currently, i have VirtualDocumentRoot /home/%1/www/ and after that line include each of the <VirtualHost ...> directives i'd...
  18. tim_m

    windows hosts file/apache vhosts

    i just did a format/reinstall of windows and am getting all my settings back together and i can't seem to get virtualhosts to work with apache the way i had it. i just need to make subdomains of localhost for testing purposes. in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (just to make sure that's...
  19. tim_m

    curly vs. straight quotes

    ok, this kinda annoys me. it all started when i was copying faculty bios from my college's old math dept. site to the new site and i realized that most of them probably made their bios in word and emailed them to the guy in charge before me and he just copied and pasted and added html. that's...
  20. tim_m


    i've just started teaching myself DocBook/xml and i have to say it's quite intriguing. i think i'm off to a good start and don't have a real specific question but thought i'd make a thread for reference. i know about the DocBook Wiki but would be interested to know if anyone has any specific...
  21. tim_m

    mount problem

    i'm by no means a linux guru, but i'm not exactly a noob either. i'm pretty comfortable with linux but this problem has me completely baffled. a week or 2 ago i formatted my server and installed suse enterprise server 9 (that i got from that free novell technical resource kit or whatever in...
  22. tim_m

    site index revamp

    yet another thread about the math/cs dept website at my college that i'm in charge of: i got together with a couple of the professors and we decided that the main page was kind of stupid, nobody would care to read it, it needs to go into an about us section. anyway, what they wanted to do was...
  23. tim_m

    horde 2.2.7 help

    i've managed to install horde 2.2.7 so that i can eventually use imp. i've followed the INSTALL file but i've confused by step 5 in configuring horde it says but i don't see how i can log in without a username/password. i...
  24. tim_m

    windows doesn't see dvd rw drive

    i picked up a sony dru-710A dual layer burner and windows doesn't see it, it's not in my computer or in device manager. it shows up in the bios. i did restart one time in safe mode and it was detected. when i restarted in regular mode it wasn't. i had a cd rw drive before i got this one, it...
  25. tim_m

    web site search/indexing

    i hadn't exactly planned it but i came across htdig, dunno if anyone is familiar with it but it's basically a search function for your website that crawls it and indexes all your pages. it seems pretty cool. up til now i made a php class for searching my mysql database where the majority of the...
  26. tim_m

    suse enterprise server 9 disc 6

    ok, i got the free novel resource kit from the hot deals forum but when i made the cds from the iso images on the first dvd for suse linux enterprise server 9, all burned fine except the 6th one. does anyone know if there's anything important on the 6th disc that would prevent me from making a...
  27. tim_m

    just started using cvs

    i finally read about and now actually understand the whole point of cvs and realized that i should have used it from the beginning for the mathematical sciences department website i'm in charge of for my college. anyway, now that i have started to use it, i really really wish i started using...
  28. tim_m

    double click to close windows

    ok, you know in windows how you can double click the icon in the upper left of a window to close it, how do you make that happen in kde? when i double click it the menu just stays up there. i don't know what phrase to search for this. i looked through the window behavior control thing but i...
  29. tim_m

    linux on laptop

    for kicks i decided to dual boot my dell inspiron 8500 laptop between winxp and suse linux that i got from the novell linux technical resource kit from the hot deal forum. i'm currently in the main part of the install, copying files. i'm pretty much following this guide. hopefully there won't be...
  30. tim_m

    another site opinion

    again with the math/cs dept site at my college... i made it so i could add a little picture for categories/links. some of them i've made it so that the image is the link to the category or link, usually a banner type image (note that there's one for the [H] :cool: ), and others that are next...
  31. tim_m

    POLL: Largest SQL Table

    There are 3 parts for this poll Number of columns (post a schema dump) Number of records/rows Total size of table/Average record size i'm looking mainly for tables that you've personally made or otherwise have some sort of role in. i would be happy to here any 'extraordinary' tables...
  32. tim_m

    LEFT JOIN saves day

    being that i don't use terribly complicated mysql relations, i don't often need to use joins (though i'm sure there are some places i use 'WHERE =' when i could use joins). well here's my newest join statement SELECT a.sid,,count(b.iid) AS number FROM sections AS a LEFT JOIN...
  33. tim_m

    [h] Cms

    i know this has been discussed a bit before but i'm just curious what kind of system hardocp uses to manage the site (the main site). it's obviously a custom programmed cms (by cliff murphy and kevin sorensen). i'm hoping some of the [H] brass can chime in here. i'm sure it would take far too...
  34. tim_m

    glass2k transparency

    i've installed glass2k before but i installed again to see if i actually like it or not. it seems to make my programs a bit sluggish. i'm curious if this is common or if i need to look further in my computer for background progs that may be slowing it down. i have a p4 2.4c @ 3.1 ish, 1 gig...
  35. tim_m

    windows xp setup music

    i'm trying to find that music that windows xp setup plays after setup is all done, when it asks you to activate/register and set up your account. thanks
  36. tim_m

    weird site problem (IE issue maybe)

    the url in question is now on my main rig, it's just fine, xp pro sp2 IE 6, but on a couple other computers around the house, the page is just blank, white, no error text or anything. i'm guessing it's some problem since i don't regularly update those...
  37. tim_m

    windows xp lite

    sorry if this has been mentioned but i searched and didn't see it. btw, this isn't xp lite like win98lite. MS announces xp lite in asia. :eek: :eek: :eek: with such a stripped down piece of shit OS i...
  38. tim_m

    just made a search page/php class

    as some may recall, i'm developing becuase the old site sucked ass my newest development is a search engine for the site, it can be found at i am just curious for some feedback on my system. please try it out (keeping in mind...
  39. tim_m

    mod_rewrite question

    i'm using mod rewrite to make nice urls for, that is with whatever/slash/var instead of whatever.php?var1=slash&var2=var each page has its own seperate rewriterule, i'm not trying to make a generic one for each page. what i want to do is prevent the user from...
  40. tim_m

    just integrated Gallery with site

    ok so this isn't exactly asking a question or anything but i just spent all day integrating Gallery into the Math/CS deptarment site for my college and i'm pretty proud about it. the gallery users also integrate with the existing admin system. to make...