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    Did Nvidia's 30x0 launch diminish likelihood you will wait for AMD big Navi?

    I'll snap up the first (decent) 3080 I can find. When AMD launches - and if they have availability - I'll likely pick up first available in that performance range.
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    Dumb question - shutoff if a water pump fails?

    Centos 8 on both. Had not thought of doing that. Figured someone must have some sort of kill switch if water flow stopped.
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    Dumb question - shutoff if a water pump fails?

    So I added a 3900x to the mix and the old 1950x just does not crank out enough heat to tax the 480 cooler. Thinking to do 2 CPUs, one pump. Any recommendations on how to power down one box if the other shuts down?
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Ah man... The ram I had in my shopping card jumped by $30 too. Wonder how long this blip will last. Seems a shame to leave a chassis empty.
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    OLOy 32GB (2 x 16GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 $99.99

    Anyone know if this will do quad channel?
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    Any of you with an AMD GPU and Centos Stream 8.0 (or 7.7)?

    AMD updated their drivers to 19.50 and Centos bumped the build up to 1911. This works: sudo yum update -y (reboot) sudo yum install -y kernel-headers-`uname -r` kernel-devel-`uname -r` sudo dnf -y install --nogpgcheck
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    HOT ! Various 1TB NVMe with coveted E12 Controller $135 aprox retail

    Damn it. Just getting ready to build out the next box. Was there an event (or increased collusion) that is driving up these drive prices?
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    Any of you with an AMD GPU and Centos Stream 8.0 (or 7.7)?

    I tried a bunch of stuff. Using Centos 8, the video works, but steam won't log in/connect. Using Centos 8 Streams, not so much. Steam works with Centos Streams and the video drivers, until a reboot, then the video drivers cause it to bounce back to a login prompt each access.. Looks like the...
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    So if a person needed a 4-6G'ish HDD, what is the raptor of the current gen?

    On the AMD side of the house for this box. TR4/w a 1905x
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    Any of you with an AMD GPU and Centos Stream 8.0 (or 7.7)?

    I thought I had this licked. Was gifted a small stack of AMD RX580's and was trying to set up AMD's driver. On a stock Centos 8 Streams install on a 1950x. (Box does double duty for work... so yes, I do run the free RHEL OS rather than some versions) sudo yum update -y (reboot) sudo yum...
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    So if a person needed a 4-6G'ish HDD, what is the raptor of the current gen?

    Getting some warnings on a 4G ^h^hT WD Black. It is an old dog - well past the 5 year coverage. Were you picking a new hard drive for a largish steam collection... what is a solid performing single drive these days?
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    Threadripper 2990WX - 2950X & Wraith Ripper DIY Install

    What thermal paste are you pairing up with the new CPU? As I'm moving CPUs to free up my good board for the 2950x, I actually emptied out another tube.
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    GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme TR4 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Yah, was hoping that a faster bit of ram might be able to handle the 'normal' job. Got a few of these now... so time to see if I might get lucky on a set that covers a them as hardware gets shuffled around. Memory is now showing 32G rather than 24... (still dual channel) so... crap. Flaky is...
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    GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme TR4 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Looks like I'm going to be replacing memory soon. Were you buying memory (8x8G) for an x399 board -- and not trying for a crazy overclock, what would you go with?
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    GIGABYTE X399 Aorus Xtreme TR4 Motherboard Review @ [H]

    Dan - quick question for you. When you saw issues with memory, did you see the memory show up as dual channel and 3 of 4 sticks registered? I'm moving my old x1950 down to a lesser model of this series, and noticed the memory shows up as dual channel and 24 rather than 32M. 4x8M is what is...
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    NVIDIA Claims That GPU Prices Will Continue Increasing through Q3 2018

    I'm just shocked that the card prices did not crash once they started moving out of the bit coin sweet spot. Figured I'd wait for the 1080ti... and still using 580s in my boxes. Whoops. Prices for any of the 5xx, 6xx, 7xx, 8xx, 9xx, and 10xx cards are nuts. Got capacity for a water cooled...
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    Aorus x399 - crashed, then posting issues.

    Same memory and CPU were migrated over to another board... so the issue was with the board. Will be doing the RMA this week, now that I know what component it was.
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    Aorus x399 - crashed, then posting issues.

    I suspect that is what is going on. Chatting with them, they said to start the RMA process. Parts for the other two cluster nodes showed up, so will be able to swap components around this weekend to confirm the motherboard is the issue.
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    Aorus x399 - crashed, then posting issues.

