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    DRAM performance mode?

    Hi, guys I have an Asrock Z87 killer mobo. My cpu is a 4970k overlocked to 4.5 ghz. I bought DDR3 RAM 2400 ram and manually put those timings in to get it to 2400. I just came across DRAM performance mode. I remember seeing it years ago and kind of forgot about it. Should I turn it on? thanks
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    best monitor for my friend?

    hi, guys My friend just got into PC gaming. He is going to buy a 3070, but I don't know what monitor he should get He currently has the LG 34GK950F-B in this cart This monitor looks really good Acer Nitro XZ342CK Pbmiiphx 34...
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    Can't seem to get 2nd monitor to turn on

    Hi, guys I have a strange issue. I added a second monitor to my setup, but that monitor refuses to turn on with the monitor. I can only get one monitor to work at a time. The 2nd monitor goes into HDMI power saving mode when I have both monitors hooked up to the GPU/. I believe the primary...
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    Cooler Master side panel screws

    Hi, guys I have this exact case. Cooler Master Storm Trooper...
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    Cooler Master Side panel fan screws

    Hi, guys I have this exact case. Cooler Master Storm Trooper...
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    Will there be a difference between this noctua fan controller and this silverstone one?

    Hi, guys I'm a bit new to fan controllers and air cooling. I ordered 4x 140mm NF A14 fans I want to use these fans with a fan controller. My goal is to crank these fans turn up during games, and then lower the fan speeds...
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    Can i use the airpro duster on psu fan?

    Need to get some dust out of the psu. Thank you
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    Will I see an upgrade in performance with a Ryzen 3600?

    I currently have a 4.2 ghz intel 4770K 16 gb ddr 3 2400 5700 XT Windows 10 New setup: Ryzen 3600 2 sticks 32GBDD4 3600 5700 XT Windows 10 240 hz monitor BFV5 avg fps is about 150-180 fps, sometimes 120 fps, 1080p, everything low in Conquest with my current setup. Will I see a boost in...
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    Will I see an upgrade with this set up in BFV?

    I currently have a 4.2 ghz intel 4770K 16 gb ddr 3 2400 5700 XT Windows 10 New setup: Ryzen 3600 2 sticks 32GBDD4 3600 5700 XT Windows 10 240 hz monitor BFV5 avg fps is about 150-180 fps, sometimes 120 fps, 1080p, everything low in Conquest with my current setup. Will I see a boost in...
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    Is it possible to.get 144 frames at 1440p?

    I have a 5700 xt and was curious about this thanks
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    How do I get rid of dust off my Mobo/PC hardware?hi

    Hey, guys I bought one of those PC dusters/blowers off Amazon. It's the Xpower X2 airrow dust/blower. Can I use it on my Mobo and the rest of my PC hardware like gpu, SSD, etc.? the blower is very powerful, and I don't want to damage any of the hardware. I was going to use it to blow dust off...
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    Pc won't boot up with 4 sticks

    Hi, guys I have a strange problem. My PC boots up with 3 sticks., but it refuses to boot up with 4. I believe I have the XMP profile on. Sticks are identical. The RAM in slots A1,A2,B1 show up when I boot the PC with 3 sticks. I did not move the stick in slot B1. The RAM in slots A1...
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    BF5 5700 xt low performance

    4770k at 4.2 16gb ddr3 2400 Windows 10 I am getting between 100-150 fps in Bfv. Is this normal? Imo, I feel that I should be getting higher frames. Should I upgrade to the ryzen cpu? Would that help? Thanks
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    How do i get rid of dust on my gpu?

    Hi, guys I have some dust on my of hardware How do you guys get rid of the dust that is on the gpu, mono, etc.? Would a metrovac work? I know Amazon has similar metrovac products on their website. Thanks
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    Is there a way to fix monitor screen?

    My cat knocked over the monitor. It turns on fine, but the screen has a thick green line that covers about a 5th of the monitor. Is there a way to replace the panel? I know, this might be a long shot Thanks
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    I think I might have a page filing issue with my ssd

    Hi, hardforuns. I am in need of some help. I have two ssd hard drives. My issue is That the screen goes black and the sound cuts off whenever I try to run internet explorer. The screen will also go black after I try to open a folder. This will happen about a minute or two after I try to run...
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    144 hz option won't show up for me

    Hi, this is my issue. The 144 hz simply wont show up for me. I can only do 59 hz and 60 hz. ASRock z87 killer Ati Radeon 6950 Ben q 144 hz monitor Dvi dual link cable Windows 10 I reinstalled the drivers. Is there a reason why this is happening? Is the 144 hz option limited to certain...
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    Can't install r9 290 gpu drivers

    I driver installation seems to crash after it tries to install the display drivers. Anybody know what I can do? I reinstalled wndows/ran DDU, and it did not work thanks
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    Issue with BF4

    4790k stock 8gb RAm r9 290 Windows 8 64 bit This happened right after I reformatted my hdd and installed windows. Before that I had no issues am I missing an update or plug in? thanks
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    how can i get rid of dust on my hardware?

    i have dust on my gpu/ram and id like to know if there is something i can buy to get rid of it. is there a metrovac for pc parts? I just want all my parts to look nice and clean thanks
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    How can i delete my OS when HD is currently in use?

