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    Beginner in a new house

    I moved into a new house 2 weeks ago which has speakers in several rooms on the main floor as well as outside on the deck. In the office room, there is an input terminal on the wall for basic speaker wire. One pos/neg set feeds the indoor speakers and the other feeds the deck; there are volume...
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    MillionManLan 14 - Jul. 9 - 12

    Fulfilling my MML thread annual quota. MillionManLan 14 held at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY on July 9 - July 12, 2015. The cost is $55 for full access to the event for all four days. Official Events: Counter Strike GO 5v5 League of Legends Super Smash Brothers Brawl...
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    MillionManLan 13 - Jul. 31 to Aug. 3 "MillionManLan 13! Held at the University of Louisville in Louisville, KY on July 31 - August 3, 2014. The cost is $55 for full access to the event for all four days." Registration just opened up over the weekend and they have most of the...
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    Custom cables

    Does anyone have experience with ordering custom cables? We have some old equipment in the lab that would require something to the tune of a round 9-pin to a flat 25-pin connection. My boss has the specifics but I mentioned I would see if I could dig up anything. Ordering the specific cable...
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    MillionManLan 12 - Aug. 8-11 "MillionManLan 12, held at the University of Louisville, Louisville, KY on August 8-11, 2013. The cost is $55 for full access to the event for all four days." So far there are 200+ registered and they'll be opening more seating as the main hall fills. For January's...
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    Your LAN secrets

    With both Quakecon and MillionManLAN kicking off tomorrow, I figured several of you are packing for 4 days of games and technology. I want to know if you have any favorite tips or tricks that only LAN vets might know. What are you bringing, beside the obvious, that will make your LAN...
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    MillionManLAN 11 - Aug. 2-5 Same weekend as Quakecon but I think the two are rather different experiences. They're still collecting feedback on official tournaments and some attendees are planning to host various side-tournaments. CS:GO and League of Legends seem to be the hot topics; I know...
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    Need someone in vent

    A friend and I are having trouble communicating. He can hear me but I can't hear him and we don't know if the problem is on my end or his. Some one join and help out out! Please :cool:
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    Social Group Question

    What happens to a private social group if the moderator is banned? Does it basically become defunct?
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    MillionManLAN 9 July 8-11 Any [H] members attending? I know a few people from Illinois that will be going, this will be my first MML and a good friend of mine's first LAN ever, can't wait.
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    2K bringing back X-Com Exciting news, but deep down I'm losing hope that this will be a game that excites me more and more as the release date approaches. "FPS" is one reason. Granted, that's all I really play these days and the genre that I enjoy the most, but to me...
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    DDR2 - Add on or replace?

    Right now I'm using this Corsair 2x1GB kit of DDR2 1066. I purchased it near the end of '08 as part of a new build. I'm looking to add more, but I'm afraid that I'll have problems by trying to add a 2x2GB kit into the mix to get a total of 6GB. If this won't work and I have to replace my...
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    Free Redbox Rental (exp. 1-11)

    Expires tomorrow (1-11-10) at midnight but this code is good for a free one-night rental: RBXLUV10
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    Foot Locker 30% Off exp. 9/27

    Online code: FF99CP27 Co-worker brought in some Friends & Family discount cards which also have a code on the back. Good through Sunday 9/27/09 at 11:59p.m. CST.
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    Help Me Sudoku

    Just trying to figure out the next step for this particular puzzle. Surely there are some Sudoku gurus out there. The link is the blank "Evil" puzzle and the image is what I've filled in so far and what I have for possible numbers on the right. So, what would your next move be...
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    UT3 $11.99 on Steam & Free Weekend

    Hopefully to stir up some excitement with today's release of the Titan Pack and v2.0
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    Unreal Tournament 3 Free Weekend

    40% off UT3 "Black" and free weekend to match the release of the Titan Pack and Patch 2.0
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    UT3's Titan Pack dated 3-5-09 For PC and PS3: -Two new gametypes: Greed and Betrayal -One new mutator: Titans -16 new maps: 6 Deathmatch, 4 Warfare, 3 CTF, 3 VCTF -Two new weapons: Stinger Turret and The Eradicator Cannon -Two new deployables: The X-Ray Field...
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    Novice question - screws

    Putting together a PC for my mother-in-law from some leftovers of my last build. Just curious if leaving out screws from a motherboard installation might cause a short circuit. I have 6 out of 9 screws installed since I can't seem to find the other 3 at the moment, and the system won't boot...
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    New Case Decision

