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    Borderlands 2 performance with sli 780

    I am in need of unfiltered information and experience. What sort of performance should I expect with an 8320@4.2 and sli 780s while playing borderlands 2 @ 1080 with all the eyecandy on. In some areas it can dip to 45 and sometimes a little less. Another friend of mine said that he was getting...
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    EVGA 780 w/ ACX SLI

    Anyone here running 780s with ACX coolers without throttling and high temps. Currently planning on getting another 780, first SLI rig. Ive been reading for the past two days on the subject non stop and there are mixed feelings with it. Some say hell no, others say it can be done with adequate...
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    Corsair H100i and Cheiftec Dragon case

    Has anyone mounted a Corsair H100i in a Cheiftec Dragon case? I have spent countless hours searching for pics of anyone who has done this due to it being the midtower version and the exhaust fans are 80mm. I have considered building my own loop, but saving that for my next build. I will be...