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    Intel Releases Disappointing Q4 2018 and Full-Year 2018 Financial Results

    Only 5 billion net income in one quarter; How will they survive?
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    Facebook Fined 500,000 Pounds for Cambridge Analytica Scandal

    The pain to their wrist must be intense.
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    Battlefield V Won't Launch With Battle Royale

    Good. If BR became the predominant form of Battlefield then it's not really Battlefield anymore. This fad will pass like all others...I hope
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    Google Pixel USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Adapter Performance Review

    My issue is more with being forced into it and buying new headphones (dongle is a non-starter sry), juggling more battery management, etc. It's simply unnecessary and has no real benefits at least for my use cases. It seems to be almost entirely about nickle-and-diming you for a bit more...
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    Instagram Users with 100,000+ Followers Get Free Food for Posts

    In theory I would agree. Listening to someone's opinion who you trust is a lot better than just relying on an advertisement directly from the corporation. I just think it would be hard to trust the opinion of some some social media "star" when they are effectively being paid for what they...
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    Intel's i9-9900K Is Only 12% Faster than AMD's 2700X at Gaming, but 66% Pricier

    Gsync with a lower framerate doesn't look or feel anywhere near as smooth as just having a higher framerate/refresh rate in the first place, at least for me. It's a nice thing to have if your framerate is dropping low but it's no substitute for just having more frames. I agree pushing for 144...
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    You're right I shouldn't have decided to develop an autoimmune disorder. That was silly of me wasn't it?
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    Amazon Raises Minimum Wage to $15 for All US Employees

    The correct approach is probably much more nuanced than declaring "capitalism" or "socialism" as the solution to everything. Simplifying everything or turning everything into a binary option does make it much easier to think about things, but it doesn't seem to be getting us any results...
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    Discord Announces "First on Discord" Games

    Yeah it's hard to see anyone really competing with Steam at this point. Valve was just so early to the idea and even pushed their big games at the time to Steam as killer apps. Which was kind of annoying actually because Steam was horribly buggy at first. I still think Discord is a great app...
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    RIAA Releases 2018 Mid-Year Music Industry Revenue Report

    Good bands can make albums full of good music instead of coasting by on one single, so there are upsides as well. It's not clear exactly what those numbers refer to either. If I buy 8 songs off an album with 10 songs I assume that counts as 8 "single" sales? The real problem for the actual...
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    Startup Claims Solid State Battery Breakthrough

    Quick find investors before people realize we can't actually do this!
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    Metal Gear Solid 1998 Intro: 4K Unreal Engine Remake

    I remembered the original looking a lot more like the remake. It's funny how your brain can fill in the gaps like that, and at the time that opening was pretty damn impressive. :)
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    Study Finds that Millennials Prefer Multiple Content Providers for Streaming

    Yep this is the problem with only studying behavior and ignoring the motivations or circumstances behind those behaviors.
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    Elon Musk Smokes Weed in Podcast

    All of those things are true with alcohol as well. Double standard. Most people try alcohol before pot, so if weed is a gateway drug alcohol is even more of one. Alcohol users suffer from more psychological problems as well, but there is a question of correlational directionality in both...
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    VR Shipments Decreased 33% Due to a Lack of Bundling and Discounts in 2018

    It's already pretty good for any "cockpit" type games that support it just because they almost work by default, but yeah for most other games there is a bit of a chicken and egg situation. It's hard to justify devoting a lot of development resources to making a game work well with VR when 99%...
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    Esports are Too Violent for Olympics

    I agree but I sort of feel the same way about some other things that are widely considered "sports". Golf for example requires very little physical exertion but plenty of skill, much like gaming. You could argue a game like DDR (which granted isn't exactly the most popular esport) has a...
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    Video Games are Sucking You In and Not Letting Go

    The more videogames do this kind of stuff the less I find myself playing them. I have very similar feelings and have wasted too much time especially when I was younger on games. I guess we all need some sort of recreation/hobby though. Watching TV for example is just as much of a waste if...
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    AMD’s Zen 2 Will Reportedly Offer Higher Core Counts, Major IPC Gains

    Each of those cores is VERY slow compared to Zen or modern Intel stuff though. Having double the cores that are half as fast is pointless as it still limits what they can do with a game.
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    Worst Graphics Card Ever? GT 1030 DDR4 Benchmarked

    Finally Nvidia is competing with Intel (graphics) It has slightly hot core clocks though! That will surely solve all the issues with the huge memory bottleneck...
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    Video Games Will Be “100% Digital” by 2022

    I still wouldn't because latency is a bigger problem than bandwidth and is seemingly impossible to solve. There is just some inherent lag built into the whole process between rendering, encoding, streaming video, waiting for inputs, display delays, etc. I've tried the Steam at home streaming...
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    US DOJ Sting Nets Darknet Arrests

    You have to enable nighttime browsing mode.
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    Wired Hates Far Cry 5 - No One Cares

    I can't see how anyone who knows what Far Cry is would expect FC5 to have some grand social or political statement. It's just a fun dumb shooty sandboxy thing. There are plenty of real things to be outraged about and this isn't one of them by a long shot.
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    512 GB Phones Are Here. How Much Storage Do You Actually Need?

