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    Quick cmoy question

    I'm getting the parts together for a cmoy mint tin amp (first time w00t audiophile niche here I come :p ) and I was wondering, could I leech off the 12v rail on my pc psu to power it when I'm not on the go?
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    USB card reader problem, SO FRUSTRATING, plz someone help

    Okay, I love using SD cards, mainly because of my pda and camera. After switching from a Via mobo with a Sempron 2300+ to an intel board with a (used) P4 2.8 HT Northwood quite a while ago, my card reader started distorting any kind of data uploaded from/downloaded to the cards I'm using. I've...
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    Ok, I tried linux at first with Knoppix, and was pretty interested, I could finally write cd-text w/o having to buy nero with K3B, wait, that's like the only thing I used it for, other than when I was waiting for hard drives on a system build and wanted to test the hardware out by booting from...
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    Missing Clips on P4 HS

    I'm about to switch from a socket A mobo to a socket 478 (don't make fun, I'm on a budget :( ) and I got this decent heatsink from my cousin: The problem (and also the reason he let me have it) is that the clips are missing. I can easily lap and rig a fan, but should I make...