    Hey guys, I would like to reformat the harddrive for my PC that i am using right now. I have windows 8 on it currently, however i would like to downgrade to windows 7 using my Windows 7 cd. How can i delete the current windows 8 OS so that i can install the windows 7 OS? Thank you all in...
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    monitor calibrators

    how do these work? I have a tn panel and the colors are absolutely atrocious. I like to play fps games and I constantly die b/c I cant see a thing. I just want really nice colors. I know there are ICC profiles but I think calibrators do a better job? is it worth it if I purchase one? I...
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    can i reuse the thermal pad under my video card?

    i have a ref r9 290 that gets hot during gaming. I bought a GElid VRM kit for the card but for some reason a piece of the included tape is not sticky on both sides. How can i mount my vrm heatsink if one side is sticky? Can I use the pads that were under the stock heatsink? My only concern is...
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    question about overclocking and XMP profile

    I have an 4790k id like to overclock. WOuld it be possible to oc it and not affect my G.skill OC XMP profile? I read somewhere that the XMP profile does affect the oc, but im not sure. Can I load up my XMP profile and then OC my chip to whatever I want? or will the xmp profile complicate...
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    do I have a lot of stuff running in the background?

    Im trying to increase the performance of my pc. I installed windows 8 like 2 weeks ago. I logged today and noticed memory usage was at 47% so I went ahead and deleted a bunch of things. Id like to know if there is anything else I can do. Right now its at 20% with some tabs open. This pc has a i5...
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    low fps on bf4

    HI, I have a r9 290 and Im getting low fps in bf4. Im playing online and in some maps im getting like 80-90 fps. This is with nothing maxed out and everything on medium/high. And its weird b/c nothing changes when I set the settings even lower. The fps just stays the same.. why is this...
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    Asus Trace Free

    what does this do exactly? I have the asus 144 hz monitor and use lightboost, so Im curious if this would do anything at all? have anyone here used it? thanks
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    how can i disable 3D steroscopic ?

    this is with a r9 290 and an asus 144 hz. anyone know? thanks
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    ssd drivenot showing up in windows boot

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    cpu wattage question

    Im looking at the 4670k and the 4570s. The S is rated at 65w and the K is rated at 84w. I plan to use this computer for some mining and gaming, so the S model would work best for me right? im confused because does is the CPU always at that wattage or does it go up and down based on the...
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    anyone else have this problem with their r9 290?

    My memory clock seems to stuck. There have been moments where it would jump to 1250, but right now its at 150 currently. How do I boost up the clock? because I keep crashing every time I boot up a game. Surfing online seems to be fine thanks
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    issue with r9 290...

    for some reason nothing shows up on my screen the light for the power button on my monitor just flickers I booted down my pc and swapped out my 4870 for a r9 290. I have a TX 750w corsair PSU that should be able to handle it, yet I dont know why it refuses to boot up. I had to use the DVI port...
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    is my friends cpu bottlenecking his system?

    who is right here? he is on a quad core phenom 940 w/ a 6950 (w/ i think 6gb ddr2) but is still lagging in games like bf3, etc @ 1080. I told him to upgrade the CPU but he feels upgrading the GPU will give him more perfmance. I told him at higher resolutions that is true but his cpu will...
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    Black Ops 2 Multiplayer question

    Im getting tired of the basic maps and Id to know if there are players on the DLCs. I was thinking of purchasing the revolution DLC, but it just seems there arent a lot of players on the PC multiplayer thanks
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    how important is good thermal paste?

    the local computer store sells little packets of them for 2 bucks. I bought a pack and used it for my cheap pc and had no problems. Id like to buy this stuff and apply it to my good pc, so besides temps, would there be any other issues? always see people here recommending good thermal paste, so...
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    issue with partitioning hard drive

    My friend recently bought an HP PC that came with windows 7 He asked me to come over and partition it. I had 200 gigs of unallocated space ready to be formatted but I keep getting this error evertme I try to format it The error says something like I wont be able to boot up different...
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    laptop refuses to boo tup

    hi, I recently got a laptop from a friend and Im having some trouble fixing it I installed windows on it, but it refused to boot up properly once it had to reset. If i turn on the machine, I will see the dell logo for a second and then it just go black (this screen has a little blinking line)...
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    i have a few BF3 questions

    id like to buy mw3. Are people still on it? Can I catch a game without waiting for a long time? thanks
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    having resolution problems

    I needed a fresh install of windows on my toshiba laptop. I gave my cousin the laptop, and he installed windows 7. Everything is working fine, except for the fact that my resolution is stuck at 1024 x 768 (and can only go lower)... everything is stretched out and looks terrible. they have...
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    trying to get this bluetooth keyboard to work..

    hi this is my issue I have a samsung galaxy s tablet and paired it with a gtmax full size bluetooth keyboard. It came with no manual and for some reason it wont connect... the light on the keyboard keeps blinking. There is a connect button and pressed it for 30 seconds and got nothing...