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    Dumb question - shutoff if a water pump fails?

    So I added a 3900x to the mix and the old 1950x just does not crank out enough heat to tax the 480 cooler. Thinking to do 2 CPUs, one pump. Any recommendations on how to power down one box if the other shuts down?
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    Any of you with an AMD GPU and Centos Stream 8.0 (or 7.7)?

    I thought I had this licked. Was gifted a small stack of AMD RX580's and was trying to set up AMD's driver. On a stock Centos 8 Streams install on a 1950x. (Box does double duty for work... so yes, I do run the free RHEL OS rather than some versions) sudo yum update -y (reboot) sudo yum...
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    So if a person needed a 4-6G'ish HDD, what is the raptor of the current gen?

    Getting some warnings on a 4G ^h^hT WD Black. It is an old dog - well past the 5 year coverage. Were you picking a new hard drive for a largish steam collection... what is a solid performing single drive these days?
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    Aorus x399 - crashed, then posting issues.

    Something may have gone into the weeds hard... 1950x with Aorus x399, updated to F3g BIOS. Had set up windows and some work stuff, steam, and a couple games. I'd played with mapping the color to the temp and did a few runs with CPUz. Temps stayed well under the 50s. One thing that stuck me...
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    Aorus gaming 7 - what's the trick to get the BIOS to recognize a 960 pro (nvme)

    Updated to the latest BIOS (F3g) Only one drive at this point. I should be able to boot from the nvme drive, right? Wondering if that is actually not supported or if I've got a configuration issue. Edit: I'm retarded. Drive was not installed - but the cover plate was. Picked the wrong day...
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    So... is it still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7?

    Finally got around to updating my main workstation with a threadripper. Got a few Windows 7 licenses still unused. Is it still possible to do the upgrade thing? (Figure I could always run it in a VM, but should probably set up a dual boot system.) I totally miss the window, or is it still...
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    Sealant on the CPU block?

    Last time I did the equivalent of an open loop cooling, I had a bucket of second hand Fluorinert and immersed dual celerons in tuppaware. I'm dipping my toes back into the open loop and to the point where I need to order fittings. The water blocks are threaded. Do you typically use some sort...
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    What are folks using for thermal paste these days?

    Just finished off my last tube of Artic Silver, after having ordered several big tubes a few years back. What is the current 'goto' thermal paste for builders these days? (Took me way too many years to burn through what I had).
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    Need a replacement PS - cable/power in back

    Need to replace an old AT power supply in a 2U chassis with something a bit more current. The power supply is mounted in the front of the chassis, with the cables and power to the rear. There is actually an extension cable that connects the power to the 110v wall. A couple pictures. Anyone...
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    Window 8.1 - no analog sound with realtek

    I've got a GA-H61N-USB3 mini-itx box that pulled Linux server duty till I had to hit the road. For better or worse, I thought to give Windows 8.1 pro (MSDN) a try on the hardware. Most of the drivers were there and worked - but I'm still baffled by the sound. The Digital output looks like it...
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    Malware warning

    http://hardfo thread is giving me the google chrome malware warning about www.pixt I assume is an ad?) (edit - unlinked... just in case)
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    GPG dead - SupCom retail keys grandfathered into Steam Gold They finally put a knife to the terrible gpg match making client. GPG was able to receive authorization from our publishing partners to grandfather ALL existing CD keys for both SC and FA into updated SC:Gold Editions on Steam. This...
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    Dumb question - applying AS5 to Socket 2011 CPU?

    Just picked up a socket 2011 CPU, and looking to move my H80 over to that rig. Any notes/tips on how much/where I need to spread the AS5 on that generation of chips? Any different than a 2600k?
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    cold - MicroCenter no longer bundles H80 with socket 2011 CPUs

    The combo socket 2011 CPU + H80 deal is dead in the Minneapolis store. Just $20 off the CPU/mainboard combo.
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 - $64 shell shocker. 1.5v, 1600. 4x4g sticks.
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    Corsair H80 $74.99 + Free Shipping, no rebate Corsair Hydro Series H80 High Performance Liquid CPU Cooler (CWCH80) $74.99 + Free Shipping, via CircuitCity on Amazon. No rebate. Saw the H60 for $50 thread and found this gem too.
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    Steam Sale started

    Today's deals (11/24) Fallout: New Vegas: $4.99 Total War Mega Pack: $12.49 L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition: $24.99 Monkey Island: Special Edition Bundle :$5.09 VVVVV: $1.24 Operation Flashpoint Complete: $13.74 Rift: $7.49 Sniper: Ghost Warrior: $5.99 Red Orchestra 2 : $19.99 Two Worlds...
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    Starcraft 2 $30 digital download For those who don't want to run to Target and pick up a physical disk.
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    How does Windows run on a Macbook Pro?

