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    Acer K242HQK 4k

    Does anyone have information on this? I have been waiting for a low price IPS 24" monitor and here it is....but I can find no information on it and not a single review.
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    Ps3 newly purchased...recomendations

    So I couldn't take not having played demon souls. So I bought a new PS3 for $220 + $20 for demon souls. I should get 100 hours out of that making $2.20 an hour which is already a pretty good value. Also going to pick up Valkyria Chronicles and Vandal Hearts: Flames of Judgment. What else...
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    DIYPC V3Plus-B

    Just built my new HTPC using this case. Its pretty slick and perfect for a minimalist HTPC. I don't use a disk drive and it doesn't have a disk slot. I use 2 drives ssd + 4 TB drive and it only hold 2 drives. I wasn't planning on posting anything but this case is completely perfect for...
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    Etrian Odyssey IV Released (3ds)

    Here is a useful skill calculator. a better one will probably be out later. I'm going to start out with - FRONT - Nightseeker - duel wield diversion Fortress - Tank cover Dancer - Regen Heal -Back- Runemaster - volt...
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    Most Advanced SQL book

    I'd consider myself an advanced / expert in SQL but i want to verify this. Is there a SQL resource that only covers the most advanced topics? Ii think in order to advance I'm going to have to branch out and incorporate programming elements into my sql work but before I start delving into...
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    Fastest Wireless Possible

    I am moving and will have to use wireless. A few years back I tried 300n and it wasn't fast enough. So I'm looking for the fastest current wireless setup. The ASUS RT-AC66U says up too 1.75Gbps which would be plenty fast enough if I could actually get 1.75...... hell 1.0 GBPS would be fast...
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    Console Jrpg's

    Are console jrpg's dead or are they just skipping a Generation? doing a quick mental check for PS1 I remember playing: Final Fantasy IX Chrono Cross Vagrant Story Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy VIII Grandia Alundra Xenogears Final Fantasy Tactics Suikoden II Valkyrie Profile...
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    Google vs Chrome Spellchecker

    Why does chromes built in spell checker suck but typing into google will always find what your looking for? For instance if you miss type monster as moster and you right click it in chrome Monster isn't even in the recommend list of possible words. But if you go to google and type in moster...
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    PSO2 US site up

    PSO2 March 2013.
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    Beat Diablo 3 Inferno Style

    How many people made it through inferno and with how many classes?
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    just got a 3930k. Help with the rest of the upgrade.

    Since I got this CPU for 200 bucks I'd like to keep the deals coming, but not buy crap. What I was thinking was the following \/ but would like to know if there is any major differences or warnings I should know about. I'm fine with openbox haven't burned yet. ASUS Rampage IV Extreme open box...
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    Looking to Setup VPN Currently have Dir-655

    I'll Likely need a new router and can use DIR-655 for just wireless. I'm looking to setup my own VPN mostly for fun but also mostly to mask my IP address and possibly try and stop Comcast from completely shutting down my internet when I torrent or download anything. Using a CustomFirmware...
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    Nvidia Surround support for 5050x1600?

    are there any update from NVIDIA coming out anytime soon that will allow my 20" - 30" - 20" setup to work? you'd think 1200x1600 - 2650x1600 - 1200x1600 wouldn't be that hard to get working. Can eyefinity do this?
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    Torchlight 2 and D3 release date

    I was planning on playing Torchlight 2 until Diablo 3 was released thinking T2 would be out long before D3. But it looks like they will have a close release date and Diablo 3 might come out before it. With that said I'm likely not going to buy Torchlight 2 and just play diablo 3. I think...
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    Looking to cool SLI on TIGHT fight p5n-d

    So I just went SLI with 2 GTX 460's on a p5n-d. There is a single slot between the two video ports and its just not enough space for the heat to escape so in FUrMaRk I get 100+ temps on the top card and 90+ temps on the bottom card. Water cooling would be best but I'd have to get a whole...
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    2560x1600 BF3 a few upgrade questions

    Current Setup MB: p5n-d CPU: Q6700 @ 3.2 video: GTX 460 1gb Ram: 4 gigs of ram Disks: 80gig SSD + 2tb Sound: x-fi platinum 7 x 140 MM Fans with fan controller PSU: EA650 that is about 3 years old. I'm getting 45 to 80 FPS on Low and 35 to 50 on Medium at 2650x1600. So playable on...
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    Best card for my setup (2560x1600)

    I always save as much money as possible, so I have been watching 30" monitors for over a year now and Finally found a 305T refurbished for $500. So this is the setup P5n-D SLI with Q6700 @ 3..2 2X 9600GT in sli Antec EA650 power supply. So I don't want to spend more than 200 bucks...
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    $530 - Refurbished SyncMaster 305T 30"

    link I got 1, never shopped at before but there is a first for everything. It can also be found on amazon. Its an old refurbished monitor so it should have a lot of hours on it, but this price is hard to find.
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    20" 1080p W2046t-bf

    link This monitor says 1920x1080 at 20" is it lying? Is it really 21.5 or is it really only 1600x900? I'm skeptic because google is showing me many different results for this product.
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    HTTPS vs HTTP for internal application.

