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    Logitech MX518 $19.99 Best Buy

    whose that cutey in the reflection
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    Navi 21 XT to clock up to 2.4GHz

    16gb is nice, but is anyone concerned about it being gddr6 vs gddr6x?
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    can someone re-share this? i had to logout and log into my real account because they stopped alerting @everyone, and of course i didnt have the invite on there. this one expired.
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    I want every possible milliwatt for the GPU + performance. not RGB, not LCD, and other nonsense. Too bad people kept buying the RGBeees
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    LG 48CX

    Have you guys seen the 48 sony? maybe it wont have the problems some of you are facing.
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    LG 48CX

    but you'll also look at it from further away...
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    Official NVIDIA Ampere In-Stock Thread

    what did i just read?
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    RTX 3090!!

    if its at x16 it should be good. I wouldn't want to use a 3080/3090 at 8x for a long period of time. and yall shitting on him when he's happy with his system suck. he's probably more [H] with better hardware than you, stay jelly.
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    Anyone think the 3080 supply availability might be tied to the Big Navi release?

    sure, but until the very last earning season gaming GPUs were the biggest section. so the biggest section didnt sell as well, and the stock went 100%+?
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    What is 8k gaming?

    23% aren't [H]ard.
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    AmpereGate! RTX 3080 instability

    +1 to the "why didnt any of the 100s of reviewers see this" some people say games crash within 5 minutes consistently with the 1st driver.
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    Anyone think the 3080 supply availability might be tied to the Big Navi release?

    and yet their stock soared to all time highs. Must've been some crazy margins.
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    You guys SURE you want Evga cards?

    nope, not looking for evga. have had multiple experiences with them, every single one bad. (980ti, gtx 580, gtx 1080) not just their cards but support as well. Works out well for me because everyone is crazy about them, they can have em.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    no idea why this is a reply to me, but K.
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    200 is 200% of 100. 200 is an increase of 100% of 100. that's all they're saying.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    the official PNY website.
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    oh no, they canceled on me!
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    I Bought a RTX 3080 Today!

    3080? who cares, we are at 3090 now:
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    AMD Mountain Bikes! Only $299!

    not a deal.
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    in the digital foundry video his system seemed to be powered on and the GPU fan was not spinning. Maybe they only work when under load?
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    3080 to 3090 over 2x increase in price, but only 20 percent increase in performance. Originally thought about a 3090, but I expected more than 20 percent. Only thing I wish is that the 3080 had 12GB of Vram. Goodbye 1080, nvda finally made a product that the price/performance upgrade isn't...
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    Watch Dogs 2 free for joining July 12 video stream later
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    Rumor: 3080 31% faster than 2080 Ti

    On videocardz they mention the model is unknown. Could be rtx 3090, 3080ti 3060. Who knows.
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    (Rumor) AMD to delay Ryzen 4000 (Zen3) until January 2021 due to Zen2 success

    they've been telling investors for a very long time now and even just a couple of weeks ago that zen 3 is still coming this year. idk if i buy what this thread is selling.
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    Rage 2

    i've tried starting this game twice, within 10-15 min i quit. It seems like it's just poorly made. the controls, the sound, the bugs, the story that isn't grabbing me. Anyone else?
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    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    how expensive can a 1GB bios rom space cost? is it so low just because you'll probably never need more than 16/32MB?
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    GameStop to Permanently Close Over 300 Stores

    Gamestop stores smell.
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    size of Xbox Series X compared to a Fridge

    Only 4x the CPU power? That seems low.
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    Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to September 17, 2020

    Is everyone forgetting the shitty watcher 3 launch until months/years passed? Their list of fixes was very very long. I think I'll wait until 2021 to play this properly in their Enhanced Edition
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    Core i9-10990XE 22-core Processor

    just remember: thats 380 watts at 4ghz base.
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    AMD Ryzen 4000 Rumored to Offer Around 17% Increased Performance

    Totally obsolete. Lmao. you're too funny.
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    I have a MSI GL63 8SE-209 on the way. I was going to get the inland premium 2tb for $215 instead of the hp ex950 for $225. But then I ran across a thing saying that the 2tb uses a different E12S that has 1/2 the dram and no one is quite sure how bad it is. Anyone know anything?
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    AMD Zen 4 CPUs Rumored On Track For 2021 Release As Early TSMC 5nm Yields Impress

    looks like theyre dumping all their money on CPUs
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    RDR2 $48 @ EGS

    I don't really want to pick it up from the epic game store, anyone know if it'll be this price / less from elsewhere next week? also are the different editions worth it? don't think i'll play online much.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    RTX == brighter. got it.
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    Cold tonight!

    video games