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    Radeon 8500LE Modding [56K Beware]

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    Antec EarthWatts - 80PLUS Certified - Single 80mm fan + very open rear panel - Active PFC - It is definitely a Seasonic, judging from the rear panel picture Seems very similar to the TruePower Trio, other than the different fan, and the 80PLUS...
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    Antec NSK6500 build/review [56K]

    (copied from my thread over at SilentPCReview) Like many, I was interested in the new SOLO case that Antec was releasing. My reasons? - I liked the way it looked - It seemed like a good platform for the future (low-noise, good breathability, etc.) - It is relatively cheap - A PSU is not...
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    [AM2] Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Not sure if I like the layout so much. ATX12V is all the way down by the middle of the board, good for P180/TJ07 users, but for those with more conventional cases, it might be a pain for wire management. The CPU socket orientation also means a...
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    Brutal PSU reviewing 101 I don't really know what to say. :eek: The numbers add up, so it must be good!
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    New Antec Solution series lineup I myself am very interested in the NSK6500. Silicone grommets to damped HDD vibration (like the P180), an indirect front intake that will reduce noise output, and it comes with a TruePower II 430W power supply. It looks like the SLK3000B, but...
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    AMD's Next-gen Socket AM2 Revealed I don't think I'm liking the retention bracket change a lot, but compatibility should trickle over. It'd be easy with the Thermalrights as they just use the P4 bracket with the rear backplate.
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    Wordpress, thumbnails, and text

    Maybe you can see the issue. Any text after the last image of any given post gets linked to the same target that the image is linked to. I noticed that at the very end of each post where there's an image link, a </a/> is tacked onto the last character. Perhaps this is doing something with the...
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    Enermax Liberty review @ SPCR Looks like a good PSU... and will definitely be on my short list, along the NeoHE.
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    Antec is on a roll: P150 Looks extremely promising. Integrated NeoHE "High-Efficiency" PSU at 430W (discussion here in the PSU forum), and most importantly, built in drive suspension system!!! For those who don't know, suspending a noisy hard drive, usually with...
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    MGE Magnum 500W interior pics

    There was some discussion a while back regarding this PSU. Now that some pics are out, we can find out who produces it. Lots of copper and Rubycon caps... it doesn't look half bad but what do I know. It probably costs a fortune though...
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    OCZ shows off 1100W PSU Two Topower units put together, and they're not even redundant...
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    New Moderator

    CONGRATULATIONS SPECTRE! One more person to kick ass around here!
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    GUIDE: Air-cooling for CPUs, GPUs, and just about everyone of you

    These days, a lot of people are posting up topics looking for a good thermal solution for their new high-performance CPU. These people all have different needs, some are looking for something dirt-cheap, some look for low-noise, some look for good overall performance at a good price, some look...
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    Doing the "tourist" thing in downtown Toronto

    So my brother and I, and another one of his friends went downtown to just walk around, take pictures of neat stuff, and just chill at the end of their school year. These pics you're about to see now are from the digital camera (Canon A75), the film SLR (this but with a 50mm lens, first AF SLR!)...
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    TT Golden Orb II: Zalman 7700 ripoff! Looks like the R&D team came up with another winner, with the Golden Orb II. From what I can see, they took the Zalman 7700 design (the trademark flower look), changed just a few things, and called it a whole-new product. TT...
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    Got an iRiver H10 5GB

    And I'm loving it. $299 CDN, snagged it on the last day of the sale at Best Buy here in Toronto. Only quirk is that it doesn't seem to get recognized instantly when I plug her in. I need to reboot for it to detect before I can start doing any transfers, all of which happen in WMP10...
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    ASUSTeK set to introduce new in-house PSUs

    Linkage About halfway down. Reading the spec sticker on the PSU is good, a very lean +5V line (28A is pretty lean) and strong +12V lines (this model should comply to ATX12V v2.0 spec). Seeing how Asus is putting out dual-6800 cards, introducing their own high-powered PSUs to go with their...
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    Abit's got mobos with heatpipes!

