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    Build sticky gone ?

    I was wondering the same thing.
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    Tekken 7 Passes Three Million Sales Milestone

    The main thing that I miss about playing Tekken from back in the day with a buddy of mine.....bowling.
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    WinAmp is Coming Back From the Dead in 2019

    I used only Winamp from 1999 to about 2014. I tried the Winamp Android app and kept having syncing problems. I tried Mediamonkey and have been mostly using it ever since. I loved the customization of Winamp with the skins and plugins. When I was younger and loved to tinker and customize with...
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    220V 30A Heated Shower Head Will Add a Jolt of Excitement to Showering

    What is the next model going to include, a toaster oven and a hair dryer?
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    How W10 Will Prevent Updates from Randomly Rebooting Your PC: Machine Learning

    I still miss being able to disable updates all together. I have multiple laptops that my techs use in the shop to diagnose vehicles. The only reason they have an internet connection is to download calibration files for vehicle modules and to access workshop manuals, vehicle data/recalls...
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    Unreal Envisioned Through Unreal 4 Eyes

    I am all for a remake of Unreal. It is still one of my top 5 favorite games. I would be into playing it. Please retain the original music and sound effects. The music and sound effects were just as important as the graphics were in the original.
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    Tommy Hilfiger XPLORE Clothes Will Track Your Location

    "reward you for walking past their clothing locations....."? That is exactly what I do now, walk past their locations, not into their locations.
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    Hellblade: Seuna's Sacrifice VR Edition Is a Free Upgrade to the Original Game

    That game would be intense in VR. Not sure I would be able to play it for very long. Some of the maps were very intense. The area that the main character is trying to avoid confrontation in the dark only using sound comes to mind.
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    EU Fines ASUS, Denon & Marantz, Philips, and Pioneer $130M for Online Price Fixing

    I felt like my Denon receiver was competitively priced with other units when I bought it 6 or 7 years ago. It has been a great unit. Great sound, easy setup, good connection options (especially for the time and price), and has never failed me. The only reason I may get another is if I ever...
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    AI leaders Pledge Not to Develop Killer Robots

    I pledge that I never have, nor ever will post anything in this forum. See how easy that was.
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    Patreon Backs Away from pr0n

    Soooooo, Patreon is going out of business?
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    New Razer Keyboard Features "Opto-Mechanical" Switches

    In all my years I can only think of one keyboard that I felt was not "fast enough" for both gaming and day to day work. It was one of the first Logitech wireless keyboards and I blame that on the wireless tech at the time. Aside from that. I have never used any of my keyboards and thought, "I...
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    Steam Link $2.50

    Is it much hassle to have one type of controller with the Steam Link and different type with my PC. Will i have to constantly re-bind buttons? Also are there any functions that are Steam Controller only?
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    Steam Link $2.50

    I do like the Xbox 360 controller I purchased for platformers on my PC. Plus I feel that it might make integration easier if I use the same controller I use at my PC. It is very rare that I still use it but if I start gaming on the the big screen (70inch) vs my PC monitor (34 ultra wide...
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    Steam Link $2.50

    Thanks for the heads up. I am definitely going to grab one of these. I have an xbox controller, should I get the Steam controller?
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    Just Cause 4 Trailer

    I still fire up JC2 every now and then. I liked JC3. Since it has been a while since I played 3, maybe it is time to get the expansions and give them a try.
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    2016 Hitman Reboot Getting a Sequel in November

    Did not realize last years game was a reboot. I may have to give it a try now.
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    PUBG Sues Fortnite

    Sounds like Bluehole needs to sue every game that has had a Deathmatch mode since the beginning of gaming. How dare anyone use their idea of a game mode? They should be especially upset over all the games that came out before they were probably even gaming much less developing games. I was a...
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    Bethesda Almost Confirms RAGE 2 With New Tweets

    I bought it on sale about a year ago. I may have put 2 to 3 hours into it. The whole time, I was trying to make myself get into it. I never did. I moved on to something else.
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    Are Robot Overlords Susceptible to Alien Penetration

    Porky Pigging it in a drafty dome.
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    Facebook Announces New Dating Feature

    I used Match and had very good results. The whole reason I used it instead of Facebook was because of the disconnect from my usual social life. Not that I ever used Facebook that much (really next to none), but it was still a link to my friends and family that I did not want involved in my...
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    How Accurate are Canned PC Benchmarks?

