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    Rtx 3090 and 9700K underperforming in Crysis Remaster.

    CPU Bottleneck... Cache difference in CPU, core count and threads.
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    Did Nvidia Cancel the RTX 3080 20gb and RTX 3070 16gb

    They were probably cancelled and be re-released as Super variants on TSMC.
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    AMD issues guidelines to retailers to prevent Radeon RX 6000 scalping

    You were spot on about the history of AMD... So I am willing to take your information without salt.
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    A question for my Pascal gamer friends

    I managed to snag a brand new 1080ti Gaming X for $400 because I sold my Nitro 5700XT and my R9 Fury just wasn't working right with the new drivers.
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    MSI Subsidiary caught selling marked up Nvidia cards on eBay

    Refunds incoming per MSI
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    MSI Subsidiary caught selling marked up Nvidia cards on eBay

    I always thought Starlit was Superbiiz,
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    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 is ~10% faster than RTX 3080

    If the 3080 FE increases CPU and RAM temps by about 15c depending on configuration. I wonder what the 3090 FE will do?
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    Reusing Corsiar HX850 from 2015 due to shortage

    My EVGA 1000GQ is from 2016 and I am going to keep chugging along with it. Works perfect. I say just clean the unit out and keep using it. Inspect the caps while you are at it.
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    VideoCardz: AMD to introduce Zen3 on October 8, Radeon RX 6000 series on October 28

    I hope they have an easy toggle for the 16 core model to swap to 8 cores on games that scale on 8 cores or less. ( Which is most) However there is one game out there that eats cores that just came out, I can't remember what that is. Man if Zen 3 ccx is indeed unified 8 cores this will be a...
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    VideoCardz: AMD to introduce Zen3 on October 8, Radeon RX 6000 series on October 28

    Yeah, im scooping up an Nvidia card. That is too long of a wait.
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    Silicone goo on a secondhand motherboard - big deal, or no?

    Yes, that same crap was on a supermicro P67 board I bought a long time so. Don't remove it... it doesn't come off unless you plan on damaging the motherboard
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    Jensen Huang announces Ampere prices

    My only issue.. is it still has 8gb VRAM! It should have 10gb and the 3080 should have 12gb minimum. We really need to move on from 8gb in mid-high end GPUs. I know you can argue that the 3070 is a midrange card but its $500, not a midrange price.
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    (Rumor) NVIDIA Ampere Launch Window Leak

    Yep, that's what I am going with. I have to see big navi before I make my final decision but it will certainly sway both ways. Can't wait. :)
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    AMD Releases Radeon Software Adrenalin 20.8.3

    Its the silicon... I had one black screen once a day and the other never black screen ever, at the same time, on the same rig. These drivers on the other hand cause screen flicker when polling on MSI afterburner.
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    You could but it will just take quite a bit of hassle. I would honestly pass on it if you are not willing to accept the risk.
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    Buying a CPU on eBay?

    Bent pins from poor packaging... someone saying its new but they just cleaned it really well and its defective and you will be SOL on the warranty. That actually happened to me with a 3800x, it had a faulty IMC that would intermittently not post unless RAM speed was dialed way below spec.
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    Ryzen 3900x fails prime 95 with stock settings

    What is the graphics card you are running? Sounds like the typical black screen crash.
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    Ryzen 3900x fails prime 95 with stock settings

    Probably bought one with a weak IMC, not defective but just picky with timings. My launch 3900x had this issue.
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    X570 Chipset Fans...

    Honestly I think AMD pushed the active cooling mainly because these mobo makers use cheap thermal pads as a solution.
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    X570 Chipset Fans...

    If you max out the IO on the chipset with all PCI-e gen 4 SSDs and GPUs then the fan may be required. That's the only guess I could give. Most of these fans are designed like laptop fans and are pretty durable for longevity as long as you keep it clean from dust.
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    X570 Chipset Fans...

    I repasted my chipset fan on my MSI Gaming Edge and it doesn't run anymore, nor does it exceed 60c. 75c is when the fan kicks on. Never does anymore since a repaste.
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    AMD Ships Out Ryzen 5 3600 CPUs in Ryzen 3 3200G Packaging

    Being that the barcode is on the label that says, 3600, they ordered a 3600 and received a 3600 in a 3200G box.
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    X570 Chipset Fans...

    Repaste the chipset. Problem solved. My MSI board fan doesn't even spin and temps dropped 20c from that cheap thermal pad they used.
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    AMD XT Round Up

    I am starting to get curious if AMD is going to price every 8 core CPU at $329-399 starting price every launch for the next 5-6 years like intel did with us on quad cores.
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    Computer emergency, help requested

    My last 2 Ryzen CPUs came Brand new in the box with bent pins on the edges. I do the needle method and good to go. AMD needs to start packing them better for shipping damage.
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    Nintendo president apologizes for Joy-Con drift

    I bought my switch lite close to launch, never really used it.. I guess I get to look forward to some drifting and a $10 check 10 years from now.
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    AMD to Update its Radeon Logo Yet Again, Possibly Debut with Big Navi

    All in Wonder branding would be great, but a TV tuner... maybe a Game capture card built in would do the trick.
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    AMD to Update its Radeon Logo Yet Again, Possibly Debut with Big Navi

    The logo change, if true, could be a sign they have a confident product if they are matching the font to Ryzen.
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    [RUMOUR] Nvidia to introduce add in cards for Ray Tracing

    It’s going to be the new SLI
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    What is causing my GPUs to FRY!?

    Get a battery back up so your power is conditioned coming in from the receptacle. That would be my first step. The Battery backup will detect a fault better than any surge protector. Cheap insurance if you ask me.
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    New nVidia GPU - best way to secure one upon release?

    F5 a shit ton at launch is how you secure one or tent out at Microcenter.
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    Accidentally took off bottom of a corsair h115i cooler

    Fill the lost water with distilled and call it a day. Run the AIO for 15 minutes outside of the case without it attached to the computer to make sure there are no leaks. Install and enjoy. Make sure you apply even pressure in a cross pattern when you reinstall the screws so the gasket seals...
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    Zen3, 5nm?

    Highly doubtful because it goes against their roadmap. They are just getting the hype train of disappointment rolling.
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    Removing sharpie form PETG?

    Brake cleaner
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    Jeez 10900k really?

    Someone who wants the highest clock speed possible for gaming and a good water-cooling loop.
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    How do you handle sloppy fan stickers?

    Heat it up a little bit, grab the edge with a razor blade and peel. You can actually restick them at this point if you wanted to try and center them.
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    B450 and X470 Motherboards Now Supporting Zen 3

    I changed the fabric thermal pad off my chipset fan and replaced with thermal paste and now my fan no longer spins. It runs too cool for the fan to ever come on.
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    Considering a 5600 XT

    AMD *could* make some beneficial features but they can't even get the drivers right so there's that.