    AN8 v2.0 -- vanilla nF4 AN8 Ultra -- nF4 Ultra AW8-MAX -- 955X AW8 -- 955X I'm really interested in the AN8 Ultra, though I'd like to see how efficient the nF4 cooling really is. The layout on the Abit Socket 939 boards are good for the most part, but I really hate where they have the...
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    DFI admits 5V vDIMM problem

    For those of you with the new DFI nF4 boards (Ultra/D/DR SLI) and are into the high vDIMM settings... Sorry if it is a repost :p
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    Antec SmartPower 2.0

    Updated! Antec has released the SmartPower 2.0 model line-up! The fan setup looks like it'll work. The internal PSU intake will be temperature controlled, so it will only spin as fast as it needs to. The internal PSU exhaust won't even be on until...
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    USB Enclosure power bricks not all the same?

    So, I've got a Vantec Nexstar 3.5" USB 2.0 HDD enclosure. My friend has the Bytecc ME-740U2 3.5" USB 2.0 HDD enclosure. Both have physically similar power bricks, the +12V lead and the +5V lead are both in the same position in the keyed power connection. He was without his power brick, and he...
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    Thermalright XP-90C Weightier, but I like it a lot. Coming from an SP-97, this thing has me looking forward to release. Maybe it'll approach the XP-120 for cooling?
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    3500+ with 1MB L2?

    A local retailer here is saying that they're going to get a new 3500+ soon, with 1MB of L2 cache. It's got the code ADA3500ASBOX... whereas ADA3500BIBOX stands for the 90nm model. Anybody know anything about this?
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    Do CPUs "age"?

    I've had my Locked 2500+ running strong at 2.2GHz (3200+) for well over a year now (specs in sig). It has always needed 1.70V to be able to pass the standard 24hr Prime95 torture test. Recently, my system has begun to reboot itself under heavy load, like in CS:Source. I thought it was the...
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    Reason to believe the OCZ Powerstream & Modstream are different?

    I know they're different. :p The Powerstream is based on Topower's P6 model, their flagship. It's got the push-pull fan setup and the adjustable rails. Topower claims a 3% voltage regulation on their P6 line, whereas OCZ claims a 1% regulation. Advertising? I don't know, nobody's proved that...
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    Radeon 8500LE Modding [56K Beware]

    Cliff's Notes (at least view the images :p): 1) Scored free 8500LE; fan was physically missing 2) Had to remove the epoxied HSF from the GPU and cleaned it 3) Using super glue and Ceramique, mounted a northbridge heatsink 4) Enjoy So, I went to a buddy's house to re-do his computer. That...
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    Ultra PSUs lack internal heatsinks?!

    All the PSUs I've seen to date employ some sort of heatsinks, in conjunction with fans to dissipate heat from the internals. The OCZ Powerstream/Topower P6 seems to have the largest heatsinks in a PSU I've ever seen... its very pretty. PCP&C also employs large heatsinks to remove heat. Antec and...
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    Audigy2 ZS vs. M-Audio Revolution 5.1 vs. Chaintech AV-710

    It should say Revolution 5.1 in the poll. (I can't edit it...) So I've got three choices in the topic title, the Creative Audigy2 ZS, the M-Audio Revolution 5.1, and the Chaintech AV-710. Basically, I'm looking for a good analog output. I'm currently using the onboard AC97 audio on my...
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    New A7N8X Deluxe Rev2.00 BIOS

    Some of us know that Asus released a new BIOS (1008) for the Deluxe Rev 1.04 and 1.06 boards a few weeks ago. Now it is time for us to try the new BIOS for the Deluxe Rev 2.00 boards. They only say it adds Sempr0n support... nothing else. I just hope it'll be more refined...
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    Asus boards wonky with RPM speed monitoring?

    Specs in sig. I've got mostly unmonitored Panaflos in my case, with the exception of one monitored Coolermaster 80mm White LED intake on the side of my case. Plugged into the Chassis fan header on my board, MBM (latest version; configured correctly) reports it at around 5000RPM, when it's rated...
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    My VGA Silencer Review

    So I dropped by the store to pick up a Rev2 model for my Sapphire Radeon 9700NP yesterday. The packaging is Thermalbreak style, in the blister-pack, for point-of-sale dealies. You can clearly see the cooler and all of the other contents. You got the cooler itself, some thermal paste (generic)...
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    New Thermalright Northbridge Coolers Kinda like what Swiftech did, this is a mini SLK-xxxU heatsink.
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    What's the deal? Everything I hover is incorrectly displayed.

    I could hover over anything, and it would show up incorrectly. I could hover over the clock in the corner, and it would tell me the current song playing in Winamp. I could hover over the Folding@Home icon, and it would tell me my MBM5 temperature info. Hovering over My Computer would give me the...