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    USB Caddy for gum stick SSD recommendation plz

    Hey Now everyone... I'm supporting a decent sized population of MacBook pro's with my new company and today I have a failed/new MB pro that has a gum stick Samsung SSD: MZ-JPU512T/0A6. Any recommendations on USB caddie/adapters that I can purchase to hook the drive into to try and access...
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    Ubisoft hacked

    I just received this email from Ubisoft... wonderful... " Security update regarding your Ubisoft account - please create a new password Dear Member, We recently found that one of our Web sites was exploited to gain unauthorized access to some of our online systems. We...
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    Just received new PS3 Slim 160 from amazon

    Hey all, I just received my new PS3 160GB slim from Amazon (scored the $100 credit towards games/software deal last week). I wanted to check if anyone else has received from Amazon how the contents looked in the ps3 box. The one I received looked good but had no tape on the bottom and the...