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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Yep, thanks for the heads up, I've made sure that they aren't. :)
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Its not really possible because of the nature of the data. But I did find a different solution, it turns they have an FTP site, and it appears that the timestamp weirdness has something to do with the mirroring between the FTP and the HTTP servers.
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Its not my server, I'm just grabbing files from it, but they are running apache 2.0.52
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    Thats possible, but then why if I browse to the directory myself, would I see the correct timestamp? Thats whats throwing me off.
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    .NET HttpWebRequest/Response

    I am using HttpWebRequest and HttpWebResponse in VB.NET to check the timestamp of a specific file which i know is updated periodically(every 4-10 minutes or so). The thing is, it seems like this is caching results because there is a lag between when the file is updated and when my program sees...
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    VB.NET Dataset Column Properties

    I'm working in VB.NET, I have a DataTable which contains columns of the Decimal type. I can't, for the life of me, figure out how to find the Precision and Scale properties of these fields. If anyone can help out that would be fantastic.
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    C Programming Guru's please help (Simple C Programming)

    It looks like you are accessing a 2-Dimensional array like it is a 1-Dimensional array.
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    Internet Explorer Won't Fully Load Pages

    I've got a computer here that has a problem with IE6, it won't fully load pages. When i go to pages, some will fully load, others will load partially, but not display the full page. For example when I go to Shacknews, I see only the Shacknews logo and header bar. I've done full spyware and virus...
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    C++ Iterators

    Ah, that did indeed fix the problem that I was having. It was simply me confusing myself trying to figure out how to properly use iterators, and as a result screwing up the syntax.
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    C++ Iterators

    Ok, heres what I'm having a problem with, I'll post a portion of the code that is causing the problem, then see if i can explain what im trying to do. struct Course { string name; string grade; }; struct Student { string firstName; string...
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    IE7.. it is causing this?? Outlook

    To uninstall, when you are in the add/remove window, select "Show Updates". IE7 will be in the big list of installed patches and whatnot.
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    How do i take screenshots of video in media players?

    Turn off hardware acceleration in the player you are using, then take the screenshot.
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    Poll: Reliability of Various Storage Drives

    1. Yes 2. Yes 3. N/A 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Yes
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    Motherboard for P3 Xeons

    Thanks for the responses, a friend had these two processors sitting around and said I could have them if I wanted them so I figured I may as well take them. I'll look around for a board and build a box as I find parts.
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    Motherboard for P3 Xeons

    I have gotten my hands on two P3 800Mhz Xeon's. Now I have never built a dually system before so could i get some suggestions on parts for this system? I want to do this as cheaply as possible, so I will most likely be eBaying for most of the components. I'm going to set it up as a web/file...
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    Who uses a laptop as a primary machine?

    I have an Acer 8103 as my primary machine. A laptop is a requirement for the college program I am in, so I sold my desktop and got this machine. So far I prefer having a laptop as a primary machine, it prevents you from being tied to a desk. I find sitting out on the deck or in a lazyboy a very...
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    iTunes 4.7? I found this through a google search, so I can't guarentee the legitimacy of the file.
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    Google Desktop 2.0

    Just went into the options and added my postal code.
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    Google Desktop 2.0

    Sure it can, I'm looking at the weather for London, ON right now.
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    MSN Messenger: Mac latest version?
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    Free DVD to DIVIX or AVI software

    Get Auto Gordian Knot. It will do what you want in basically a single click. You can adjust the quality until you get a filesize that you can deal with.
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    Some new Windows Vista info

    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe it is enabled automatically as long as your video card/drivers support LDDM.
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    Vista beta dual boot problem

    I'm pretty sure that Vista is running on the Server 2003 SP1 core.
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    Find my dynamic IP address remotely...

    It may also be under firewall rules or something similar, all depends on what router your using.
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    Find my dynamic IP address remotely...

    You could set up each pc to use a different port, then forward each port to the appropriate pc using your router.
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    Advanced Remote Desktop??

    No, not with the built in remote desktop. But if you use a program like TightVNC, then you will be able to access the computer remotely without logging out the local user. With TightVNC, you see whatever is on the display of the remote computer, so depending on what you are doing with it you may...
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    pagefile, to be or not to be. long reading (users with >1GB RAM)

    Oh, well in that case you MUST know what your talking about. Why didn't you say that in the first place? :rolleyes:
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    Paradise Lost

    That is one kickass job you did there.
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    System Restore

    I used it once on a machine that was brought to me where the registry was royally fucked to the point of it not booting. That was the only time I had used it, I have it enabled on my machines but have never used it.
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    Laptop Display Drivers? ( which do you use? )

    To be honest I haven't been doing very much gaming, so I haven't had the opportunity to notice any possible performance gains.
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    Laptop Display Drivers? ( which do you use? )

    I just used it for the first time yesterday to install the 5.7 cats on my mobility x700, worked like a charm.
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    do i need to uninstall Daemon Tools to launch BF2?!

    I've had daemon tools running while playing BF2, infact i even had the disc mounted through daemon tools when I was at a lan and didn't want to bring my discs along.
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    Does a laptop exist that meets these requirements?

    Yes I am quite happy with it. Gives me some good gaming performance, certainly better than my old desktop. I got 2 1/2 hours battery life with the processor at 50%, and the display brightness on full. This was while watching a movie off the harddrive and doing some IM/surfing. But no, I...
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    Does a laptop exist that meets these requirements?

    Just thought I'd add that I got the system in the link yesterday and so far I am very impressed with it. It is a very nice machine.
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    A question on lcd panels

    WXGA - 1366 X 768 WSXGA - 1600 X 1024 WUXGA - 1920 X 1200 So its really all a matter of personal preference among those resolutions.
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    Want a XBox360 cheap? Win one! - Every 10 Minutes for 9 Weeks!

    I wonder if you could get a prescription for it and have it covered by a company medical plan?
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    Best Free Web Hosting

    I used HostUltra when i needed to have a site up for a presentation. They were pretty good considering it was free, the advertising was a single popup. Provided unlimited space/bandwidth. The only fee is $5 if you want mySQL.
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    Battlefield 2 = Awesome and some!!

    I think i remember seeing June 21 as the release date. EDIT: Whoops, got beat to this one.