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    Ultima-90: Is it supposed to feel like that?

    I just finished putting together my first Intel based rig. So yesterday I decide to go ahead and install the Ultima-90. The instructions seems simple enough, but it didn't seem to be a very solid fit on the mobo. I disassembled and tried it again. Still it didn't fell as I had imagined. I...
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    dual core showing as single

    I have a dell latitude D620. This is my first dual core. In the task manager it only shows 1CPU. Does the core duo display duals as a single or is there a way to enable both?
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    VGA Cooling fit

    I need a replacement (single slot) VGA Cooler for a X800XL PE that will fit my SN85G4V3. I have tried the Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 and it is too think. Does anyone know of any coolers that will fit. The Zalman is only around a 1/2" too think. If I can't find a good single slot cooler, I guess...
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    Good Non-OC SLI Mobo

    I am building a new rig for a friend. He has no interest in overclocking and little knowledge of tweaking. I am hoping to be able to build a good SLI system for under $1000. Initially we will start with one video card with plans of adding another soon. Any suggestions on a good mobo? The rest...
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    Slim GPU Cooler

    I need a thin GPU cooler for my X800XT PE. The bearing on my fan sounds like it is going out. I am looking for something thin enough to use with my shuttle case. Does anyone have experience with any good coolers around the same size as stock?
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    Too much juice for my Shuttle XPC SN85G4V3??

    I just built my first SFF rig. I'm running a 3700+ clawhammer with an ATI X800XL. Is this going to require more power than the 240W PS can supply. It runs everything just fine, but craps out on Super Pi about half the time. All the temps look good and no crashes yet. Has anyone had similar...
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    Which is the best Catalyst drivers for HL2??

    Please post your experiences with versions of ATI catalyst drivers and Half-Life 2.
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    DVI to CRT monitor

    I have a 40" Sony Wega (CRT) with DVI inputs. When I connect my X800XT-PE to it I get signal until windows starts to boot. Then I goes dead. Any thoughts?
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    LAN in the Tri-Cities - VA/TN

    Any one in the Bristol, Kingsport, Johnson City area interested in trying to make this happen??
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    Bright cold cathode

    Could anyone give me some feedback on the brightest UV cold cathode available? Thanks in advance.
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    DFI LANboy nF3 250Gb are in stock at

    DFI LANboy nF3 250Gb are in stock at Mine is on its way!!
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    Dead USB on K8N Neo Platinum

    I have been running this Mobo/processor for a little over a week. All USB port suddenly went dead. I have tweaked the CPU, Mem, and AGP Voltage slightly, but that was the only settings I changed. Any one else had this kind of problem.
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    Suggestions for a socket 939 cooler

    Could someone give me an idea of a good socket 939 cooler. I am thinking of upgrading to the A64 3800+.
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    BFG Tech 6800 Ultra at

    BFG Tech 6800 Ultras are available at for $525 OEM
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    Sufficient power for Evga 6800 Ultra

    My Evga 6800 Ultra should be arriving any minute :) . I currently using an Antec Neopower 480 PS. My original plans were to install a 6800 GT. That deal didn't work out and I ended up with the Ultra. Will my Neopower be enough or should I consider upgrading? ____________________________...