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    Windows Update Error 8024402F

    Anyone know how to fix this error. (Windows 8 Update Error 8024402F) I have done everything that I can find on Google. The MS tech support is even stumped on the problem. I know MS tech support is most likely a joke. I was really hoping to be able to change to windows 8.1 for BF4 but it is...
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    XFX 4890 with Koolance VID-487 VRM Temps

    Ok so anyone that is using this block or that has any ideas that can help me would be great. right now running with stock volts with the core at 980mhz and the mem at 1090mhz. I am getting VRM temps of over 110c+ i have reseated the block about 3 times with no luck at all of getting them under...
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    Sidekick 3 question

    I was looking at buying a Sidekick 3 and i had some questions to the ppl that have them. my 1st question is can i hook it up to my laptop and use it has a modem. i have looked at reviews on this and some say yes and some say no. I was also looking to know about ppls pros and cons about the...
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    deleted Partition

    Hi everyone i got a question. One of my army Friends was reinstalling windwos last nite and deleted his backup HD partition and didnt mean to. he has not formated yet and he wanted to know if htere is away to get all the data off the HD. he didnt make a backup of the partition.
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    MSI K8N Neo2 Plat HT Problem

    I wanted to know if anyone has hte same problem i have or if htere is away to fix it. whenever i go in hte bios to change my HT multi my bios freeze. it only happens when i go under the HT multi part. the window is blank it wont let me change the multi and it will jsut freeze. i do have hte 1.4...