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    Cheap media extender

    I use ps3mediaserver to stream my movies/tv/etc to my ps3 and it's pretty much perfect. Is there a cheap option out there that works just as well that I can get for my bed room or should I just yank the ps3 out of the HT setup?
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    Swap Agility for X25-M G2?

    I have an 80gb X25-M G2 in my desktop and a 60GB agility 1 in my laptop. I just picked up a new laptop and will be swapping the SSD over. Recently I've been spending 95% of my time on my laptop and only using the desktop for gaming (hell with a sandy bridge i5 and 8gb ram the new laptop is...
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    Cheap USB digital out?

    Need a cheap USB sound card with digital out. Anything out there that fits the bill?
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    Tablet viewing angles

    I bought a G tablet back when they announced the Xoom prices. Figured the hardware was similar so eventually someone would get Honeycomb running on it. Fastforward to now and there's no Honeycomb. Even worse is the viewing angles. You can't see anything unless you're looking at it dead on. I...
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    Anyone running high mem clocks on a GTX 570?

    Like 2200+ high. Everyone I've seen seems to be in the 2000mhz range. I was able to get mine up to 2300mhz but it now seems to be dead. Even stock clocks artifact sometimes. Anyone else push their mem high? If so, how long have you been running it that high for?
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    ps3 disk space use?

    I had a 320gb drive from my new laptop sitting here so I threw it in my 80gb PS3. I used the back up utility to save all my data (13gb worth) onto a USB drive. Swapped drives, reformatted, restored data. It says 250/298gb free. If I restored 13gb of data, what the hell is using the other 35gb?
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    Unrevoked - 1 click root for HTC Android phones Searched the last 5 pages and didn't see anything about this. Worked great on my Incredible.
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    Bioshock 2 $37.49 GFWL
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    Windows 7 broke my MP3s?

    I play my MP3s in the car off a USB drive and stream them to my ps3. When I went to install windows 7 build 7100 I deleted everything off the USB drive and tried to install w7 off that. After getting w7 set up I reformatted the USB drive and put my music back on it. Now a bunch of files that...
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    DIR-655 wifi internet not working after power outage

    setup: FIOS>DIR655>DIR625 with DHCP disabled being used as a switch but also has wifi enabled Today my power flickered twice. Computers turned off etc. Internet was dead for about 5 minutes then came back. My wired connection has been fine but the wifi started dropping every few minutes and now...
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    keyboard media controls stopped working

    Rebooted to flash a new BIOS and upon returning to my fresh windows 7 RC1 install I realized that none of the media keys on my G15 worked. Not even the global windows volume control/mute buttons work. What happened?
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    GTX 260 216 screen fuzzy/overly sharp

    Upgraded my brothers computer from an 8800GTS to an MSI GTX 260 216. As soon as I installed the drivers and set native res everything got fuzzy. I've found other people with the same issue googling but no one has a fix or the fixes I have found (set a custom resolution) do not work. I've tried...
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    8.12 hotfix reading high temps?

    Installed the hotfix last night and my primary card is idling windows @ 44% fan speed. Before it ran 36%. Played some cod4 and the primary card hit 117C when it was loading 110c earlier in the day. Holy hot! There is no way that is right. Anyone else having this issue?
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    Songbird Saw this on lifehacker earlier today and I must say its quite awesome. Open source music player with add ons like firefox. You can even browse the web through it. Built in last-FM support, concert search tool, and mashTape. Still a bit quirky but overall solid. A nice...
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    No ATI graphics driver is installed

    nevermind.. flashed stock ATI branded bios and all is well
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    crysis warhead still runs poorly with ATI?

    Are the reviewers playing DX9 1024*768 or something? Or is the game THAT nvidia optimized. I figured if the reviewers can run it maxed out with a single 8 series card, my 4850 CROSSFIRE should be fine at a higher res (1080p). Guess not. First level I get 8-12 fps. Anyone else getting horrible fps?
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    Anyone who got free fans with their Antec case recently...

    I recently got a P182 and Antec tossed in 3 free tri-cool fans because the batch installed in the case had some defective ones that had an issue on "low" settings. Of course I threw away the paper explaining WHY I got free fans. Is the issue that the fans don't start when on low? My exhaust...
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    4850 CF - overclocked and teh fastly. Out with the 3870s

    Decided to head over to bestbuy and satisfy my graphics card hunger today... To sum it up, these cards are HOT :eek: Literally and figuratively. ATI PRON: Ran some 3dmark on my daily vista install with everything else I use opened and ran everything back to back. Very...
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    320gb platter drive - seagate 320gb or WD 640gb? Can't stand the noise of my...
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    1920*1080 + dx10 = 1080i?

    I run a 1080p sharp aquos TV with 3870 crossfire. The other day I tried the Crysis demo again and 1920*1080 resulted in 1080i according to my TV and it looked out of whack. Today I decided to try hellgate london again and set DX10. I was previously running DX9 because CF did not work in DX10. As...
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    5x 9800GX2?

