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    HTC Evo 4G + Android 2.2?

    Hey, Just wondering, will the 4G Evo fully support Froyo? -Thanks
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    Creating a backup Image of the OS installation..?

    Hey, Does anyone know the best way to go around creating a backup image of an OS installation. Say I just formatted with Win Xp (or w/e) and installed all the apps. Can I create a carbon copy backup image of that in say another partition so that I can reinstall from that partition if need be...
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    Mac OS X Flaws...Need Your Opinions?

    My friend decided to give Mac a try last summer to access features such as the Unix shell and applications like Textmate. After 6 months of using it ,however, some flaws (especially in the UI) just became too apparent and he decided to switch to Windows7 at least for now. We decided to...
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    DFI motherboard ,AMD Opteron , OCZ Ram combo- $120

    Hey, Buying a laptop and parting out my desktop... DFI Ultra D Motherboard. AMD Opteron 144 Processor, (Overclockable to 2.7, stable, with the above board) OCZ PC3200 DDR Ram, 1GB (512mb x 2). Selling this combo for $120 or best offer (may be willing to sell in parts). Payment Method...
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    Recommend a Video Camera...

    Hey, Can you guys a recommend a general purpose video camera for < $600. I am helping some family friends find one. -Thanks and Happy New Year
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    What happened to VIVO?

    None of the new cards feature "Video In." I liked this feature because I could hook up my Dish receiver directly to the computer with it....but if I upgrade....:(
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    Router that relays Wireless internet into LAN (wired) internet

    Hey, I need some router/other device that relays a wireless connection into a wired one. We have a wireless router on the second floor. On the first floor, we have a computer that can't accept a wireless connection. Thus, what router/device can accept the wireless connection from the 2nd floor...
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    [OS X] Scriptable Graphic Program that can export pictures as a slideshow

    Hey, Do you know of any program for OS X that is scriptable, preferably from Python, and can be used to export a bunch of pictures as a slideshow? Right now I tried Graphic Converter. However, I don't know how to make a script to like: 1) Open a folder in a directory, take all the picture...
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    Nvidia 8800 Video In?

    Hey, Do ANY of the 8800 series graphic cards support Video In? I have not been able to find any and just wondering if they are on the horizon? It's kinda of ridiculous that a $500+ graphic card does not have such a basic feature as Video in....that even my 7800GT has. -Thanks
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    XFX 7800GT + CoD2??

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    Pny 7800gt?

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    Nvidia 6600 Vs 6600GT

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    Crazy Battlefield2 Lag...

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    RAM Dilema...Running 4 sticks on a DFI Ultra-D?

    Hey, Well, here is the problem. I have right now 2x512Mb of BallistiX Tracers. I recently purchased 2x1gb of OCZ Performance RAM (the $200 stuff) from Newegg. I was considering initially selling my BallistiX I want to run 3gb. That would of course use up all the slots so I would most...
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    I have 2x512mb of BallistiX Tracers..I want 2gb..

    So right now I have 2x512gb of Ballistix Tracers..but I want 2gb. Do you think it's worth buying 2x512mb more of some other RAM and adding it or just selling this and buying 2x1gb of some RAM. Right now I have the RAM running at 270Mhz..i think. -Thanks
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    Real Time DTS Software Encoder?

    Hello, If my soundcard does not support real time DTS encoding, is there software that can do it using the CPU (in real time) ? -Thanks
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    AuzenTech XPlosion 7.1 VS X-Fi

    Hello, I recently purchased Sennheiser HD485 headphones. I also have a Sony STR-K740P sound system (5.1). It say capable of DTS and Dolby Digital on the A/V receiver. What soundcard should I get to use with my HD485s and the surround sound system. Also, the surround sound system has to be...
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    What headphones to get? IceMat vs HD485

    Hello, So..what headphones (i know the iceMats are really a headset) should I get? Siberia IceMat or Sennheiser HD485s? They are priced very similarly and will go with my onboard sound (DFI Ultra-D, Realtek ALC850 chipset). What are they going to be used for: 1) some games 2) some music 3)...
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    ThunderBird + Automatic Email Printing?

    Hi I need a program/plug in to automatically print emails as they come in (or have it maybe check the inBox every 10 or so minutes for new messages) . I googled and found so far "Automatic Print Email 1.00" However, this software prints everything WAYYY to small. Not sure how to fix that...
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    Anyone know of a search enigne/syder I can use for my website..?