    Based on my searching so far, I've narrowed it down to these two: Silverstone Kublai Cooler Master 690 Both are at the same price at the moment, though the Silverstone requires sending in for a mail-in-rebate. I like the SS due to it's lighter weight (17.7<21.6) and overall smaller...
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    Recent upgrade seems sluggish

    I recently replaced my AMD 3500+, Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe, and 4x512MB Corsair XMS with an Intel E8400, Gigabyte EP45-UD3R, and 2x1GB Corsair Dominator 1066. I've done some tweaking in the bios, it was originally set to 8.5x266 for the E8400 and with the RAM running at DDR2 800 speeds. I now...
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    My first Gigabyte board

    Getting ready to upgrade my system and reinstall XP but I'm not sure what I need to be able to use my SATA hard drive. On the two Asus boards I've had in the past, there was a utility to make a floppy disk with the SATA drivers so that when XP was starting to reinstall I could manually...
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    Left 4 Dead PC - $39.99 at Amazon $5.00 promo discount off the already discounted $44.99 when you pre-order. Only shows up on the final screen before placing your order:
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    Copyright infringement?

    I got this from Google Video today about a mini UT2k4 video I made 2 years ago. I really couldn't care less since it's basiclly ancient history by now but, just for future reference, is there something I did wrong with this clip? The only...
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    Does this genre exist?

    FPTBS: First-Person Turn-Based Strategy I've been re-reading rumors and what not that have been floating around about the XCom series since the new XCom package popped up on Steam. There's the rumor that Ken Levine is working on a new XCom game but that's pure speculation. It saddens me...
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    Wii Disc Read Problem

    I don't know if it's coincidence or not but this just happened today when I went to play a different game after renting LEGO Indiana Jones. It seems like all third-party games will not load. I'll insert the disc, the disc channel shows the game properly, I click on the disc channel and click...
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    Trackmania Nations - Forever

    It's out now:;10013754;/fileinfo.html
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    Genmay question

    I'm sure it's been asked many times before but I'm unable to find the answer w/o my dear friend Search. Just curious how long it typically takes for the paid subscription to activate. Thanks :cool:
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    UT3 Patch #2 Changelog

    No releases or leaks, but the next patch is on its way. I think this about brings the game up to what it should have been when it was released back in Nov. Gameplay: -Increased UTGame MaxPlayersAllowed to 64. -Fixed leviathan turret instant refire exploit. -Fixed errant lock on...
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    Upgrading my s939 CPU

    I currently own a Winchester 3500+ that I bought about 3 years ago. With a baby on the way, I can't upgrade much more than my CPU at the moment. I'm trying to decide on an X2 4400 or 4600 since I think any 4800 out there is probably out of my price range. I was checking out this page on...
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    First CAL UT3 1v1 Season

    Like the saying goes, "The more the merrier." 120+ players have already signed up for the first UT3 1 vs. 1 season over in the Cyberathlete Amature League. If you enjoy UT3 deathmatch and feel like getting a little competitive, check it out and sign up! I'll probably be lucky to break into...
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    XP Task Manager

    My wife gets click and keyboard crazy when things don't respond right away... How did she manage to get the task manager to look like this: :confused:
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    BioShock "Easter Egg" ?

    I know another BioShock thread :rolleyes: But I was making my way through Arcadia for the second time and happened upon this: Ghost snatch? (1.5meg .png)
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    UT3 website updated Now with music! Can't wait for this game :cool: BeyondUnreal has all the tracks zipped if you like 'em and want to download. I substituted some of the UT2k4 tunes for their new counterparts.
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    Trackmani United Group

    I've seen TMU mentioned a few times here and thought why not make a group for all [H]ard forumers to get in on. Just go to your profile page and on the right under "Groups" click Add. Login: 2hard4u Pass: genmay Now when you go online you should be able to see who all is in the group...
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    PS3 - This is Living

    Is this supposed to sell a console? (brief nudity)
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    Bad Router Signal

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    Bad Router Signal

    I've owned a Dlink DI-524 for about 2 yrs and didn't have any problems with it. I haven't used it for about a year and, after purchasing a Wii, I put it back into the mix so I could get my buddy list going. Router seems to be working fine other than the fact that it's broadcast radius is now...
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    Need an outside opinion

    A friend of mine called me with an issue he's having with Supreme Commander sporadically freezing during gameplay. Everything goes back to normal after about 30 - 60 secs but that's quite a long 'freeze' I asked him how many processes he has running in the background and he said that it showed...
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    Odd USB Keyboard Issue

    Just recently did a few upgrades (motherboard, power supply, video card) and I'm having a persistent issue with my USB keyboard. Basically anytime I restart the computer my keyboard is not detected once XP loads. I can enter the BIOS fine but past that, the only way to get the keyboard to work...