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    Question for the veterans of PC gaming: why was the Radeon 9700 Pro such a big deal?

    I've been in PC gaming/hardware for around 15 years but the 9700 Pro was just before my time (plus I was 10 years old so I wasn't mature enough). All of the comments I've read about it are along the lines of "Best GPU of all time!" and other similar remarks. Can you guys tell me why it was such...
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    How does overclocking work on non-K processors?

    So I'm talking about 6h, 7th, and 8th gen processors, for example the i5-8400 or something like that. Can it OC anywhere past 4.0 GHz? (the Turbo speed is exactly 4.0 GHz) The reason I'm asking is because I remember back in the Sandy Bridge days, if a CPU had a Turbo speed of 3.6 GHz, it could...
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    Do new Intel motherboards (Z170/Z270) still support SSD caching?

    I have looked at Intel's product support pages and most of them say that Z97 or Z87 were the last motherboards that support SRT for caching. If anyone could please check their BIOS and let me know I would really appreciate it. :-)
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    Give me some ideas for buying a used phone :-)

    I wanna get a used phone for my aunt. OS: Android Price: $100 or less. Carrier: Unlocked for use overseas Buying from: eBay, other online sites Condition: Used The only phone I can think of right now is the Nexus One, but it costs around $75-100 used, it's not a very good value. What...
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    Has anyone delidded Haswell yet?

    Post info, pics, and links please.
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    Haswell: overclocking and thermal paste

    How are they?
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    Simple question: can all current versions of iPhone 4S be unlocked?

    I haven't been keeping up with tech for the last few months, so I'd like your help guys. My aunt wants to buy a used iPhone 4S and take it out of the country. Of course it will be GSM since there is no CDMA outside of America. Now my main question is, can all of the current firmwares be...
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    Do you use nVidia app profiler? Please help if you do

    You can add individual games and apps, then customize graphics settings for each one. I'm trying to add an Internet shortcut, but when I do it does not show up in the games list. The obvious solution is to use a regular shortcut, but I am trying to play a Steam mod called Black Mesa Source...
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    YouTube DOTA 2 Giveaway

    Here is proof in case you are skeptical: I was Googling for DOTA 2 keys and found this giveaway. It is NOT a drawing, as long as they have keys you will get one. The video I have linked to had 40 views yesterday...
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    Are there any good HDD deals right now

    Just as the title says. I need something around 1.5 or 2 TB and 5400 RPM. Two years ago before the flood there would be deals where 2 TB was only $60, now that is out of the question. But is there anything close to this?
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    Know what my HDD problem is? Recommend any HDD utilities I picked a bad time to have a hard drive fail. I was standing on my bed messing with the curtains when I lost my balance and fell. When I came down on the ground I hit my computer and knocked it about four inches on the front. Now...
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    Quick! which Tomb Raider?

    Steam has these games on sale, and I only want to buy one. Which one should I buy and WHY? Thanks. ;)
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    What are some good sites for gaming news and reviews? (especially for PC)

    All different types of news, whether it's political news or any other kind of news has its own biases. I was just reading another thread that was trashing Kotaku for being sensationalist and that got me thinking: what are some reputable gaming websites? Also, I'm a PC gamer only, so I'd...
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    Max Payne 1 to 2, difficulty ROFL

    I just finished the original Max Payne a few hours ago and started playing number 2, and all I can say is: DAMN!!!!! The difficulty of the second game is a joke compared to the first one. In Max Payne 1 you have to quick save constantly. Your enemies, the moment they see you they shoot to kill...
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    Since WASDIO is dead, are there any alternatives?

    I found out about this controller on [H], and I was hopeful that it would become a reality, but unfortunately... So that controller is dead. But I've been intrigued by the idea of using a joystick...
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    If you have KOTOR for the PC can you please check something for me?

    Guys, in KOTOR, a double-bladed lightsaber is supposed to get a penalty because it is a two-handed weapon. But there is a glitch and it doesn't get penalized. This is what happens in the Xbox version. I'm doing some Googling and I don't know if the same thing happens on the PC. If you have this...
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    How come certain cables don't work to charge my iPad

    Guys, this is really strange. There is an iPad 3 in my family and my mother wanted a longer cable so I bought two 6' cables off of eBay. They are from a third party, not original Apple cables. Now, this is my problem. 1.) Original Apple charger ---> original Apple cable ---> iPad = charges at...
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    If the green port doesn't work can you redirect audio to another one?

    Say I have a motherboard with Realtek ALC889 onboard and the green port doesn't work. That's the main port for speakers. Can I send the front two channels to a different port in that case, like the other three surround ports? Thanks guys.
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    Crucial m4 512GB - $350 shipped @ TigerDirect Data transfer kit for $360 shipped You can get the price lower with cashback, one of the best for this...
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    GE uses 1mm thick piezo-electric jets to cool laptop (Engadget)

    I'm not too keen on the technology behind this but the article describes a piezo-electric jet as a lung that expands and contracts. Really spiffy. I hope we see this in our laptops and desktops one day.
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    Any news on the next SandForce controller?

