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  1. delita

    PS5 Pre Orders In Store Tomorrow 9/25

    Saw this on SlickDeals as well as GameStop posting it. There are GameStop's everywhere, might be able to get a chance since they're in store only. Called around and found a couple locally that told me over the phone they were getting an allocation of 10 each. Not sure what time to start the...
  2. delita

    Temtem - Kickstarter Pokemon Clone (Early Access)

    Anyone playing? I saw it launched into EA yesterday. Lotta hype around this game already as the first successful Pokemon clone with more of an MMO feel. I'm definitely going to purchase myself, just wondering if anyone here is already in and what your thoughts are in Early Access
  3. delita

    NV Shield Capabilities from PC to LG C9 - Need help

    Hey guys, Just bought my C9 a month ago. Man, it's a fucking improvement. TBH, using my Samsung 4K curved PC monitor feels like a massive downgrade now. But the C9 is not my monitor, it's my living room TV. I would honestly like to connect it to my PC and play some controller based games in...
  4. delita

    New RTX Laptops - Best Around $1500?

    Looking for a new laptop in the $1500 with the best specs I can get....any RTX models out there yet in a decent price range?
  5. delita

    Zotac 2080 AMP Issues - Artifacting / Driver missing / Error 43

    My brother is having an issue with a Zotac card he purchased a little over a month ago. This just started happening today, trying to get it diagnosed for him to see if we can avoid an RMA since he got it on Amazon and it's beyond the 30 day return period. This morning he said he was playing a...
  6. delita

    Pathway - Chucklefish Tactical RPG based on Indiana Jones

    Comes out today - pretty excited about this one. Tactics inspired RPG set in a Raiders of the Lost Ark kind of world. Definitely picking this one up today.
  7. delita

    Steam Lunar Sale (Feb 4-11)

    Was surprised to not see a thread about this already. Just wanted to post it so we could discuss any potential good buys on this one - definitely kind of strange with the token system they've implemented for the sale.
  8. delita

    AV Question - Phishing attempt - need advice

    Woke up this morning and started my system, immediately flooded by Bitdefender notifications in my tray that keep popping up every 1-2 seconds and have not stopped since - it's some sort of phishing attempt, the bitdefender notification looks something like: phishing attempt...
  9. delita

    Swords of Ditto - 4/24/18

    Been waiting on this one awhile - for fans of old school Zelda. Town hub and music kinda remind of EarthBound on SNES, a truly beloved game to me. Picked this up this morning, unlocks later today. Has local-coop, PC and PS4.
  10. delita

    Need some direction - getting back into IT (security)

    I moved over to Pre-sales about 8 years ago, got an associates in Info Systems, took a job as a network manager, hated it, moved into consulting and sales. Fast forward - I've been working for a cyber security vendor for about 2 years deploying a SaaS product in the area of threat...
  11. delita

    Display Issue - Random split second black screen

    Having an issue that I can't quite diagnose with my screen going black every once in a while. It just started a day or two, randomly (without any rhyme or reason) my display (which is a Samsung 4k TV) will go black for a quick second and then come back. It's not a display driver crash, it's...
  12. delita

    Dauntless - New CO-RPG by Phoenix Labs Dunno if anyone had this on their radar - their CBT went live today for the high tier founders packages. It also seems that Founders get CBT invites for friends that can be sent out, not 100% verifiable that everyone gets in, but the game looks interesting. If...
  13. delita

    Dead Pixel on Samsung TV - RMA?

    So I've had my Samsung 7500 for less than a month, already noticed what looks like a "hair" stuck inbetween the screen. What's the Samsung RMA process like? I ordered the TV from Amazon, could send it back since it's been less than 30 days...I really don't want to be totally monitor-less while...
  14. delita

    Need Help - Colors are MESSED UP after Creators Update

    Creators update must have installed while I was asleep. Woke up this morning and my screen looks all washed out like the color is screwed up. Can someone tell me WHY?! Thanks. I'm using a Samsung TV. The actual MENUS for the Samsung TV have the right color settings, but Windows itself looks...
  15. delita

    Ditched 21:9, now what?

