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  1. Rattle

    Any decent PS4 pro stands with cooling capabilities? I was looking at getting a stand with some fans since I want to have it on it's side. Since im a pc nerd and always keep everything as cool as possible I...
  2. Rattle

    Best LCD with low input lag ?

    I'm looking for another TV that will be used mainly for games like dark souls 2 from my computer. Possible a PS4 cuz bloodborne maybe too. Besides that mainly movies, streaming content and surfing. I was looking at an LG 55 for $500 at best buy but thought I'd check around here first. I'm not...
  3. Rattle

    Need a decent all in one.

    I need to get my sister a decent all in one printer, I am using a canon mg2200 and it works fine for my needs which is basically printing simple black and white docs and shipping label and scanning. I seen it has been replaced with a 3220 but i has a lot of bad reviews so I am worried about it...
  4. Rattle

    Need modem, don't want to pay cumcast anymore

    I was wanting to get my own modem since now I think it's $10 a month to use cumcasts. They raised it another $2 this month lol. CISCO DPC3008 currently using this, what do need to get buy without spending big money? I have a decent router already, at this rate I figure if the modem is around...
  5. Rattle

    Laptop w/15.6 inch screen 1080p SSD ETC.

    I am not very versed in quality laptops, I am looking for opinions on who to go with for build quality, warranty and best customer service. This laptop will be for someone that wants a high performance PC in a laptop and does not game much and will need quality support from someone if the need...
  6. Rattle

    New build and issues...

    Recently built a machine for a friend, I never have issues but figures when it's for someone else right?? Asus Sabertooth 990fx 2.0 8320 cpu 2x4gb of gskill samsung 840 evo 120gb WD black 1tb HDD 2 different 7950's now antec 900 watt HCG psu So initially the pc would be fine when gaming...
  7. Rattle

    AMD 6800k HTPC

    I'm thinking of picking up a richland cpu and a mobo for a little HTPC. Does richland pass audio stream through HDMI like discrete amd and nvidia gpu's do ? For instance if I rip a blu ray with DTS and play it from my 780 my receiver automatically detects the audio info and sets...
  8. Rattle

    Samsung Data Migration Software

    Can I use this to back up, my current install on my 840pro to my 2tb spinner and then reinstall it to the 840pro at a later time? Also does the w7 backup tool work for SSD's? If I make a back up of my C drive on my 2tb spinner can I reinstall it back to my SSD? I used to do this back in the...
  9. Rattle

    Good stand alone mic besides zalman clipon?

    Like the title says any of you guys know any good ones that are not too expensive? I've had the zalman clip ons but they break within weeks. My setup is in sig.
  10. Rattle

    H220 replacing H100

    Does anyone think this is worthwhile? I've been happy with this H100 (original), now that I have a 4770k I was thinking of delidding and getting a better cooling solution. Does anyone know if swiftech sells the plate that goes over the socket to make a flush surface with the cpu die?
  11. Rattle


    Been using a Lepai 2020a+ for a while driving some BIC bookshelf speakers and it's been pretty good. Liking the sound and power, was wondering if there's any other more powerful t-amps worth looking into that might boost my sound any, possibly something with a SUB connection.
  12. Rattle

    Aligning SSD's

    I got my first SSD and was wondering if we still have to align them before OS install? Also what are you guys killing and turning off? Page file? indexing?
  13. Rattle

    Corsair Force Series GT 120GB - $144.99 AR($30) FS add to cart at check out you'll have a 30 MIR available found this after the NCX thread that had none in stock, just bought one here.
  14. Rattle

    5970 in bc2

    I would like some peoples experiences with 5970 in bc2. ONE 5970, not any other configurations with an extra 5850 in the mix or a 5870, no tri crossfire no eyefinity comments. I game at 1920x1200 single monitor 4xAA 16xAF bloom off and HBAO OFF all other settings max in DX11. I had a 5850 CF...
  15. Rattle

    So does SLI work in vista 64 now ?

    Whats the status of this? I want to hear from people with SLI that run vista 64. thanks
  16. Rattle

    $256 shipped sapphire 2900pro
  17. Rattle

    Raid 0 and abit quad gt.

    Is there anyway to set up raid 0 on intel matrix raid using xp pro without a floppy on this mobo? I know on the p5b deluxe nothing else would work for me. I dont wanna buy a floppy just for this. I forgot all about it, gonna install vista while I wait for an answer lol...