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  1. MiG29TangentBoy

    3770K delid: reaffix lid or not?

    I'm going to delid my 3770k, and I have been researching the process. My only question is if I should bother re-securing the lid afterwards? I see some people use silicone sealant to keep it back on, where others don't bother and just say to be careful when locking it back into the socket. Would...
  2. MiG29TangentBoy

    Warming up again! Amazon: Samsung 840 EVO 750GB 2.5-Inch SATA III $350.99

    I missed out a few weeks ago when this was on sale and the price skyrocketed to nearly 400 bucks when I tried to snag one. It seems to have finally settled down back to that sale price from before, so there it is. :D...
  3. MiG29TangentBoy

    Asus Sabertooth 990X and voltage issues?

    One of my colleagues has recently upgraded his gaming rig (990X with latest BIOS, FX-8150, 16 GB GSkill Sniper memory, EVGA 550 Ti, Antec Earthwatts 850 watt psu), and it has a very peculiar problem: the VDDA voltage slowly drops over time until the system shuts down. It starts off at 2.5 volts...
  4. MiG29TangentBoy

    Crucial SSD: good quality? This is the drive I am currently considering for my yearly-ish upgrade on my main desktop (in my bio). I am a bit leery of...well, just about any SSD manufacturer other than Intel. However, the drive I really want (Intel 600 GB...
  5. MiG29TangentBoy

    Adobe Premiere Pro 2 problem?

    Trying to troubleshoot an odd problem for someone I know: movie projects from DVD end up just displaying a random bunch of tiny blue squares upon playing the disc normally. But if I open up the second VOB track manually with WMP or Media Player Classic, it plays right. I've ruled out all...
  6. MiG29TangentBoy

    New GTX 280 scaling/driver/monitor issue? Help?!

    I just installed a new GTX 280 (used Driver Cleaner in safe mode of course) and I cannot get the thing to display 1920x1200 properly. It displays the usual ratio you'd expect before the drivers are installed. The entire screen is now shifted over to the left a fairly large amount, and seems to...
  7. MiG29TangentBoy

    Horrible shrieking noise from Gigabyte GA-EP35C-DS3R?

    I've been experiencing the oddest problem recently: I'll be playing around on my computer (usually STALKER these days), when all of a sudden the screen blinks out to a solid color (usually white, but sometimes another solid color) and this horribly loud monotone piercing shriek, like a high...
  8. MiG29TangentBoy

    XP and Vista Dual boot

    OK, I'm a dumbass. I have a dual boot system (XP and Vista on two separate partitions), and I decided to kill the Vista side for an (eventual) install of Ubuntu. I formatted the Vista partition, but the choice for Vista still shows up in the initial 'choose your OS' screen....and it shows up...
  9. MiG29TangentBoy

    Removing WMP 11 ? I want 10 back!

    Is there a way to roll back or remove Windows Media Player 11 if it came installed on the XP SP2 disk (as opposed to upgrading to 11 from 10, then rolling back, which is easy)? Every search I do comes up with instructions to roll it back to a previous version, but WMP 11 doesn't show up in my...
  10. MiG29TangentBoy

    G.Skill vs. Mushkin?

    Any opinions on these two brands of memory? They appear identical in terms of friend absolutely swears by Mushkin, but I've used G.Skill for a while. G.Skill 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 1000 (PC2 8000)
  11. MiG29TangentBoy

    Dell to stop offering AMD based systems?

    Dell to stop offering AMD based systems. Well, that can't be good. So much for choices, eh, Dell? :confused:
  12. MiG29TangentBoy

    Server speed important?

    I'm setting up a new file sharing server at home. I got an Asus A8N-SLI board from a friend for free, and only one ram slot works (otherwise the board is fine), so I'm limited to just one stick of what I have on hand . I was wondering if I only have the choice between 512 MB of DDR400 or 1GB of...
  13. MiG29TangentBoy

    Help identifying temperature sensor?

    Just installed a DFI board, and I was wondering what the "PWM" temperature sensor was related to on the it the same as what would be the "motherboard" temperature on a similar board or is it something else? All I see in my searches is that it is a chip that apparently relates to fan...
  14. MiG29TangentBoy

    DDR2 speed questions! Insight appreciated!