    I'm implementing a new Internal Application (hp ppm) which doesn't handle sensitive information and doesn't have access to the internet local network only. PPM defaults to http:// and I am being asked to change that to https://. The only sensitive information would be users passwords which...
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    Laptop screen as desktop...can it be done?

    I was looking into some eyefinity but the massive bezel's kill it for me. ran up on this link and though it would be sweet to have 3 of these in Eyefinity. Is there anyway that this can be done with little effort and cost? Googled the questions and couldn't find any up to date information.
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    Windows 7 with Mac OS Combined LOL

    In before the user ban
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    IN WIN case I actually like ~Maelstrom~

    IN WIN case I actually like>IN WIN Maelstrom Just thought I would throw the link out see how other feel about it.
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    AZZA Solano PC case ($70 after 40MIR) ~~newegg

    LInk Looks like a sweet case, I'd buy it if I wasn't broke.
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    access question.

    Ok I am importing from a large table into a smaller table and I need to have it dynamicly pull data 1 month back and 1 month forward from today. Currently I am doing a between Date1 and Date 2 but I have to run this weekly and every week I have to change Date 1 and Date 2. So If I could just...
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    Help~install from i386 on VM on ramdisk

    OK I set up a 1gig Ramdisk drive with the hopes to run an XP VM at work. I don't have an XP disk only the I386 file, how do I install using this on a VM? Also running the VM from a Ramdisk drive will not use any harddrive recourses correct? (5400rpm laptop hard dive + VM = lame)...
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    Devil Survivor (NDS-RPG)

    Devil Survivor Played a couple of hours of this last night and WOW atlus is at the top of their game. RPG fans I give this my full recomendation. Battle system is the first of its kind; It is set up as SRPG but when you get into a battle it moves in to classic fighting style with 1 hero...
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    Sweet looking case NZXT CS-NT-PANZER

    NZXT CS-NT-PANZER I think it looks sweet and should be cool and quite. Has anyone picked one up yet?
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    Share entire computer?

    Is there a way to share an entire computer? If the computer name is Green box can I do something to share green box and not just folders? I want to plug a computer in and use it for nothing but transferring files from one computer to the next. I have 8 computers in my house and keeping up...
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    ASUS VW161D Black 15.6" $69.99 @newegg

    ASUS VW161D Black 15.6" Promocode for -$20 EMCLSMS49
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    NZXT Beta Series CS - new case at newegg

    NZXT Beta Series CS I like it and for only 50 bucks it look good.
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    NZXT Alpha 50 - 20MIR +17 shipping = 38 total

    I would vote a hot deal but haven't used the case. Comes out to $48 after rebate and shipping. NZXT Alpha
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    Dual LGA 1366

    quick question? ASUS Z8NA-D6C This board has dual LGA 1366 would the i7 920 cpu work in it? if not does anyone know why not? In the past they had different sockets 771 and 775, and I think some AMD server boards could take desktop CPU's because they had the same socket.
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    Is HDMI going away?

    Because no gtx 260 have HDMI at newegg and considering they are a newer card you would think they would have built in HDMI, or at least one of them would. also are there any single slot coolers that can be put on a 260?
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    End of Eternity - Sega/Tri-ace RPG

    End of Eternity sega and tri-ace.....I am interested. Valkyria Chronicles seems to be a great game is sega ready for a comeback?
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    L4D melee update saved verses for me

    Just played L4D verses this weekend for the first time in a long time and they added a melee limit which has very muched helped the game. Put in about 8 hours Friday all good games on good servers about 8 hours Saturday all good games all good server, but all day Sunday had issues with...
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    L4D online crashes when overclocked.

    System P5n-d sli Q6700 - Zalman 9700 8gigs ram 9600gt's in sli I do a simple overclock to 3.2 and everything works perfectly (intelburntest, prime, fuzzy donut, everest stability test) but when I play left 4 dead online it will crash after about an hour or so. It doesn't crash when I...
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    2 screens at 2560x1024 + notebook

    I am using 2 19" from a docking station at work. Each one is running at 1280x1024. What I want is both my 19" screens to run as 1 monitor at 2560x1024 so I can use my laptop screen as well. I know the duelhead2go can do this but I don't really want to spend 100 bucks for something that...
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    NZXT Whisper ~ looks nice anyone have it

    does anyone have this: NZXT WHISPER WHI I think it looks sweet does anyone have one?
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    help with getting directory sizes

    so I use ( du -s ) to get the directory size. But what do I do to get sub directory sizes? So I have 50 folders underneath my Default folder and I don't want to go through each folder and have to type du -s default/project1 for every single folder. Is there a way to get all the...