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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    The RGB lights up, but no picture
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    LG 38GL950G - 37.5" 3840x1600/G-Sync/175Hz

    Mine arrived DOA 😭
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    What was your least favorite graphics card?

    Agree with the 480--the only GPU I have ever returned. Ended up doing bios flashed 6950's in Crossfire for a comparable price.
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    Bad News for AMD owners with Metro: Last Light

    the game runs like trash, fps is all over the place, average is like 20 in some places, i have 2 overclocked 6970s in CFX, this is at 1080p.
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    Large jump from HD 6950 2gb to GTX 660TI?

    Can you shader unlock and oc to 6970 speeds? You will get a tangible performance gain from this.
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    AMD Crossfire a scam - Almost no benefit over single card

    Yeah this is a good point. I haven't had issues using CFX and my 72 Hz display in most games except crysis 3 (which I framelimit to 50fps and it still feels pretty smooth...the animations are good in this game or something idk). yes, your minimum framerate needs to be above the limit that you...
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    AMD Crossfire a scam - Almost no benefit over single card

    man use a framelimiter like the one built into radeonpro, you will not get choppy gameplay and a LOT more performance (varies by title obv.)
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    Good time to buy an i7-3770k?

    totally worth it. I got like 16gb crucial ram for like $75 too. microcenter is pretty solid
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    no crossfire on crysis 3?

    i feel like 1 of your cards might not be utilized. I avg about 60 fps with most things maxed (not object detail because of graphical glitches), no AA with a pair of 6970s.
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    Portal 2 for 29.99 at bestbuy

    i bought it at this price during the gamestop sale... definitely worth it, this game owns
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    Netflix on android... finally

    works perfect on nexus S w/ 2.3.4, very glad they came out w/ this finally for android
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    Amazon 10 Days of Deals (digital downloads)

    Dang I want to try crysis 2 but my backlog is outta control :(
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    Direct2Drive 30 Days of Deals (updated daily)

    i thought AVP was horrible, just my opinion
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    Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) $5.00

    you say that like it would be rare to find someone on these boards w/ a high end pc...
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    Steam: Four Days of 2K Sales

    finally i can play bioshock now, years behind @_@
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    Grand Theft Auto IV (PC) $5.00

    ya its dead, great game, $5 was a steal
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    Direct2Drive 30 Days of Deals (updated daily)

    Same here. $8 was too tempting.
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    Steam: Aliens vs. Predators $4.99 - Midweek Madness

    to be honest, i thought this game sucked hard, but its worth the current $5 pricetag
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    Will Skyrim be pirated?

    since this company hasnt made a good game since morrowind ill probably torrent it
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    Epic: New Unreal Engine Warrants PS4, Xbox 720

    there are not, in fact "tons of game out there that sold millions of (PC) copies" there might be a few.
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    6970 or 570.. Going to grab today, need help!

    id get a 6950 2gb and flash it to a 6970 and save some green
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    Windows 7 Pro for students 29.99

    just bought this, thanks for posting!
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    OCZ AGILITY 250GB 110$

    not anymore, dang... was fast
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    Which will be better in Oblivion?

    Yeah...... who runs their GTX512 at stock 610/1800..... 24/7... i doubt it "blows my GTX512 away"
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    7800 GT and Far Cry

    Yeah that's fine. The fps varies level to level in that game though.
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    7800 GT and Far Cry

    Man, the speed and timings of the RAM would affect the framerate much more than the quantity of RAM, for farcry. 1600x1200 + 4xAA with all options on is just too much for a 7800GT @ stock in FC. Also, though not as important at this rez, FC is CPU limited, if that 3800+ is at stock, it's...
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    Which will be better in Oblivion?

    which is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo whack >:[~
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    7800 gtx only

    I have the 512MB version.
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    Which will be better in Oblivion?

    actually an X1800XT or X1900 series own CoD2 pretty hard
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    Which will be better in Oblivion?

    Only work on the former? X1800XT takes advantage of SM3.0 (save VTF), I'm pretty sure... Anyway the X1800XT performs closely to a GTX512 in games like CoD2 and FEAR, so it's possible.
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    small '06 update 6411
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    slied 6800nu 3dmark scores any good?

    score looks decent
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    Heh heh.....what a nice surprise (3DMark05)

    637/1851 on my 512 here, to get decently through the 11's (11,4xx) [Opteron 170 2903MHz]
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    7900 GTX only 8-10% faster than 7800gtx 512

    My Phantom GTX is running pretty fast. D!Z: Yeah, I don't think the GTX512 will be more available, regardless of the price being dropped...would be fun to try SLI for a little while, but I don't expect to see any huge price cuts because availibility will still be thin.
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    I agree with the first statement, but, I think it's kinda funny on the elder scrolls forums. They think this game is the second coming of Jesus or something, and that it will have no flaws or slowdowns at MAXED settings, 1280x1024, on 6800 series (nu's), X800pros, and BELOW. They are hyping it...
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    Official 3dmark06 scores here (please read first post before posting)

    What is up with shockerweb's score? #41... Is that a single GTX256? The highest I've seen is stevehat's, with an Opteron 170 @ 3GHz and a vmodded GTX256 @ 650+ core and 1600ish on the mem, he got around 6100pts. That score looks hacked, he is getting 6800 pts, and has a CPU score indicitive of a...
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    Card to run Oblivion everything highest

    But Oblivion will be a first person RPG with active combat where you can actually do shit, it wouldn't be very fun to have active combat at 20fps.
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    Nvidia Confirms 8x.xx Driver Dual-Core Problem

    Thank God, and I hope these come out soon, because my Q4 performance has been assssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. =(