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    What card(s) next?

    I have a nice 1920x1200 monitor that was just sent back because it had problems (Asus is replacing it with a new one) and I also have a 30in 1600p dell screen. I have just been using the dell and have not been missing the dual screen setup much (30in is BIG). I want to game on 30" because it...
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    Tomb Raider $36 GMG - Steam use code GMG20-P4DLK-FKYRS to get it from $45 to $36. Cheapest it has been, even though if you get it on steam right now you get a few free things. This is a great deal though for a game that hasnt been released yet but it...
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    Crucial M4 256gb SSD - $149.99 Free Shipping - ADORAMA via EBAY Good deal. 256gb M4 for 150 bucks and with free shipping! Also a reputable retailer.
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    What game are you playing right now (post screenshot)

    I dunno if a similar thread is going around but we have this thread in another forum I go to and its awesome to see who is playing what and see what they are playing (with a screenshot). You can learn about new games, etc. Please write the name of the game after the screenshot :D Currently...
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    DIYPC Acrylic ATX Bench Case Bench Computer Case $30AR free shipping - New Egg Really good deal for someone that wants a test bench.
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    Logitech G400 $29.99 AMAZON Really good deal on one of the best mice out there. I still prefer my mx518 (which I still have a use at work) but using the g400 at home and its a great mouse. Glad Logitech...
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    Problem with my GTX670 after installing windows 8

    Installed win 8 pro a couple of weeks ago and all of a sudden been having some problems. When I am playing video games (happens a lot in far cry 3 but also on Battlefield) I will be playing and the screen will flash black and come back. Sometimes it will do it a couple of time and then I can...
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    Another WASD keyboard positive review

    I made a thread here about switching to a quieter keyboard. About a week ago I did not know about dampers and different switches have very different sounds. I was thinking about going back to membrane but really think I couldnt. I was recommended to try MX Brown switches with Dampers and was...
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    Quality Quite keyboard

    Hey guys, I have a original das keyboard ultimate. Not only I love that there are no printing on the keys (makes me type faster too :)) but I love that its a mechanical keyboard. Before this I had a razer which was fine but I definitely like mechanical. My problem is that living in New...
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    13in macbook pro battery

    Getting a warning on my battery to service battery. I know its nothing serious and I can still use the computer, it is pretty much telling me that the battery does not hold a certain charge. I think I might replace it myself. On ifixit an apple battery is $130 which I would rather go get it...
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    Assassins Creed 3 download code
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    GTA4 Complete, GTA San Andreas and LA NOIRE Complete $14.99 AMAZON Download Not bad at all for all these games. Also, you get the $5 dollar toward editors game in January. I would be on this just to have but already hit my 3 game max (keeping the gf happy :))
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    BLOPS 2 - $40 AR

    I know people hate this game here but some out there want to buy it. this is the cheapest it will probably be, considering COD games dont usually go on sale during black friday. Its not a bad deal for a...
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    256 GB Agility 4 Tiger Direct $99 AR Not the best drives but 256GB for 100 bucks is dirt cheap. SOLD OUT Online.
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    Battlefield 3 Premium $25 free shipping Best Buy
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    Intel 330 Series 240GB SSD $130 AR pretty damn good deal.
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    New workstation build (xeon westmere)

    Hi guys, A friend of fine has asked me to build him a work station and I am shopping for parts. In our line of business we use mac pros, dual xeons and he wants something like it but cheaper. I told him that we can build something like that but better for a little over 2k. He needs it mainly...
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    New Gfx for my rig

    I currently have a x1950 xt on my intel qx6700, 4gigs ddr2 800 machine and need a new graphics card, I bought the x1950 because I didnt want to spend so much on a dx10 card then, didnt have the money and really did not need it (conmputer was for 3d work), Now with some good games out i am...
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    Computer acts weired on full load

    Hey everybody, As of late Ive been having some problems with my new PC, they might actually have been there from the begin but I only start really using my computer a few weeks ago. My specs are evga 680i qx6700 4x corsair xms2 ddr800 1 OCZ 600w and 1 antec trio 650W to power...
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    Rendering Machine build Help

    Hey to everyone in this awesome forum. My current computer is getting old, its been 2 years and it has serve me good so now its time to build a new more expensive machine. I will have arround 3k to buy a computer without screen. Exciting because it will be the most expensive computer i ever...