    It's all those VR videos of you know....stuff. In all seriousness even the mp3 version of my music collection is somewhere close to 100GB. HD movies/tv take up tons of space as well for those who download instead of stream. And there are multi-GB games as well. Podcasts are usually very low...
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    Forza Motorsport 7 thread

    Yeah I honestly just play with a Xbone controller for the most part. You can definitely achieve better times and more control with a wheel just because it's a more precise input device, but there isn't really much "feel" in any of it compared to the more "hardcore" sims. Live For Speed is...
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    Elon Musk Deleted SpaceX and Tesla Facebook Accounts

    I understand the desire to leave Facebook (or just never join) but why are people only realizing this now? Their entire business model pretty much from the start has been selling user information to whoever will pay them for it.
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    The First PlayStation 4 Emulator Is Currently under Development

    Yep I know with the PS3 emulator you can run Demon's Souls in much better quality and framerate than you ever could on an actual PS3, provided you have the hardware to do it. Dark Souls 1 and 2 were much better experiences on PC just because of the 60FPS (as opposed to 30FPS at best, and drops...
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    512 GB Phones Are Here. How Much Storage Do You Actually Need?

    I don't worry too much about internal storage size since I won't buy a phone without microSD. I still ended up with a 64GB phone (Moto G5 Plus) just because the 64GB also comes with double the RAM versus the 32GB model. I admit I'm one of those weirdos who likes having local copies of music...
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    CD's and Vinyl Outselling Digital Downloads for the First Time Since 2011

    I just end up ripping to Flac and/or mp3 but I still buy some CDs. They are sometimes cheaper than downloads...and marginally better quality. Vinyl tends to be better than either just because they do different mixing/mastering for those assuming vinyl audiophile hipsters have good speakers to...
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    Battlefield V Follows Call of Duty Back to World War II This Year

    Since BF1 is essentially WWII combat will this one be Vietnam? (not saying that's a bad thing btw :))
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    PUBG to Start Using Ping Times to Pool Matches

    It's almost like they have very little incentive to fix it, given that millions of people already paid them for a Beta. GG.
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    New Steam Game Promises a Bitcoin to the First Person Who Beats It

    Cryptomining, the new Crysis? Or Crisis?
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    New Steam Game Promises a Bitcoin to the First Person Who Beats It

    Most big games already have gambling in the form of virtual items/crates/packs, so I guess the next logical step was to essentially turn a game purchase into a lottery ticket.
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    Android Users 15 Times More Likely to Judge iPhone Owners Negatively

    People are judgmental and superficial anyway but a dating situation tends to amplify that stuff. Dating (especially first dates) is basically trying to hide your faults as best you can and harshly judging (and exaggerating) the other person's faults. Even though a date should be about getting...
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    NVIDIA Ampere GPU Rumored for April Launch

    They didn't lose any money from it and their competition is basically MIA, so I wouldn't be surprised to see them do it again.
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    Twitch is Watching You Even When You're Not on Twitch

    It's also Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft's business apparently. ;)
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    What Really Happened with Vista: An Insider’s Retrospective

    A lot of the problems with Vista have gotten better just through the passage of time. Hardware almost always has drivers now, plus you won't find machines with 512MB of memory anymore. 7 and 10 are still a bit faster and less bloated (although 10 is probably debatable) but in some hypothetical...
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    Russia Confirms Mass Drone Attack in Syria

    They failed on both counts then. It was neither silent nor deadly.
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    "Star Wars" Franchise Crosses $4 Billion, Eclipsing Disney's Lucasfilm Price

    Apparently SJWs can afford movie tickets, and A LOT of them. Which is weird with them being hippy communist leechers and all. ;) Yep and I doubt George Lucas would have been able to monetize merchandise to the same extent as Disney, especially if it meant he continued to make and direct...
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    Apple’s Apology for Batterygate Didn’t Go Far Enough

    Yep most high-end and even midrange phones no longer have easily replaceable batteries. Almost all of them require melting glue and removing a bunch of tiny screws, circuit boards, etc. A few even require soldering. At least most phones do still have a headphone jack though, for now... It's...
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    Samsung Patent Hints at Modular All-in-One Desktop PC

    Funny how these "modular" designs usually end up being much less modular and more expensive than a regular desktop PC. They are also addressing the stuff that is already the easiest to swap for some reason (displays and speakers). That's like saying "Check out our new modular car, you can...