    I know... get the rope. I'm looking for a 16:10 form factor laptop for work. One of my options is a Mac - but here is the rub - I really need to run Windows for most of the software I'm going to use. I know there are VM options, but I'm not interested in OSX as the host OS. Just looking...
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    Supreme Commander + FA now on steam! Not on sale yet, but we all know that is coming. This should take care of the pesky install patching that a person had to do with the retail version.
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    Anyone bring an H50 as carry on baggage?

    I end up packing a server with me each week, and manage to get everything I need in carry on luggage only. I've got an H5O cooler, which would work out nicely for the low profile setup that fits in my suitcase. The $20 question - anyone had any issues with TSA over a closed loop cooler like...
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    SupCom $3.75, SupCom:FA $3.75 @

    There is another gem over at the THQ sale worth mentioning. The original SupCom and FA expansion can be had for $3.75 each. (ninja edit) or $5 for both! Supreme Commander Gold (both) Supreme Commander...
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    Dead Space - $6.80 on steam Looks like this weekend deal is Dead Space. For $6.80, this is an enormous amount of fun. Took me a bit of time to warm up to the game, but once I got passed the over the shoulder perspective and the hang of the controls - solid fun. Does not look...
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    TF2 updated - Halloween time!

    New hats, new servers.
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    Best stripe size for x25-m's in RAID 0

    New parts, new build. The default stripe size is 128k, which is fine for classic HDD, but the same hold true on a SSD? Anyone know the sweet spot? Figure I'll go Win7 on this rig, if that matters. ich10r mainboard with 2x80g drives.
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    3007 keeps going into standby

    This has been getting worse and worse. I've got one of the old 30" dells that keeps on going into standby mode when the computer it is hooked to is not. Tested it in both single and dual monitor configuration. When unplugged from the computer, I get the normal four color test pattern...
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    G.SKILL Ripjaws - 12GB (3 x 4GB) DDR3 1333 - $229.99

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 12GB (3 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10666) Desktop Memory Model F3-10666CL9T-12GBRL 1.5v. Not overclocking RAM, I'm sure, but good enough for what I need it for...
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    Impules has a C&C sale

    C&C4 - $15* RA3 - $15 RA3:Uprising - $10 I'm still not sure C&C4 is even worth $15... Most of the reviews trash it.
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    TechNet changes

    For all of those who picked up the Microsoft Technet subscription, you probably got an email that things were going to change some. Looks like today is the day. TechNet Professional (download only) - renew price is $250. TechNet Standard - DOWNGRADE - (download only) $150 The difference...
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    TechNet changes

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    ESXi 4 - what ports for remote console?

    I'm new to this, and playing in my home environment. I'm looking for the ports I would need to allow myself to use the VMWare vSphere client outside my firewall. I think that is stock SSL - so 443 would need to be open. Is that it? (google hints at yes, which probably means I have...
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    Anyone have to hold down the shift key to move?

    Seeing a goofy error on my brother's computer. A fresh install of XP (32-bit), fresh install of steam and TF2, everything was working just fine. After installing Portal (I think), all of the Valve games need the shift key held down for any key to work. I've reset the keyboard bindings to...
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    OCZ StealthXStream 700W, $35 w/ $25 rebate at newegg $59.99, With Promo Code EMCYSNR23. Free shipping. $34.99 After $25 MIR Looks like a 24 hour deal. Non-modular PS, but just what I needed for a spare box.
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    CS:Beta taking folks again.

    Act fast! It closed quick last time.
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    Dirt 2 autosave fails?

    Just fired up Dirt 2 from the weekend sale, and having a bit of a problem setting it up. It loads up, but fails when trying to create an autosave file. I do have a GTFW (or whatever Microsoft calls it) set up from Batman... and it seems like it recognizes the game when I hit the home key...
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    Argh.... EVGA sold out the next batch of hydro copper 480s...

    Saw the email pop up, hit the website, put it in the cart... and it was sold out by the time I got my credit card info in and confirmed I had a go with my bride. /shakes fist at the lucky bastard who bought the card out from underneath me.
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    Where to buy a 68 pin SCSI 320 cable?

    Got an old box that needs to be brought back to life. Looks like the SCSI cable is shot, however. Any recommendations on where to shop for something like that? My money rather than the company nickle, so cheap is good.
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    Just a reminder - clean your video cards!

    Just figured out what the heck was wrong with my box. I've been getting all sorts of weird artifacts, crashes, etc lately. Figured it was just Windows 7 the last few weeks, updating drivers and doing clean installs. Then figured some extra cooling would not hurt, since it could be heat...
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    C&C: TS+firestorm now a free download RA and C&C:TD are linked there as well.