    Something may have gone into the weeds hard... 1950x with Aorus x399, updated to F3g BIOS. Had set up windows and some work stuff, steam, and a couple games. I'd played with mapping the color to the temp and did a few runs with CPUz. Temps stayed well under the 50s. One thing that stuck me...
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    Aorus gaming 7 - what's the trick to get the BIOS to recognize a 960 pro (nvme)

    Updated to the latest BIOS (F3g) Only one drive at this point. I should be able to boot from the nvme drive, right? Wondering if that is actually not supported or if I've got a configuration issue. Edit: I'm retarded. Drive was not installed - but the cover plate was. Picked the wrong day...
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    So... is it still possible to upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7?

    Finally got around to updating my main workstation with a threadripper. Got a few Windows 7 licenses still unused. Is it still possible to do the upgrade thing? (Figure I could always run it in a VM, but should probably set up a dual boot system.) I totally miss the window, or is it still...
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    EVGA Black Friday PSU Sale

    I'm in too. Saves having to untangle an old non-modular PSU for a new build. Ty.
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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    G.SKILL TridentZ RGB Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 @ newegg today, $360... and the kicker is I should likely feel good about that. Will swap the RAM out with some larger sticks once prices get back to normal. Ye gods, I had no idea. Last I looked it was cheap -- and all...
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    Go home memory prices, you're drunk.

    This stuff work with a threadripper?
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    Microcenter 1950x $699 1920x $499 1900x $349

    Jesus Christ. I ordered the 1950x yesterday from newegg because both were priced at $800. That could have been a 2meg stick of DDR4.
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    XSPC Razer Neo GPU Waterblock on the Test Bench

    What sort of fittings are on that Kyle?
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    Sealant on the CPU block?

    Last time I did the equivalent of an open loop cooling, I had a bucket of second hand Fluorinert and immersed dual celerons in tuppaware. I'm dipping my toes back into the open loop and to the point where I need to order fittings. The water blocks are threaded. Do you typically use some sort...
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    (DEAD )Seasonic PRIME TITANIUM 850w $159.99 ($129.99 AR)

    Newegg sold out. Now listed at $263..
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    [H]ot COSTCO In Store - $249 - Hisense 43” 4K 60hz HDMI

    Picked up one of these after my Bride terminated a fly on the screen of our old Westinghouse, leaving black lines. So far, only used it as a TV - netflix and amazon streaming built in, lots of ports for other stuff.
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    AMC Has Banned MoviePass E-Ticketing in Denver and Boston

    Is there a place where you can look up movie pass locations that are supported? I can't find a map/list anywhere anymore.
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    XSPC RayStorm Neo Threadripper Waterblock Installed in Loop

    Kyle - how big of radiator you matching up with the water block? I'm assuming CPU only, not GPU mixed in. (Sizing right now, and now sure how much heat I'm looking to dump)
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    XSPC RayStorm Neo Threadripper Waterblock Installed in Loop

    Very happy to start seeing some real water blocks for this socket. Figured the closed loop coolers might not do the job. They give any indication on how far out the production models were?
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X and 1920X CPU Review @ [H]

    Well there it is. Time to bring home a nice bottle of wine, some flowers, and see if I can convince my Bride that a new workstation should probably be assembled this weekend.
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Coldplate Mounting and Mating @ [H]

    Quick question Kyle - the AIO you used - was that the 'stock' heat sink it sounds like they are including, or did you just get a bare chip and use one of your own?
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    threadripper and asetek aio coolers

    That wrench is a torque wrench?
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Cooler List

    Got a favorite on the liquid coolers?
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    AMD Ryzen Threadripper Unboxing - Hilarity Ensues

    Ouch. Back when we put together socket 2011 boxes for us developers, I bent the pins on one. At least the mounting system looks fool proof enough. Looking forward to the benchmarks to know if I'm going AMD or Intel this next time around.
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    Intel Core i9-7900 Series CPU Core Count and Prices

    About what I expected. I've been camping on a i7-3930k the week it showed up at Microcenter for $600. Been a rock solid 6 core CPU. My days of SLI are over (done a pair of 9800gx2, 285 series, 480 series, and 580 series) so I'm not sure I care about the lack of lanes - it is better to just...
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    Apple’s New MacBooks Officially A Flop, Windows PCs Take High-End Market Share

    I've had a mac for work at my last several jobs and several personal boxes and took a pass on this latest release. As far as I can tell, the mac is the only 16:10 laptop out there. Wish there were more. Running Fusion, Linux in full retina resolution - is a sight to behold. 2880x1800 ...