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    Sleep & Screen Saver issues on 34" Ultrawide

    Over the last few months,. and with much help from this forum, I check out the LG 34UC97-S, Samsung S34E790C, and Dell UltraSharp U3415W 21:9 curved monitors, and eventually settled on the Dell. The issue with the power settings or screen saver not working, as well as sleep waking itself after...
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    So guys, what is this? Any ideas?

    So I'm in the midst of a monitor quest, and currently I have the Samsung S34E790C curved screen. I had an LG 34UC97-S, but the back light bleed was unbearable, so I swapped it for the Samsung. I was running through various programs and whatnot, putting it through it's paces, and all...
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    Acer XR341CK Announced on Acer's Site No mention of Hz rating on spec page. Also it's the FreeSync version. No mention of the G-Sync monitor.