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  1. OFaceSIG

    9700K $199 Micro Center (plus $20 off MB)

    Damn good deal. Temped.
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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    Just didn't realize the spec supported it.
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    Exchange OpenVPN access. US via Europe and vice versa.

    I'm looking for someone who is hosting their OWN vpn at their home to exchange credentials with. I'm thinking about setting up a specific OpenVPN to give someone access to my US IP address in return for access to their European, or UK IP address as well. I don't want your Nord account etc. I...
  4. OFaceSIG

    Zen 3 pricing confuses me

    AMD is doing well and people are complaining. I remember buying the first dual core Athlon AFTER it dropped from $1000 to $600 and not a day before. Do we want AMD to survive for years or lose money, go under, and then Intel can charge 400-500 for a quad core again?
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    5700xt finally as fast as the 2070 super

    I will be really nice to pick up a cheap 5700 XT once the next Navi and the 3060 launches.
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    Custom built PC vs Netgate SG-3100

    You do NOT need to put a lot of money into a pfsense box. Nor do you need to buy a server mobo. The box in my SIG is my pfsense box and has been for almost a year now. My internet is connection is 85/85 and the CPU usage is nowhere, even at full tilt. I run multiple vlans as well. I have an...
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    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    If Big Navi is DoA then the 3070 (or maybe even a future 3060 super) is a no brainer for me.
  8. OFaceSIG

    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    My post was specifically addressing price to performance. AMD knew nvidia was unlikely to drop the ball. It's the MSRPs that are garnering attention.
  9. OFaceSIG

    So buy Ampere or wait for AMD response?

    Regardless of what AMD comes out with; I assure you AMD was not anticipating Nvidia to provide this large a boost in price to performance. 3070 for $500? With 2080 super levels of performance? That's going to kick their plans in the balls. I myself am waiting till the end of the year to see...
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    Rob's HTPC Setup (CableCard, Touchscreen LCD, etc..) PICS!

    How do you do 1080p over component?
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    Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War

    Forget the game. That defector was a real man. This crap is happening in our society every day.
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    Creative X7 dying need a sound-card replacement

    I grew up in LA in an old house built in 1914 with no AC. I feel you.
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    Creative X7 dying need a sound-card replacement

    Isn't the EVGA unit internal?
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    Port forwarding problem, i'm stuck

    What a strange situation. I haven't needed to manually port forward for any VPN ever. Even in the early days of terrible cisco VPNs.
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    How much RAM is worth to have

    Only 16GB. I actually have 32GB of ddr3 on the shelf I haven't installed yet, lol. But I have rarely seen over 12GB of consumption.
  16. OFaceSIG

    How much RAM is worth to have

    I watch my memory consumption while I play. No matter the title, never gets anywhere near 16GB. Just facts and numbers for me.
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    Found a Amazon Kindle D00901 with a dead battery.

    If you can find a replacement battery it's worth it. Reading on the kindle screen is 100s of times better than reading on a phone.
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    PSU Kicking Off Circuit Breaker - Replace PSU?

    Those two breakers have "reset" buttons on them because they are GFCI breakers. You have a ground fault, that's the GF part. It means that the computer isn't wired correctly inside or the PSU isn't wired correctly inside. Some voltage is leaking out and going down the ground path. Same stuff...
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    How much RAM is worth to have

    Lets be real. 8GB for a working machine, 16GB for a gaming machine, 32GB or greater for a professional workstation or virtualization, etc
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    OnePlus 8 freezing up

    I hear this an issue with many 8's. Hopefully this is resolved soon.
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    Doom Eternal

    I gave up man. I got stuck in this one part with seemingly unlimited enemies coming at me. Set the game to easy and moved on LOL.
  22. OFaceSIG

    AMD Confirms "Zen 4" on 5nm, Other Interesting Tidbits from Q2-2020 Earnings Call

    Jim Keller was the CPU leader they needed at just the right time. Raja Kouduri was the empty suit who did nothing for their GPU division and they haven't had a clear leader in the GPU division in a long time.
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    OCZ SSDs - Why are they so bad?

    I had multiple versions of the vertex 3 sandforce based drives and they are still kicking, no issues at all.
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    New four bangers unavailable?

    yeeeeeeaaahhhh AMD makin' chips great again. (hodge twins style)
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    Dead - Ryzen 5 3600 - $159.99

    Thanks AMD!
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    One of the many things we've allowed the scamdemic to ruin.
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    Hot? Microcenter has made the 3600XT effectively the same price as the 3600X

    Yeah, the scamdemic has really ****ed supply.
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    OnePlus 8 freezing up

    Anyone else have a OnePlus 8 (non pro) that the screen locks up until you hit task switcher button? Mine does that at a minimum once a day. I'll be typing a sentence and then the screen stops typing the characters. I hit the task switcher button and then the rest of the sentence appears...
  29. OFaceSIG

    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    SiriusXM is a service from a different company. Apples and oranges. There are fees Sirius has to pay for royalties to records labels, etc. Very different then heated seats or remote start.
  30. OFaceSIG

    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    If you kept cars as long as I do you would. No DSG will last as long as a manual, all things being equal.
  31. OFaceSIG

    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    All my cars except my van have manual transmissions as well. Another thing I do to ensure longevity.
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    Thanks to Apple Your next BMW Might Only Have Heated Seats for 3 Months

    I don't buy cars from crappy car companies. I keep cars for a long time. Easily 10 years if I can. Cars like BMWs, Mercs, Audis, yep calling out the Germans, don't last at all. 90s Mitsubishis lasted longer. They are electrical gremlin nightmares. I'll take Honda/Toyota, Kia/Hyundai for...
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    iPhone 12 Won't Include Charger Or EarPods In Box

    I don't understand how the earpods could even work considering they dropped the headphone port. As far as not including a charger? That's effing ridiculous.
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    Multimeter Suggestions

    I only use mine to check the voltages on lead acid batteries so I bought the cheap 5 dollar one at harbor freight. Works great.
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    Is the Microsoft Classic Intellimouse any good?

    I have been a loyal Logitech user for decades. Nobody, nobody at all, has better customer service than Logitech. From a product perspective I've used a lot of Microsoft mice and keyboards without issue. However their quality is similar so that would make me lean towards which company has...
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    Samsung 980 PRO

    I would purely as a replacement for HDDs depending on the purpose. I would gladly use a 3/4TB qlc drive in a NAS or for a Steam drive.
  37. OFaceSIG

    Samsung 980 PRO

    Yeah, don't get me wrong I'm sure these drives will be baddass but for my purposes TLC drives are more then sufficient at this point. Maybe I'm just a debbie downer on this.