    Do you think it will ever be possible to install five 9800GX2 cards and have 10 way SLI? That would be sooooo sweet! We might be able to run crysis then! But really... any hope? Couldn't they just make a board like that with 5 PCIEs? Maybe even 6? OMFG 12 WAY SLI!?!?!
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    7200.11 vs raptor 150GB

    Selling off my 2x 74 raptors and moving to single drive (unless I have a very compelling reason to RAID again). My friend with a 7200.10 seagate and very similar CPU/mobo/ram specs out loads me in games every time :eek: The 7200.11s look nice because of the 32mb cache but I can't find much in...
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    WPA not sticking on XP/linksys PCI G card

    Recently someone decided to start stealing my internet so I had to encrypt my network. I run a Dlink DIR-625 with DHCP disabled to handle wireless because I have to use verizons action tech POS as a router so our TV service works. I set WPA on the router and all was well on our two dell laptops...
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    HansG 28" any good? Saw a guy here saying the 28" viewsonic has mega input lag... I assume the hansG uses the same TN panel? I want to move up to a bigger res but I don't want...
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    Amp for X-LS speakers?

    I want to venture out of the headphone world and try some speakers! I have a very nice source (ori mod zhaolu) and I plan on starting off with some B stock X-LS speakers from (any other recommendations <200?) but I need an amp and have no idea where to look. I'm willing to spend ~100...
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    No SLI support so far in unreal engine 3?

    Well both bioshock and MOH:A demo I get the same FPS with SLI on or off in vista. Forcing render modes in bioshock does nothing while forcing them in MOH:A demo kills performance. What's the deal? Also, forcing AA/AF in the nvidia drivers does nothing for either game. What's the issue with the...
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    Anyone buy an Fx62 lately?

    Wondering if the newer ones are F3...
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    Logitech G15 driver issues

    Got this keyboard two days ago and the software is pissing me off to no end. Day 1 my computer hard locked and the software wouldn't launch. Installed 1.04 off the site and it worked fine again. Last night we had a power outage for a few minutes and now the drivers won't load again. Reinstlaled...
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    802.11G network not even nearing 54mbps? Is this normal?

    Currently I run a Dlink DIR-625 router with a 20/5 fios connection coming into it and routing to my desktop via wired, 2 laptops via wifi, and my brothers computer via wifi. I get about 12-16mbps max download speed and ~6mbps cross network transfers. Even 3" from the router with 100% signal...
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    Dell SE198WFP - a new 19" from Dell? Anyone get it? My friends CRT died and he found this on Dell's site when looking for a new LCD. Anyone know what panel is uses?
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    Can the 360 be opened without voiding the warranty?

    I want to swap out the fans without ruining my warranty just incase it pulls a typical MS and craps out. Can it be done?
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    setting up a gigabit network with fileserver/nas

    I'd like to remotely locate my media files so that they are accessible from all my computers and I don't have to worry about wiring/installing/not corrupting the HDDs in my main rig. My main problem is that I have verizon fios, meaning I'm screwed into using their POS actiontech router to...
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    badaxe 2 onboard sound problem

    I'm using digital out of my x-fi meaning I have no mic port on it. I set up the sigmatel drivers/control panel, plugged my mic in, and no go. I've messed with all the settings and I just can't get it to work in Ventrilo. Last time I tried the onboard sound the volume levels faded in and out...
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    ANTEC 900 causing BSODs, weirdest thing ever.

    I got the case back in novemberish and started getting BSODs after a while on my AM2 rig. I concluded it was the memory and got new memory. No issues for almost 2 weeks then they started popping up again. I swapped my OCZ PSU for an enermax liberty and remounted everything in the case checking...
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    Anyone have an EVGA 8800GTS ACS3 KO?

    If so I would appreciate it if you could dump the BIOS with nibitor and post it for me :)
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    ibook G4 dead battery

    My ibook shut off the other day randomly and now the battery doesn't work at all. Pressing the button yeilds no lights and battery charge % shows 0. I rarely used the laptop on battery so it doesn't make sense. My trackpad is also busted (click works, pad doesn't ever work) and my keyboards num...
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    Will 4gb of ram really be necessary?

    I've been reading about how much of a memory hog vista is and how 4gb of ram would be a good idea but really... Is it necessary? I have a 4gb gskill kit here that I got for free but OC wise it's crap and holds back my CPU speed. I've also read that the 64 bit version seems to eat more memory...
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    Anyone try the new 22" dell LCD?

    Thinking about picking up the E207WFP but the 22" isn't that much more expensive and I was wondering if anyone knows anything about it? How are the 22" TN panels compared to 20" as far as quality and angles go? I'm going with a TN as they're supposedly the best for gaming and are in my price...
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    4x 320gb 7200.10 or 4x 74gb raptor RAID 0?

    I have two 8mb cache 74gb raptors now and I'm thinking about either getting two more or selling them and getting 4 seagates. My only concerns are game loading and OS responsiveness. As far as I know the seagates will have greater bandwidth but will it make up for the slower platter? Would I be...