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    32GB - 2 x 16GB DDR4 - 4000MHz+ capable kits with RGB

    Yeah I just pulled the trigger because I'm not sure what's going to happen to the availability of these types of kits when 5000 series chips drop. I expect a lot of Out of Stock for awhile before they ramp up production of denser sticks. I can always eBay and "upgrade" later if better sets...
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    32GB - 2 x 16GB DDR4 - 4000MHz+ capable kits with RGB

    Got em on eBay NewEgg with a $20 off code too!
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    32GB - 2 x 16GB DDR4 - 4000MHz+ capable kits with RGB This 3600 C16-16-16-36 would be a pretty safe bet right? I assume since they also make a C16-19-19-39 that the slight premium for the...
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    32GB - 2 x 16GB DDR4 - 4000MHz+ capable kits with RGB

    I am finishing up a build around an Asus Maximus VIII Impact thus limited to 2 DIMMs. I currently have a placeholder 3600X but will drop in a 5900X or 5950X upon release. My workflow requires 32GB and I'd like to be ready for the rumored 4000MHz 1:1 prime time! My head is spinning around...
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    Pc feels sluggish

    Resource Monitor either click Performance tab and there's a button for it or just hit Windows key and type "Resource" and it'll pop up. I don't see anything concerning in that small pic but the act of Sleep just moves your session RAM to disk then sleeps. When you wake it up you are rewriting...
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    TechGuide: Hisense launches Dual Cell TV with the black levels of an OLED and the brightness of LED

    Even better, I made my curtains out of old LCD panel layers so the glory of OLED can reign supreme over the corpses of it's predecessors.
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    Facebook worried upcoming iOS privacy settings will ruin ad targeting business

    Am I the only one that likes a targeted user experience across the web? I don't get ads or use social media but I enjoy my Google Timeline and being told there's a delicious burger nearby.
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    Security concerns (remote access) while I'm in a fullscreen activity like a game or a movie

    As an investigator (and instructor) of such things, I have never seen a true remote access attack for a financial crime. I'm sure it has happened but that's not a very good "bang for your buck" attack vector for bad guys. I've seen many spam callers who convince individuals that they need to...
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    Feedback and location. It does help having an eBay and PayPal account with a lot of transactions on your end if a dispute or misrepresented item occurs but that is exceedingly rare if you buy from vendors with a fair bit of feedback. Look at their other listings and read the item description...
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    1usmus does it again! This time WST 1.0K - check this out

    I think I saw that in Guru3D article. Now I'm here hoping it'll play nice on Threadripper 3970X like the RAM calculator did.
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    Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 $99 (Upcoming deal 9/2-9/27)

    I've had 4 sets over the years and they really are incredible value. I don't have a need for them but for $99 I may pick one up for a garage gym setup or something! I replaced caps in one of the subs (probably 10ish years down the road) and one driver foam that a cat had an issue with, other...
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    5700XT driver situation August 2020

    I don't know when it started to be an issue because I was "out of the game" for some years. I had less issues back in the day forcing CrossFire on cards that weren't supposed to and running custom BIOS/pencil mods etc than I am having with the 5700 XT :(
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    Pc feels sluggish

    A restart is always going to be "cleaner" but sounds like you have something utilizing resources that shouldn't be. If you open Resource Monitor in Windows check the Memory tab and sort by "Commit (KB)" column and see if anything unusual is up top. Also do the same for CPU column and sort by...
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    water cooling GPUs. worth it?

    I'm sure BP will be on the same schedule or very close.
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    For what it is worth I have quite literally purchased and sold THOUSANDS of CPUs on eBay. Out of those I had 1 dud that was probably damaged in shipping (pins) and not sold as such.
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    water cooling GPUs. worth it?

    If you plan on keeping a flagship tier card for a fair amount of time, totally worth it! If you swap hardware often, probably not.
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    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 and 2 Remasters

    Is this a real post? I'm pumped for THPS 2 in sexy graphics. Gotta setup a PS3 controller for when it comes out!
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    opinions on Drobo for DAS or NAS?

    I liken Drobo to Apple. Everything proprietary and they don't play nice for easy upgrades/fixes/modifications. I have a 5D as a backup to my backup and the GUI is very easy to use and set up but little room for "power user" type activity. I now have a Synology 1815+ as my primary and I highly...
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    Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut Extreme

    I have enough Kryonaut to last for some years but love the innovation!
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    Dual Dell 34" 1440p Ultrawide for work/productivity?

    Curious. Windows Fancy Zones is nice for multitasking stuff with a lot of real estate.
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    5700XT driver situation August 2020

    Fresh Windows with 8/17 drivers, still crashing randomly. Gotta be the card itself but I think it's too late at this point for return and pretty sure I have no receipt.
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    games that were on your school computers

    Oregon Trail Number Munchers Some typing trainer game?
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    5700XT driver situation August 2020

    I've been battling the 5700 XT I got pre-COVID lockdown since I got it. Nothing but crashes on multiple driver revisions and many variations of settings enabled or disabled. Currently trying underclocking while overvolting and NOTHING enabled including Freesync which kind of defeats the point.
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    Post Your Workstations 2020

    Based on evidence, the chair is out of my price range. But what is it?
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    Billy Mitchell Now Suing Karl Jobst

    I wonder what he does for a day job. I'm guessing mattress sales.
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    New nVidia GPU - best way to secure one upon release?

    Not even close here, KC and MN stores aren't like that. Unless it's changed drastically in the last 2 years.
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    Post Your Workstations 2020

    You either don't have young kids or they behave better than mine!
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    do people still tweak and overclock memory?

    Entirely yes. Now (on AMD at least) it really matters more than it ever has for a "normal" person's usage.
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    What happened to all the video cards with amazing artwork on them?

    RGB is taking over the world. I hate it.
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    What are you nerds playing this weekend?

    Fortnite with the 8 year old! Man I am terrible at building....gotta get him into a more tactical old school shooter.
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    New RAID server

    WD Red NAS drives are still the go-to for projects like this. Be weary of buying external drives and removing them from the enclosure, SOME of them have odd powering issues using a standard SATA power cable. Not saying you can't get good deals doing that, just make sure to research and don't...
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    Billy Mitchell Now Suing Karl Jobst

    I was trying to explain this guy to my wife the other day when we saw a new Netflix doc was coming about 'high scores' and this news will help back up my opinion of the guy...
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    Games that you have replayed the most

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 EverQuest (I've quit and come back and quit and come back to emulator servers about 12x...)
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    Dual Dell 34" 1440p Ultrawide for work/productivity?

    I've tried dual ultrawides but it is a LOT of horizontal space to cover so I feel like I'm not using the far edges very efficiently. I've changed to using 4 x 27" 4K but with one of them in portrait.
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    Priest simulator

    That's what I thought in my head so I clicked on it...and yes.
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    Intel Hit by a Devastating Data Breach, Chip Designs, Code, Possible Backdoors Leaked

    How dare you undermine the click bait with 5 seconds of reading!
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    I took a picture 2020

    Love that raccoon shot. Smart little buggers...
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    New nVidia GPU - best way to secure one upon release?

    As others mentioned, try the smaller retailers or less-used-for-PC retailers. BestBuy, MC in store, etc. In college I'd hit MC for new releases and make my $50-100 profit on eBay after fees and have beer money for a month.