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    Multi-touch gesture laptops

    I've been using a 1000he for the past couple months and have found all the multi-touch gestures to be incredibly useful. I've been using it so much that I generally don't even use the mouse clicks except to drag and drop or select multiple items. I'm giving my 1000he to my dad so I was...
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    LCD TV stand/mount

    Alright, so I just got the BB 32" westy and I'm looking for a decent stand for it. I'm looking for a stand that is minimalistic and takes up the least amount of space. Originally I wanted to wall mount, but I live in a rental so that will cost me on repairs when I move out. I figure that...
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    Where to get multi-track songs?

    I don't know the official term for it but I'm looking for songs which have the vocals and instrumentals on different tracks so I can mix them. Anyone know of any places to get these? I kinda live out in the boonies so an online store would be best.
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    Buying a new display: TV and monitor

    I've been looking around for a new TV that can double as a computer monitor in around the 26" to 32" range. I know that most LCD TVs have VGA and DVI in these days so LCD is the way to go if I want a monitor. Of course I'm looking for a TV with 16:9 aspect ratio and at least a 1366 x 768...
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    Reserator 2

    Anyone know much about this thing? I saw an ad for it on THG and it looks considerably different from the reserator 1. Looks kinda interesting, but I'm curious as to how the inside of the reserator looks. Anyone got specs/pics?
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    Quick and Dirty Grado mod... FOR FUN! 56k death

    lol, so I was sitting around trying to figure out a way to get my Grado to fit more comfortably on my head. I have Bowl pads and RatShack comfies and an old set of Aiwa circumaural cans. So I got to thinking... MOD TIME! Okay, first up, the butchered Aiwa Cans... As you can see...
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    Turion vs Core Duo/Pentium M

    Alright, my dad went out and just randomly bought an acer laptop which I don't trust. I looked it up on the forums and saw a couple people having problems with acer laptops in general. SO, to start things off. This is an Acer Aspire 5102WLmi-MCE Stats: Turion 64 (doesn't say speed) 15.4...
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    Generalizations about certain brands...

    I know that many audiophiles agree that headphones have different sounds to them according to the brand. What I've been trying to figure out for the past week was what those generalizations about brands are! They say Grados are good for more bass presense. What about AKG, audio-technica...
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    SG01 Watercooling: The Borg Cube (56k painful)

    Okay, so it really wasn't the intent of my mod to borgify my system, but it was the result of me being too lazy to clean up my tubing... So to start out this log... I originally started a log on bit-tech, but I ditched it. Not much has changed other than my deciding to stop the project I...
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    Apogee leaking at threads

    Alright, it was apparent that my apogee was leaking right when I started my leak testing. The reason why it is leaking at the threads is that I am using a 90 degree elbow on the block, and then I have barbs off the elbows. There are no leaks where the barbs screw in, but the elbows are leaking...
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    7800GTX cooling advice.

    I'm running an SG01 mATX case on these stats: a64 2x 4400+ 7800GTX 256 msi 6150/430 mATX ocz modstream g.skill pc3200 2x 1gb maxtor diamond max 9 Right now I'm basically running stock cooling before I install my watercooling. With the way my radiator is set up, I have two 120mm...
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    AOpen EZ18 problems.

    Alright, I'm helping my friend whos running a socket A barebones AOpen EZ18 with stability problems. I can't seem to figure it out but the system just keeps locking up and not providing any output to the monitor and all hdd activity stops. The system is: amd athlon xp 2800+ seagate...