    Hi, I am creating a website and want to have a "search engine" built in so..well ppl can search for contents on it. I know I can write my own "indexer program" in php with MySQL as the database however, this is time exhaustive. Anyone know of a good one that I can use to index my own site? -Thanks
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    C++ Strings Question - Adding int variable to a string literal

    :o I totally forgot my C++. Anyway, let's say I want to create 5 ".txt files" named 1.txt to 5.txt. How do I add ints to a string in C++ again? I want to do something like this: int go = 1; while(go <=5) { ofstream a_file (go + ".txt"); } -ThaNkS
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    Combinations Algorithm (PHP or another language)

    Hello, Does anyone know of a combinations algorithm. For example, 7C5. It would list all the 21 combinations such as, 1,2,3,4,5/1,2,3,4,6 etc. Psuedo-code or php code would be a lot of help. -Thanks for your help
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    I am looking for some eXtreme [H]ardware

    Yep, as the title says, I am looking for extreme hardware :p .....a printer for $30-50 with black ink cartridges that can be refilled. -Thanks
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    Conroe Release Date?

    Hey, so when is the official launch of Core2Duo Conroe line of processers? -Thanks EDIT: WOW SORRY, JULY 27th i guess.nVm my stupid question..
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    Black Ice Pro 3 question..

    Is the BIPIII 100% copper or part aluminum? I read the core is copper..but what does the "core" exactly refer to? -Thanks
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    XCLIO 450BL enough for a DFI Ultra-D motherboard ??

    Hello, I am just wondering, is a XCLIO 450BL enough this sytem: 1) DFI Ultra-D 2) Opteron 146 2) 2xHDs 3) 1xOptica Drive 4) 1 gb of RAM There are ppl on DFI-Street that are saying "480W" is bare minimum? I think that's pure BS. Any opinions? -Thanks EDIT** Videocard- 6800GS
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    Computer Not Booting Up! Need Help...

    Hello, I have a friend. He was playing with Windows Vista, shut off his computer, and when he tried booting up...nothing happened! This is his computer specs: 1) XCLIO XClio 450BL ATX 450W 2) DFI Ultra-D Mobo S939 3) Opteron 144 S939 4) OCZ Ram (2x512) 5) Hds stuff like that.. Well we...
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    Need a little Javascript help!

    Hello, So I need to pass an array from PHP to javascript (nevermind the security risk). I did this using implode(":#:",$array); On the javascript side I used split(":#:"); to turn it back into an array. However, when there is a character such as ' or "" " ', it doesn't work. How do I...
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    Flash Presentation help

    Hello, I am having some problems with Flash presentation. I embedded a MPEG movie that's 1 minute long into the presentation and created an executable. Though the audio/video seems to be in sync, the video just keeps replaying after it's done. How do I stop this? -Thanks :confused: EDIT: Damn...
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    Crazy Battlefield2 Lag...

    :confused: Hello, So I installed the BF2 demo and it lags so much I can't enjoy it. I am playing at 1024x768 resolution..because for some reason that's the MAX resolution that shows up in the Video Options in the demo. (My monitor is a FPD2185W and can support a max 1680x1050 res). I did set...
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    What's the MAX voltage you dare to run your dual core at?

    Hey, As the title says, what's the max voltage YOU dare run your Dual Core AMD at on a daily basis? I am not talking about booting for 5minutes at voltage and then backing down... This is me right now: AMD Opteron 165 0534 SPMW 2.8Ghz (9x311) 1.55V set in the BIOS, CPU Z and Smart Guardian...
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    Iwaki WMD-20RLT Question

    What kind of drop in temperature can I expect to see if I get this over a D5 or AquaExtreme 50Z? : for a system that would include the following components (right now I don't have any of them but I am considering finally buying them in the near future.....) 1) Swiftech Storm Revision2 for...
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    From who should I buy a domain name from?

    Hello, I am not posting to request a webhost. I am just looking for a place I can buy a domain from that is also flexible. I want to easily be able to update the ip address to which the domain points to and also be able to transfer the domain I bought if I so wish. Can you recommend me someone...
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    Settiing Up A Proxy Server at home

    Hello, I was wondering, what software do I need to setup a proxy server on my computer at home? -Thanks btw, i know Setting has only ONE i. The title was a typo.
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    I messed up Windows' Networking -> Need Help Please!!

    Hello, Wow, i messed up the networking on my Windows XP Pro. I was running trial Zone Alarm. The Trial Ended, and I decided to uninstall it. I go to Add/Remove and begin to unintall. Waiting for a while, Add/Remove seemed to be frozen. I could not scroll up/down. Nor was there any kind of...
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    Big Problem, or so i think! FPD2185 does not look so good with DVI!

    Hello, I have quite a problem. I got a dual link DVI cable off ebay. Everyone was saying that everything looks "MUCH" better with DVI. However, mine does not look so great. Actually, I think it looks worse! And i ran the PixPerAn test. I could not READ at all the sign. It was realllyyyy blurry...