    Okay, stupid question from someone ignorant about DDR2 (being buried by loasd of DDR here at home, I just haven't fiddled with this kind of memory just yet..)...why are there two different options under DDR2-667 at the Egg...PC-5300 and PC-5400? Is this slight quirk going to make a difference...
  15. MiG29TangentBoy

    Speeds of ram for HP laptop...PC5300 0r PC6400?

    My wife is getting her laptop replaced by Best Buy, and I'll be kicking up the memory to the 4GB max as soon as we get it (Pavilion dv9608nr). But Crucial's site lists PC5300 and PC6400 as being there any point to getting the faster ram? Or is it a waste of time? (And why the...
  16. MiG29TangentBoy

    Weird audio problem...stuttering?

    A brief rundown of my stuff: Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe motherboard AMD FX-60 - Socket 939 processor 4x1GB G.Skill HZ PC4000 DDR 500 memory SilverStone Strider 750 watt Modular PSU EVGA Nvidia 8800 GTX video card Seagate 400GB SATA ST3400633AS Seagate 320GB SATA ST3320620AS Samsung CD/DVDW SH-S183L...
  17. MiG29TangentBoy

    Worth upgrading from FX-60 to AM2?

    Thinking of a new build...I currently have this setup: Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe AMD FX-60 - Socket 939 Zalman 9700LED CNPS 9000 4x1GB G.Skill HZ PC4000 DDR 500 SilverStone Strider 750 watt Modular 2x EVGA Nvidia 8800 GTX So would it be worth it going to an AM2 setup with these parts...
  18. MiG29TangentBoy

    Dual monitor positioning problem?

    I have set up my new 24" LG monitor as my primary, but when I go to add my Dell as a secondary, the DualView option in my Nvidia Control Panel won't let me switch sides? I want the Dell to be to the left, but it has it being to the right. How do I get it to switch sides? I'm using the 163.71...
  19. MiG29TangentBoy

    This is probably a dumb Photoshop CS3 question but...

    After using Photoshop 7 for...well, forever, it seems, I've decided to give CS3 a shot. The thing bugging me right now is that when I right-click an image and try to open it by going to "Open with..." and navigating to the Photoshop.exe icon (inside the Adobe program folder), it says...
  20. MiG29TangentBoy

    Best heatsink that uses stock mounting bracket?

    I'm looking to replace the Zalman CNPS 8000 that is currently cooling my FX-60. What good heatsinks are there that don't require the removal of the motherboard, and mount onto the stock clips? Socket 939, that is... Thanks for looking!
  21. MiG29TangentBoy

    Setting up HP 460wf wireless printer...any help possible here?

    My wife had to get a wireless printer for work and also for school. So she got the HP 460wf portable printer. But this thing is possessed. The wireless simply will not work properly! HP tech support has done the remote desktop thing repeatedly to fix it, but to no avail. They even sent a new...
  22. MiG29TangentBoy

    Installing mini-pci wireless adaptor...wire antennas required?

    My Dell c640 died, so I'm gutting all the useful crap for my wife's HP lappy, like processor, memory, etc.. One of the things I want to salvage is a mini-pci wireless card so she doesn't have to rely on the wireless pcmcia card that sticks out. However, even though her's has a mini-pci slot...
  23. MiG29TangentBoy

    Difference between renderers?

    So I went to fire up my Half-Life: Blue Shift game, and I saw a setting under video that I never noticed before. It has software, OpenGL and D3D as renderer choices...what are these and is there a best choice? Just wondering...thanks for looking.:D
  24. MiG29TangentBoy

    How to prevent persistent reappearing of folders

    I keep all my pictures and music on my secondary drive: I have shortcuts to those folders in the My Documents folder on my how do i keep the damn default My Pictures and My Music folders from reappearing over and over in the My Documents folder? Anyone know a good registry tweak to...
  25. MiG29TangentBoy

    SilverStone ST75F 750W Modular PSU - $136.21 @ Deadeye Data

    I've seen a few people mention this deal, so I'm mentioning it here (Thanks, Nuxius!) Considering that it's $175 at Xoxide and $190 at Newegg...this is a sweet deal on a decent psu. JONNYGURU coupon code gets an additional 8% off. Shipped, it was $140.42 for me...
  26. MiG29TangentBoy

    Opinion time: Seasonic or Silverstone?

    I'm currently upgrading from my flaky Enermax Liberty 500w and trying to decide between these two psus: The Silverstone ST75F 750 watt... or a SeaSonic M12 SS-700HM 700 watt...
  27. MiG29TangentBoy

    Enermax Liberty 500 tide me over for now?