    Samsung and OCZ have released their next gen controllers, isn't it time that SandForce does too?
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    TRIM with RAID - Now working with P67 and Z68!!! (Unofficial) Very cool, it's cool that talented and motivated people can work to add support for things the manufacturer doesn't want to do.
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    Your next multi-monitor display: AOC i2367fh, IPS with 2mm borders If you can't stand borders in Eyefinity and Surround, this might be the display for you.
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    VisionTek HD 6970 with Accelero Twin Turbo - $190 shipped @ TigerDirect Not bad considering that it has an excellent heatsink and lifetime warranty. You can also use Mr. Rebates for 6% cashback, bringing the final price down to $180.
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    Looking for a new fan? Check out all of these fan compilations!!! (resource)

    I've thought about making this thread for some time now. It will be the go-to place for fan information. This way people can look at the data for themselves and pick a fan that suits them. Feel free to discuss, recommend, and ask for help with fans in this thread. Tips on how to use this...
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    How do you lube your fans? (Without the oil leaking)

    Hey guys, I've read on the interludes many times that sewing machine oil is a good type of oil to use for lubing fan bearings. I took this advice and got myself some sewing machine oil. In my experience sewing machine oil has the consistency of water, maybe slightly thicker. The problem is that...
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    My PC keeps randomly restarting on its own, what could it be?

    So guys, this has started happening maybe one week ago. While I am using my computer and surfing the web, using simple programs, or doing other light things, and all of a sudden the screen goes black and the computer restarts. Sometimes the computer restarts after a few hours of uptime, and...
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    What ever happened to NwAvGuy and his blog?

    Guys, NwAvGuy hasn't updated his blog in over 5 months. Before this, he was regularly releasing new articles at least once every month. I sent him a message maybe two or three weeks ago asking for a short response so I could see if he's still alive, and unfortunately, no response. So what in...
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    Dataplex caching and virus scans: I think it writes a ton of data to the SSD

    Guys, I just downloaded and installed Microsoft Security Essentials on this computer and ran a full virus scan on my hard drive. My HDD is being used with an OCZ Synapse 64GB caching drive. Yesterday my SSD had about 260 GB of data written to it, today I just checked (a few hours after running a...
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    Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 (25g large) - $4.99 shipped at Amazon and Sidewinder BOTH Amazon and Sidewinder Computers stock this item. Either way it's an insane deal for a ton of paste (my guess is at least 50 processors). I paid $6.50 for it a while ago and I can't complain. Thanks to...
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    What will happen to my second partition if I re-format Win7?

    Guys, over 18 months ago I formatted my computer and I think now it's time to do it again. I'm going to install W7 x64. Now this is the part I am unsure about. What happens if I reformat and wipe out my main partition? Will the secondary partition (on the same drive) still be there when I...
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    My Cooler Master Sickleflow makes ticking noises at low speed, does yours?

    The SickleFlow (AKA the R4) is well regarded for its airflow to CFM ratio. I found one on sale and got it because of this. But unfortunately, what I've noticed is that if I run it at any level below 8 volts, the bearing becomes audible. It constantly makes a ticking and vibrating sound. I...
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    $0.50 per GB! Vertex 3 120GB for $60 (after $20 rebate) @ TigerDirect Synchronous 25nm rated for 3000 write/erase cycles and 3-year warranty. Great price for this drive.
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    4 GB Samsung 30nm Low-Profile DDR3-1600 - $20 shipped @ Amazon (thanks to drescherjm for pointing out the NewEgg deal) This is some of the best...
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    Does it annoy you to manage your boot drive?

    So guys, I'm thinking of getting an SSD for my desktop computer. It is an Intel i5-750 and only has SATA 3 Gb/s. Now, these are my options: 1.) A 120GB boot drive with a fast controller for $60-90 (depending on controller and new/used). 2.) A 64GB caching drive for $50 AR (OCZ Synapse with...
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    Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO --> $28 shipped @ Amazon This is one of the best heatsinks in the $30 price range. It was exactly $30 shipped about one week ago and this is the lowest price I've seen for it.
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    What will happen to low end tablet prices in the near future?

    Basically since the new Kindles are out do you think it will drive down prices on cheap tablets like the Nook Tablet, the Blackberry Playbook, and the old Kindle Fire? I'll probably get mine used in any case so do you think they might get down to $100 used?
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    Are there any caching SSDs that use synchronous flash?

    These caching drives are made to be cheap so most of them use asynchronous flash. But since they're not very expensive in small capacities I don't mind investing a little bit more for a synchronous drive. Problem is, I've never seen any with synchronous flash. Have you? BTW I'm referring to...
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    Lapping: It really works! (my experience)

    Background Info About the Heatsink Well, I just had my first experience with lapping a heatsink and I have to tell you all about it :). Sadly I didn't take any before or after pictures of the work but the results speak for themselves. The heatsink that I lapped is the Zaward Vapor 120...
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    How tall do you think a MOSFET heatsink can be before it gets in the way? (P55)

    So this is my current motherboard, a Gigabyte P55M-UD2. I would really like to experiment with overclocking my i5 750, but I already burned my motherboard one time when I tried 3.6 GHz. I know what I have to do: get some MOSFET heatsinks. Look at the chips that are boxed in RED. I need to cool...