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    MSI P55-GD65 8 pin JPW1 with 4 pin PS

    I havent upgraded in about 5 years and today I noticed the CPU power needs an 8 pin connection but my Antec PS has only a 4 pin. Old threads from a few years ago say it is fine to plug the 4 plug into the socket however Im wondering if the i5 and i7 really need whatever the 8 pin gives. Do...
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    Lots of BSOD may lead to new i5 or i7 build

    Two fold question: Recently Ive been getting BSOD every time I try to copy a file to another device, such as copying to an external HDD or even streaming file to my xbox xbmc. Sometimes will get BSOD right after a reboot. This machine has been in use for about 5 years so I cant really...
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    Cisco queueing with priority percentage

    Im not sure if Im configuring my policy-map correctly using the "bandwidth remaining percent" config. Assuming Ive got an access line of 1984K and the following policy-map: policy-map qos-serial-out class qos_routing bandwidth remaining percent 5 class qos_voice priority...
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    sed syntax question

    Ive got a table of number like so: 23/34/45 55/76/44 etc. and I want to replace every / with a colon : . Im getting syntax errors when trying to pass the "/" symbol to sed to be replaced by ":". It should be obvious but it escapes me.. :confused:
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    Too many drives on a rail?

    I had to get a new PS and I got the Antec TP-II 550. Now I didnt see anywhere on Antec`s website about the number of molex connectors but I didnt think Id have a problem but I do. One rail has 3 molex connectors and the other rail has 2 molex. There are 2 other rails with SATA connectors but...
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    "A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network"

    Yesterday I had problems booting up my machine. Everytime I booted up I got the message "A Duplicate Name Exists on the Network". Only other PC connected to my hub is a linux machine and it doesnt have the same name as my WinXP box. I chaned the name of my WinXP box and all is ok now. Any...
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    Problem with webcam using Yahoo msgr

    Ive been chatting with friends using yahoo messenger with my new rig in the signature. I can view their webcam for about 45 sec before their pictures stops updating; they can see me fine though. When I close my webcam window however their cam pic starts to update again. Ive never had this...
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    What is Safe Mode directory services repair?

    Ok I upgraded to SP2 and it ran fine for a few weeks. Then all of a sudden everytime I boot up it goes to the windows loading screen then BSOD (something about contacting vendor for new bios etc). I removed all but essential hardward with same results. Put everything back in and boot up with...
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    Ffp server hardware suggestion

    I need to build a new linux ftp server. My current box is using a Tyan Trinity 400 which allows me to use 4 ATA controller cards. However I would like to upgrade to a faster cpu. It seems most motherboards dont seem like to use more than two ATA controllers. Anyone have any suggestions for an...
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    FX5700 and raid card problems

    Im using a FX5700U, my Promise Fastrak 100 TX2 raid card doesnt show any drives when I use the Albatron FX5700U. When I use my old ti4200 vga card the raid card loads up and I can see my drives. With the FX5700U I can see the promise card is shown in the device manager but the hard drives...
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    Strange gfx on FX5700U

    I just bought an Albatross FX5700U, when I install I get these weird graphics even on the post screen. Im using a msi 845 Ultra-C mb, sb audigy 2, promise 100 tx2. When using the FX5700 the promise card is not recognised. However when I switch back to my ti4200 everything is fine. For...