    Getting an 8800GTX, and just wondering if this'll be enough for one card...until I go SLI later next year (I'll get a Seasonic later for that)!
  28. MiG29TangentBoy

    At my wits end with Abit board and SATA problem...

    So my AN8 32X SLI board seems to be allergic to SATA hard drives... :confused: I simply cannot boot properly from a SATA drive as primary at all, but an IDE drive is fine. If I have a SATA drive attached, it takes forever to boot, like 5-10 minutes. If it ever does boot, I see lots of "Paging...
  29. MiG29TangentBoy

    Aftermarket coolers for 8800 series?

    Anyone know if Zalman VF700/900 coolers will fit these new cards? Do they follow the mounting hole patterns of 7800/7900 cards, or are they entirely new in that aspect? And is the heat output going to be too much for them? :eek:
  30. MiG29TangentBoy

    Odd SATA disk problem with Abit AN8 32X board?

    I've been fiddling with an Abit AN8 32X SLI 939 board for a bit, and there seems to be a recurring SATA disk problem: I used to have a 320GB Seagate SATA drive as the primary drive, but after intermittent "An error was detected on device 1 during a paging operation" errors for a few days, it...
  31. MiG29TangentBoy

    Asrock Dual SATA 939 board and Speedfan

    Fiddling around with my wife's computer tonight: Updated Speedfan to 4.30. Now it recognizes a new sensor (K8) it never saw before and apparently has two CPU temps, CPU and now Core? They are about 5-10 degrees off, depending on load, Core being the higher one. Which one is right? :confused:
  32. MiG29TangentBoy

    Install problem with SATA drive on Abit AN8!

    I recently got an Abit AN8 Sli motherboard, and have been trying to install WinXP Pro on it. A Seagate 320GB SATA drive is set to be the Windows install drive (and only drive for now): it goes through formatting and installing of primary files fine...but upon rebooting, just goes right back to...
  33. MiG29TangentBoy

    Help with EMU 1820M and recording

    My friend has the Emu 1820M setup: Plugging into the A line---Mic jack on the box with a guitar gets the sound to the speakers...but recording gets nothing? Also: wave volume is greyed out and cannot be changed under sound properties. Anyone know enough about this to help? I'm a pro audio noob...
  34. MiG29TangentBoy

    Going SLI: Abit AN8 32X or just regular AN8?

    OK, finally going SLI with two EVGA 7800GTs...I've narrowed it down to either of those Abit boards: Is it worth the extra money to get the 32X over the regular one? I'm looking at the features and both seem good for overclocking my Opteron 165...but I'm not sure if the 32X is overkill for the...
  35. MiG29TangentBoy

    OK, I'm dumb when it comes to paging file

    All right, I have a 320GB Seagate SATA drive partitioned into two drives: one for os and programs, and one for data storage. Would there be any benefit to placing the paging file on another partition...or creating another (third) one just for it alone? I can't add another physical drive, no room...
  36. MiG29TangentBoy

    Owners of Toshiba Satellite laptops: here is a neat repair tutorial site for you

    I don't even own a Toshiba Satellite (other than the really ancient one running Windows 3.11 For Workgroups my wife used in high school) But I thought I'd share this, since I'm sure someone will probably find this cool. Now if there was a site like this for Dell laptops, I'd be all over it...
  37. MiG29TangentBoy

    Last desperate try before reformat...

    OK, here's my sucky situation. My cd burner stopped working, refused to burn discs using drag and drop (music using Roxio was fine). I exhausted all other leads, like reinstalling the drive, trying a different drive, etc. One help site suggested using the sfc/scannow command to see if anything...
  38. MiG29TangentBoy

    Please critique this recording audiophile/gamer setup!

    Building for a friend, he's mostly looking for a rig that's good for both recording original music, and gaming on the side. (I'd say 1/3rd gaming, 2/3rds recording, using Cakewalk, Soundforge, etc.) I'm aiming for a well-rounded system...if there are any better suggestions or incompatibilities...
  39. MiG29TangentBoy

    Half Life 2 console doesn't work?

    *sigh* Ok, I must be a dumbass. I'm playing through Half Life 2 again, and I wanted to play with the console this time. I have enabled it under the keyboard advanced settings...but it will not work? Every code I put in fails to have the desired effect (god mode, noclip, etc.). What am I missing...