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    Work/Home Laptop

    What are you waiting for? Buy it! :) I suspect that many people are going to trash talk Lenovo for the whole superfish crap that they pulled which i can sympathize with, but their business line of laptops are Da Bomb. I own the T450s and couldn't be happier. It is the best laptop that I have...
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    Obedience School Sues Yelper For $65K Over Negative Review

    You must not have read the article, because she did NOT receive a refund. From the article: “In a nutshell, the services delivered were not as advertised and the owner refused a refund,” she wrote in her Yelp review, which has since been removed from the site. This is definately bullcrap...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    i got the 1080 display (w/o the touch option) and the screens great (great viewing angles). as for the discreet gpu: meh, i don't plan on gaming on it. I'll listen to some music, movie/video watching (netflix, amazon and local content), work (i'll use it for when i'm on-call and out of the...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    twas what i did with my thinkpad t450s (minus the linux install). i used microsoft's win8 media creation tool to create a bootable usb drive. as bad of thing for lenovo to do with that spyware/adware BS thing, i still love the thinkpads. i'm really loving my new thinkpad t450s. this is the...
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    Texting Woman Walks Into Path Of Train

    it's actually good that she survived, but bad that she didn't get more seriously injured. i was hoping that she would be seriously injured and she could be a message to all the other idiots that text while either walking (w/o paying attention) or driving.
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    You can, but it's been my experience that some computer manufacturers provide multiple peripherals/parts/components variations for a given model. example: the onboard ethernet and wifi might either be an intel or broadcom. the touchpad could be either a synaptic or eltech. etc... my...
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    It seems Lenovo installs malware on their PCs (in purpose)

    I would boot the laptop at least once and take a screenshot of device manager. It'll make your job hunting for device drivers a little bit easier.
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    Corsair K70 Reviews on Amazon

    I'd like to chime in that I just picked up the K70. I like it so far, but I'm concerned about the LEDS for the capslock, numlock and scroll lock not liting up. I have this KB connected to my linux computer. Everything seems to be working (as can be expected since this kb isn't officially...
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    Lenovo Slapped With Lawsuit Over Superfish

    sigh... i'm kind of caught in a pickle here. I have always liked (maybe even loved) the build quality of the thinkpad laptops so I have a new Lenovo laptop on order. Right now, I'm not sure how I feel about this situation. I saw the list of laptops that lenovo preloaded the superfish...
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    soundcard for linux

    Is there a way to toggle between outputs (speakers/line-out and headphones)? Does anyone have any experience with the Asus Xonar U7?
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    soundcard for linux

    I have recently made the switch to Linux and now need a new soundcard. I still have the Asus Phoebus installed, but there's currently no support/drivers for it in Linux. As such, I'd like to get a new soundcard that will work in Linux and has a seperate headphone/control pod. (at the moment...
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    New Steam Early Access Guidelines

    I've never been a fan of the early access stuff. If I truly believe in the developer and want them to succeed/finish, I might offer a donation but I wouldn't want to actually try the game until it's done. My idea is that you can really only play a game so many times before you're bored with...
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    Why Marissa Mayer Is Still the Right CEO for Yahoo

    I'm going to go ahead and say what a lot of guys are thinking... I can't hate a woman that I would love to have sex with. Let's face it. Marissa Mayer is F'ing hot.
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    $5 Per Month For Beats Music?

    oh fuck no! Beats can eat my ass!
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    Is there a prepaid carrier with wifi calling?

    yep. Wifi calling will never be available on a unlocked/pure-aosp phone. the best and/or closest that you can get is by using google-voice with via hangouts (install the hangouts dials from the playstore)
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    RadioShack Says Company May File for Bankruptcy

    i got my computer hobby (and to some extent my career) started due to Radio Shack. I am a little divided here. I haven't shopped at a RS for near a decade, but I bought my 1st computer from there: "Tandy Color Computer 3". (it had a whopping 128K of RAM! I eventually bought an external 5.25...
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    Chrome Passes 20% Share Milestone, Locks Up 2nd Place

    Me love Firefox long time! :D Bare-bones (no extensions or 3rd plugins, other than those that are packaged with the browser), I do like Chrome better. What wins it for me with Firefox are the extensions. The extensions that I use with Firefox I cannot live without and their Chrome...
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    Smart TVs Are On Pace to Take Over the Entire TV Market

    If you have a choice, buy the "dumb" version of the TV that you want and buy a google chromecast (if you have a smartphone or a tablet). I have noticed that the difference in price (if the manufacturer makes a dumb and smart version) is a few hundred (if you're looking at 50+ inch TVs). For...
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    Electronic Health Records Ripe For Theft

    This and something else that was said in a comment above. Your end users are always your weakest link when it comes to security especially when they're also trying to take care of sick patients. With the right clothes and some social engineering, it wouldn't take much to gain access. If you...
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    Texting Doesn't Hurt Kids' Grammar Or Spelling Skills

    I know that my grammar and spelling aren't great or perfect. Nevertheless, I make an effort of using good grammar and spelling things correctly when sending text messages. As for the children and texting... if i were a teacher and a student turned in an assignment with even a single instance...
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    Old School PC RPGs Are Making a Comeback

    Divinity: Original Sin is out now and it's got the good ol' 3-quarter isometric view and turn based combat. This game isn't easy, at least not for me. I *really* have to work: aka stop and think about my surroundings, my party and the enemy. Otherwise, I get crushed. Anyway... back to the...
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    Why Google Built Its Self-Driving Car From The Ground Up

    i still think they should include a steering wheel (make it a fold out type) and some pedals. what if the computer wigs out or just dies? you will be left with a pile of poo and sensors. with a steering wheel, you could at least drive it to the nearest service center or home.
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    does anyone sell basic flip phones anymore?

    thanks guys. this will get me started. i'm sure i'll find something that my dad will like.
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    does anyone sell basic flip phones anymore?