    I install a new game, the first place I go are the options before I even start playing the game. I look at the auto detect settings and then hit play. Play for a few minutes. If game looks good and plays well, I play. If it plays really smooth I go back and bump up some settings until I either...
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    GTA: V Now the Highest Grossing Media Title Ever

    Never played it. GTA4 on the PC was the last one that I played and GTA Vice City was the last one that I actually completed the main story. They are fun for the first couple of hours, then I get bored with them.
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    Well, I updated my drivers and I still get the frame hitch when I pick up items or get exp points for completing a mission. It does not seem as bad but it is still there. It almost feels like it is taking a second to save the changes to my hard drive (which is on a separate drive (HDD) than my...
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    The hitch I am experiencing only lasts about 2 to 3 seconds at the most. I have pinpointed it to every time I pick up an item that is not from a corpse, or when I am awarded skill points and the progression bar appears on the screen. I will update my Nvidia drivers to the latest tonight...
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    Far Cry 5 Video Card Performance Preview @ [H]

    So far my 980ti is running everything on ultra at 3440x1440. The only issue I am experiencing is I get a "hitch" in game play every time I pick up an item in a house or prepper location. I have not updated my drivers yet, so hopefully that will solve it. Thankfully the FOV can be adjusted. It...
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    Stanley Gets Interviewed

    The trailer that made fun of a reviewer of the game (real or not) is what pushed me over the edge to purchase it. I thought it was pretty funny.
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    Stanley Gets Interviewed

    I really enjoyed it. I saw several endings, but I doubt I witnessed all of them. It has been a while since I played it. Might be time to jump back in.
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    Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk Review @ [H]

    Has anyone that has purchased from this company every dealt with returns? The chair looks good, but I will not know until I sit in it if it is right for me. I wish this was on Amazon. With Prime, the return process is a non factor for me.
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    Pursuit Ergonomic Chair by UPLIFT Desk Review @ [H]

    Can the armrest be removed? I am in the market for a new chair and I prefer to not have armrest. I alike to scoot up pretty close to my desks so that I can rest my arms on the table top. I have found this works for me in terms of posture, comfort, and helping me control my carpal tunnel.
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    Danger, Will Robinson! Netflix Bringing Lost in Space Back to the Little Screen

    For me as a kid, I saw Lost in Space as Gilligan's Island but in.....well, space. I was not a fan of Gilligan's and I did not get into Lost in Space either. I watched several episodes of each, and kind of see the appeal, but even when we only had three channels, I could not get into it.
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    Kids Got it Easy Nowadays

    That is about right. I used Napster, Limewire, and Kazzaa (is that last one right?) some. I mainly used FTP servers and some Fserv on mIRC. Anyone remember the website Audiogalaxy? It was great for finding FTP servers. It is much easier just to purchase things legally now, which I am glad. It...
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    Rainbow Six Siege $129.99 but Wait There's MORE!

    I really miss the 90s and early 2000s PC game industry. It is funny how they were able to create a game that was: fun, had mod support, real server browsers, dedicated servers support, a game engine editor......and the game usually sold for around $50.00 new (don't forget that was also on...
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    Intel Plans To Have Spectre & Meltdown-Proof CPUs This Year

    I am still using a 2500k paired with a 980ti. I was thinking of building a new rig at the end of this year or early next year. I will wait for the benchmarks for AMD, Intel, and Nvidia at the time I am planning my system. As always, I will go with what will give me the best performance in my...
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    Intel Publishes In-House Security Fix Benchmarks for Desktop

    I am still running a Sandy Bridge 2500k in my main gaming rig and on several systems at work. It seems that this is still a very popular processor (at least for its age). I hope they release a patch for it as well. Even if I build a new system in the next year, I usually take my "hand me downs"...
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    LG 4K OLED Rollable TV

    It looks like it would be a good design for a motor home RV or a boat cabin where space is limited.