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    Japanese stores shipping internationally...

    I was wondeirng if anyone knows of any stores in Japan that would ship a phone to canada. :) I want to buy a particular cell phone that is not available in North America. I will continue to look around but I may need help.
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    Good Canadian Stores for WC?

    I need to pick up some parts, don't want to pay customs etc.. So does anyone know of good watercooling retailers in canada? If not I will be using xoxide to avoid any door fee's. Help please. :) I done some searching and have a list: (offline)...
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    NTFS became RAW

    Well my hard drive that was formatted NTFS became RAW today, I tried using programs to get the data back or something but all required money or activation. One of the programs read the hard drive so I know everything is still there. Now how would I go about making this "RAW" drive NTFS...
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    Need help selecting earphones.

    I deffinitly want to upgrade earphones before summer is over so I need some help. I have no experience in earphones so I come here to ask. My budget is under 100USD (preferably). I am willing to spend more. I don't need hardcore quality I just want above average earphones for listening to my mp3...