    Sold my X34 to a friend, tired of 21:9. Need some advice! Going back to 16:9, what monitor should I get?
  16. delita

    still need to uninstall drivers for new video card?

    haven't checked since the nvidia experience stuff has come out. i'm upgrading my titan to the new pascal titan tomorrow. is a full driver uninstall still necessary? what about geforce experience? does that all have to be uninstalled together? just wanted to ask before i did it.
  17. delita

    4K Monitor/TV for Gaming/PS4 Pro

    So my X34 has a dead pixel, and even though it's just ONE, it's now bothering me to the point that I stare at it on a constant basis and it's driving me crazy. I want to get a 4k monitor or TV now for PS4 Pro that I can also use on my desktop as a monitor. I just wanted to get a QUICK...
  18. delita

    TALES OF ZESTIRIA - $7.99 Steam Download

    For JRPG fans - pretty good deal (probably the lowest it's been) - typically $49.99 on Steam. Tales of Zestiria (Steam Key) | Bandai Namco Store I believe Tales of Symphonia is also currently the same price.
  19. delita

    Vikings: Wolves of Midgard

    New Diablo style ARPG in the world of Norse mythology.
  20. delita

    GOG Sleepy Sheep Insomnia Sale 1 game on sale until it runs out and then on to the next one. Witcher 3 just ran out fast, was $24.99. Potentially worth keeping tabs on for some good deals.
  21. delita

    Everquest 2 TLE Progression Servers 2015

    Hey guys, I just wanted to post about this to see if it would generate any additional interest/support over here. As many know, Ragefire was announced and has started as a new TLE server for EQ1, now the EQ2 devs have proposed a similar scenario with voting options limited to subscribing...
  22. delita

    EVGA Titan-X Issue - fan stays at 100% until restart

    Just installed my Titan-X yesterday...having an issue already. Playing games I can hear the fan get up to speed, but upon exiting the game the fan will not slow back down. I am not sure if there is some kind of faulty sensor because EVGA Precision is saying the fan is at 22% after qutting out...
  23. delita

    can someone help me with a x99 tri-sli build?

    haven't spent a lot of time researching in the past 6 months to a year...if i was looking at doing a 5820k x99 build, what would be my best options for running tri-SLI 980s? i just want the best mobo/RAM config for using a 5820k running 3 way GPU
  24. delita

    ASUS PB279Q - 4k 60hz 5ms g2g - Mid December What do you guys think? $799 price tag, out mid December
  25. delita

    Cheapest Windows 8.1?

    Not a student anymore. Where is the cheapest place on the net for a valid full version key? Or what are the requirements for the student version? I no longer have a .edu email address.
  26. delita

    First time Xfiring - Need some advice

    Hey guys, Crossfire newb here. Upgrading my Vapor-X 7970 to 2x Vapor-X 290X 8GB editions. Is it recommended to completely uninstall my Radeon drivers and re-install them from doing an upgrade to new cards (and Crossfiring them) or do I just need to plug them both in and just update the...
  27. delita


    Website: New Gameplay trailer 4/30/14: Super excited about this game. Reminds me of a couple of my favs from back in the day, Dark Messiah and Hexen. This has 2-4 person co-op which makes it an instant purchase for...
  28. delita

    H1Z1 - New SOE Game

    Smed says today (4/9) the game will be announced with an apparent playable demo video Could it be a new zombie MMO by SOE?! Announcement will be between 5-6PM PST via
  29. delita

    Looking for some info on getting into OOP (specifically c#)

    Been working in IT on the HARDWARE side for about 10 years now and I am looking to make a DRASTIC change due to a number of reasons. I have a copy of VS2013 Pro and I want to know, what is the BEST way to start as an absolute newbie to programming to get me where I need to be to start learning...
  30. delita

    780 classy SLI or 780 ti classy SLI?

    based on price to performance ratio - i'm looking for the "better buy" of the two. $529 per 780 per newegg versus $769 per 780 ti. what kind of performance increase would come out of an extra $450 to get Ti's over the regular 780's?
  31. delita

    Corsair PSU cables - Interchangeable?

    Had a question I was curious about regarding modular PSU cables. I currently have an AX850 in my system and I am contemplating upgrading to SLI 780's in the very near future which is going to most likely require me to get a bigger PSU. I am considering getting the AX1200i and I wanted to know...