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  1. J

    XP SP3: Should I, or Shouldn't I?

    It's been sitting down there by the clock for a couple of weeks now, the little Icon from MS to upgrade to SP3. My XP system runs fine, on an older HP. I have no software issues or hangups. So... if I'm having no problems is it generally safe to upgrade or should I keep ignoring the stupid...
  2. J

    I think my Belkin router is dead and I'm confused.

    ...or else my networking skills really need help. It's been awhile since I've had broadband here at the house, and I'm unpacking stuff I had from the last time, before things went sideways. In question tonight, is this Belkin 54g, Wireless G router. (model number on request) I have it...
  3. J

    p4. 1.5 Socket 423 cooling, or it's supposed to

    So far, just idling it's running at about 50C/131F. I forget the fan type, but I can find that out. 1. Is this normal? 2. Can it get better without going extreme? The case is off, right now, and there is one fan, an 80mm. (I think)