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    Corsair or Ballistix for my new build?

    Doing a 9700k with Asus Z390 Prime-A mobo build. Narrowed it down to these two 3200 16GB kits from Corsair and Ballistix:
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    Weird problem with my 1080 Ti

    I bought a 2080 Ti, played around with it, decided not to keep it. Re-Installed my old 1080 Ti and now it makes a weird what can only be described as a fast ticking sound, even when the fans aren't moving. Any ideas?
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    Any way to use a Dual DVI monitor with a RTX 2080 Ti?

    I noticed they don't have DVI connections anymore on the new cards, I have a Dell 3007 which is dual DVI, is there a way for me to use the 2080 Ti or do I need to buy a new monitor?
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    USB audio makes games load slow?

    I switched from a receiver/HDMI setup to a USB AMP/DAC setup and now all my games take forever to load for the initial loading screen. Anyone heard of something like this happening before with USB DAC?
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    Windows 10 update + Chrome randomly don't work?

    Curious problem that's been happening to me randomly on Windows 10. Sometimes when I wake my desktop rig from sleep, I can't open Chrome, or go into Windows 10 update. Also if I try rebooting it will just hang at the restarting screen until I hit the hard reset on my tower. Not really sure what...
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    Does Windows 10 natively play .flv files in WMP?

    I know Win 10 supports .mkv and .flac out of the box, but what about .flv ? Can't seem to find a definite answer on Google.
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    Why is my CPU fan spinning up now?

    I'm running a 4790k with a Noctua HSF. I used to have a regular GTX 980 and I would never hear the CPU fan spin up. I recently switched to a GTX 980 Ti and now I can hear my CPU fan spin up when opening email, deleting lots of files, etc. I'm scratching my head and don't know what would cause...
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    Stuck pixel, any hope?

    I have a Dell 3007WFP-HC, I cleaned the screen with a micro fiber cloth and now I have 1 stuck red pixel in the upper left. It will go away if I turn off the monitor over night, and comes back after 15 minutes of the monitor being on. Tried the gentle rub method, the screen fix videos...
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    What is a good tower cooler for a 4790k if I'm not OCing?

    I won't be OCing, but I value silence so something that cools good without too much noise. The catch is that the tower + fan can't be higher than 160mm, I can't seem to find anything. Any recommendations?
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    Phantek PH-TC14S cooler

    Anyone know when this is being released? Said December and still nothing.
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    Is this possible to do?

    I live in the US, but I want to be able to browse the internet using my friend in Canada's internet access/router so that I have a Canadian IP when browsing. Is that possible? Would that be considered a VPN or something else?
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    Logitech G700 discontinued?

    I was wondering why every single Fry's Electronics near me was out of stock of the G700, then I noticed on Amazon's website it says discontinued by manufacturer on the G700 product page. Anyone know what the replacement is going to be?
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    Is my SLI working properly? I think it's broke?

    I have two GTX 580s and Core i7 920 OCed to 3.8GHz, and I'm trying to play Crysis 2 with DX11 and high res textures and I'm getting 15 FPS Tried 1920 x 1200 and 2560 x 1600, 15-20 FPS on both. Am I doing something wrong? I've never had a SLI setup before. I have the latest WHQL drivers.
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    So I'm running two GTX 580s now

    please delete
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    Where did all the GTX 580s go?

    My local Fry's only had 1 card on the shelf out of 5 different brands :( I was hoping to pick one up to try SLI with. Are they being phased out?
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    Decent gaming headset for reasonable price?

    Looking for a headphone + mic combo headset of decent quality and price. Any recommendations?
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    Can I buy stuff through Newegg and have it shipped to my friend?

    It says during the order process that the shipping address must be on file for my credit card? It's a present for my friends birthday
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    Best smart phone for a real estate agent?

    My mom is a real estate agent and uses a Blackberry atm, but it's getting old and she wants a new phone. What would be best? iPhone, WP7, or Android?
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    Benefits of Nvidia HDMI audio driver over default Windows HDMI audio driver?

    Do I need the Nvidia driver? Or will I not notice a difference?
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    Cheapest place to pre-order Rage on PC?

    Anyone know?
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    New laptop has worse wireless connection?

    Girlfriend upgraded from an old 2004 Toshiba laptop to a Lenovo Ideapad Z570. Now her wireless internet connection is dropping randomly and frequently, it never dropped on the old Toshiba. Using a Linksys WRT54GS with the latest firmware. Any ideas?
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    iPhone 4 on Verizon

    Can I buy one at upgrade prices (299.99) and then not open it, and turn around and sell it?
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    Front high speakers and Dolby Pro Logic IIz worth it on a PC?