    My dad has been having issues with his VERY OLD sony ericsson flip phone and I think it's time that he got a new one. The problem is that I can't seem to find any available for Tmobile. My dad is hesitant on getting a new one, but he's open to it. Although, he's got some requirements. Basic...
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    Almost 50% of Americans Subscribe to a Streaming Service

    I've been a cord cutter for about 5 or 6 years. I subscribe to netflix and amazon prime. In my opinion, subscribing to two or more steaming services provides a better value than traditional cable tv. there is enough for me to watch at less than half the cost of cable tv.
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    What You Should Know Before Buying a Smart TV

    I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned Google's Chromecast. i think that for the majority of the people wanting a smart-tv, the chromecast what they want assuming that they have either an i-device or a google device. plus it's just $35 dollars. the chromecast isn't the best thing that i have...
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    "Restart PC" & "Shutdown PC" buttons?

    i just tried this with my logitech g710+ keyboard. it worked just fine, but it's almost impossible to know if it will work when your computer becomes unresponsive. like schizrade said, the power button will probably be your only option.
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    "Restart PC" & "Shutdown PC" buttons?

    I don't have that keyboard so I'm not sure if this can be done, but you could try assigning a program (more specifically, a batch file) to a key(s). create a batch file with this command: shutdown /r /f /t 0 (this will restart the pc) to shutdown, substitute the r with an s. PM me or...
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    How is Windows 8.1 now?

    I had Windows 8 on my desktop, but I think I'll install it onto my laptop instead. License-wise, I should be alright. No? I'm still only using one copy of it. Technically, I'm transferring my purchased copy of Win8 to another device. I'm going to give it a go on my laptop. If Win 8.1...
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    Post your Mouse and Keyboard pics

    I need sometime to snap of some pics (plus i need to do some cleaning in my gaming/study room) and then get them posted. For now, I'll say that I am a logitech fan. I have a G710+ keyboard and a G9x mouse.
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    How is Windows 8.1 now?

    Have you tried Vmware player? It's free and there's a way to install an OS into it eventhough it does not actually support the ability of installing OS's. Anyway, thanks for the feedback. How do you guys think about the change(s) between the first iteration of windows 8 and how it is now...
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    How is Windows 8.1 now?

    When Microsoft released Windows 8, I wasn't enthusiastic about it after I had seen and ready about it. Eventually MS released a cheap upgrade ($40 to download a key and ISO) which I jumped on. At the very least I wanted to take it for a spin. After 2 or 3 months, I just didn't like it. It...
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    Internet Explorer 12 Features Announced by Microsoft

    Is browser speed that relevant or important? With all the things that MS has done with IE, I still don't feel confident in using it as my daily driver. I keep the three major 3 browsers on my PC (IE, FF and Chrome), but I use FF most of the time. Script and plug-in blocking just seems superior...
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    Windows hangs at starting windows screen only boots...

    That looks decent. 'Course, you'll have to decide ultimately. Do you play games much and do those games need good GPU horsepower? I personally don't like making compromises. If money is an issue than I'll just wait and save up for what I want. If this video card would be something to tie you...
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    Deutsche Telekom Agrees to Sell T-Mobile USA to SoftBank

    oh dang! it's not letting me edit my post. i wanted to add the fact that i have been a t-mobile customer for about a year. I initially only had HSPA+ available in my area, which really wasn't bad for what/how I use my smartphone, but I now have LTE almost everywhere I go.
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    Deutsche Telekom Agrees to Sell T-Mobile USA to SoftBank

    I'm on the fence on whether I'd like this merger to go through. I have never used sprint, but friends and co-workers have reported poor sprint service in my general area (nw indiana and chicago area). in any case, i'm not sure that this merger will go through. the powers that be probably won't...
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    95% Memory Usage?

    Have you checked the windows event log? Have you recently updated any device drivers? If you can, why don't you post your memory resource view again but with a before (shortly after you reboot) and a 2nd one after you get the pop-up regarding memory shortage. regarding your page file setup...
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    Windows hangs at starting windows screen only boots...

    at this point, i suspect that it's the video card. it's probably impossible to conclude this for sure w/o trying another video card, but given all the current info it's highly likely that your video card is faulty. as you hinted at it, it's probably time to put together another rig.
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    Windows hangs at starting windows screen only boots...

    this could be worth a shot: boot up with the generic VGA driver than try running driver sweeper to clean out all existing and/or lingering driver files using driver sweeper reboot and install the latest driver. as for the power...
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    Windows hangs at starting windows screen only boots...

    well, it sounds like a windows and/or driver problem. Have you tried grabbing/installing a driver from several versions back? I kind of think that it won't help, but it might provide some troubeshooting information. 2nd suggestion: download and burn a Ubuntu or Linux Mint Live CD. Boot...