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  1. Horiscopes

    Buying an ASUS z270a board from a crypto-miner?

    Hey y'all, This past May I built my first computer, and I'm running on a mobo that cannot OC ram or CPU, and I'd like to OC my 7600K. I got a really good deal on a z270A from a miner, and he has a warranty that prevents DOA, and has sent me pictures of it working, etc. It was in sub-45C...
  2. Horiscopes

    Mined Cards vs. "New" Cards from Retailers

    Hey y'all, I've been following all the hype and stuff for the new RTX cards, and all the new processor stuff, and that's cool and all. However, I'm broke, so that stuff doesn't really apply to me in a large sense. I have been looking for a 1080ti/1080 or 1070ti/1070 for awhile, and I think I...
  3. Horiscopes

    FPS Toxicity

    Hey guys, I just was wondering how you guys felt about the toxicity which has rather quickly invaded the FPSes many of us enjoy. I personally feel that this stuff's a double-edged sword, because it's fun sometimes, but on the other hand it can completely ruin videogames. I know that a lot of...
  4. Horiscopes

    The allure of VR

    With this new movie coming out about VR and all the tech that it's associated with, I was just wondering; what's the allure of VR for all you guys out here? Personally I like doing VR with my friends, it's really fun when you see how uncoordinated normal PC gamers are.
  5. Horiscopes

    Which motherboard for i5 6500?

    Hey y’all, was wondering which motherboard could hold overclocking but not cost like seventeen times as much as other stuff, I’ve been lookin at the Gigabyte GA B250M DS3H Micro ATX for awhile.