    I have my receiver and a 5.1 setup connected to my PC via HDMI, my receiver has support for 2 additional front high speakers and Dolby Pro Logic IIz. I have 2 extra speakers laying around, is it worth it for games?
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    How much of a FPS gain in games from overclocking my CPU?

    I have a Core i7 920 running stock 2.66GHz, GTX 580, 30" Dell LCD. Would I see a decent FPS gain in games if I OCed my i7 to 3.5GHz?
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    Can a bad coax cable cause wireless router problems?

    I replaced the coax cable on my cable modem with a shorter one, and now my girlfriend keeps getting disconnected from the wireless router. It was working fine before. I didn't change anything except that cable and my computer doesn't get disconnected, it's wired into the router. Any ideas...
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    Proper 5.1 speaker placement for a desktop?

    THX's 5.1 setup guide says that the surround speakers should be placed 56 inches behind your listening position, has anyone heard or tried this before? Taken from Thx website: Desktop System Set Up Monitor Viewing Distance: There should be a 28 inch viewing distance from your desktop...
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    Need help finding good computer desk

    Hi All Does anyone know any place that sells computer desks that look like the below picture? I need something that has a counter similair to the picture below, so I can put my receiver and center speaker on my desk below my monitor.
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    Microphone won't pickup voice, is my MIC port bad?

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sound Setup: EVGA X58 SLI E758 mobo, using integrated Realtek Audio for my mic, and my receiver and speakers are hooked up to GTX 580 via HDMI Using the integrated mic port on my EVGA mobo with the default...
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    Mystery of the microphone that won't pickup voice

    Sound Setup: EVGA X58 SLI E758 mobo, using integrated Realtek Audio for mic, receiver and speakers hooked up to GTX 580 via HDMI I was using the integrated mic port on my EVGA mobo with the default Win7 drivers, worked fine. I updated my drivers to the latest Realtek HD Audio ones, now my...
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    Any program to adjust core voltage on GTX 580?

    I have the latest beta of MSI afterburner and it won't let me...........
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    Is there any program I can use to force 2D clocks on my GTX 580?

    I want to force 2D clocks when I'm not gaming, is there any program that will let me do this?
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    Can I connect my GTX 580 directly to my receiver?

    Would this allow me to have just 1 display in Win7 and still get sound without having to extend my display onto the receiver in Win7? Right now I have an Auzentech HTHD sound card, a passthrough cable connects from the GTX 580 to the Auzentech, then the Auzentech connects to the receiver via...
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    Best settings for Sennheiser HD595s and Xfi?

    I just got a pair of 595s and have an Auzentech HTHD sound card, I've done some research on what settings are best to use for gaming, but I just came away confused. Help me please my fellow hard members!
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    Need help choosing gaming headphones and headphone amp

    I will be using them almost exclusively for gaming. Also do I even need a headphone amp? I have a Onkyo receiver right now hooked up to my PC, could I just plug the headphones into the receiver? Any help would be greatly appreciated. My budget can go up to $750
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    Can't resume from sleep after installing new Intel chipset drivers?

    I downloaded and installed the latest Intel chipset drivers for my X58 SLI from EVGA's FTP, they are WHQL. Now I can't resume from sleep? I can hear my computer fans start back up and run, but my screen just stays black. Has anyone had this happen before? Is there anyway to revert back to...
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    Does putting my computer to sleep count as curing time for Arctic Silver 5?

    I know I'm supposed to cycle my computer turning it off and on to make the AS5 cure properly, but does putting it to sleep do the same thing as turning it off for the thermal paste?
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    Question for Seasonic Rep

    When are the new X-760 and X-850 units due out?
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    Need recommendation for cheap P55 motherboard ATX form factor

    Won't be overclocking, everything stock, 1 video card, 1 PCI-E sound card, 1 PCI-E TV Tuner card. 4GB DDR3
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    Need recommendation for P55 motherboard

    Building my friend a new comp. He won't be overclocking or doing SLI/Crossfire. What would be a decent non-expensive P55 board to pair with a i7-870? (Got the CPU for cheap at Microcenter)
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    Benefit of using HDMI vs analog on receiver connected to PC?

    I have my Onkyo receiver connected to my PC via HDMI to an Auzentech XTHD sound card. Is there any benefit to using HDMI instead of analog cables? Any benefit to analog over HDMI? Since I'm using HDMI I have to have a second dummy monitor because of the way HDMI works with requiring...