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    soundcard for linux

    I have recently made the switch to Linux and now need a new soundcard. I still have the Asus Phoebus installed, but there's currently no support/drivers for it in Linux. As such, I'd like to get a new soundcard that will work in Linux and has a seperate headphone/control pod. (at the moment...
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    does anyone sell basic flip phones anymore?

    My dad has been having issues with his VERY OLD sony ericsson flip phone and I think it's time that he got a new one. The problem is that I can't seem to find any available for Tmobile. My dad is hesitant on getting a new one, but he's open to it. Although, he's got some requirements. Basic...
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    How is Windows 8.1 now?

    When Microsoft released Windows 8, I wasn't enthusiastic about it after I had seen and ready about it. Eventually MS released a cheap upgrade ($40 to download a key and ISO) which I jumped on. At the very least I wanted to take it for a spin. After 2 or 3 months, I just didn't like it. It...
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    will i need cooling for this setup?

    My current setup is in my signature, but I'm going to be replacing it. Newegg will be shipping my goods this week. :) Case: Corsair 550D Obsidian new board: MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming LGA 1155 Intel Z77 new cpu: Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge 3.5GHz (new memory too, but it's not relevant to the...
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    looking for a new gigabyte motherboard

    I'm looking to buy a new motherboard and my preference is with gigabyte. at the moment, i'm considering either the GA-Z77X-UD3H or the GA-Z77X-UD5H. I'm not sure which one would be a better fit. Stability is of the utmost importance but I also like simplicity. Also, I will not be...
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    tapatalk functionality for mobile phones

    I know that HardOCP and many other websites/forums have a mobile version of their site and/or forums, but what is the likelihood that the Hard forums will get tapatalk functionality? Tapatalk is a mobile app designed for reading or using message forums and is MUCH nicer to use than a mobile...
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    headphone output on AV40

    Hi, does anyone know what the output is on the headphone jack of the m-aduio av40 speakers? can it drive some decent headphones? m-audio's site doesn't contain this information. thank you in advance.
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    a way to switch between speakers and HPs

    i have a soundblaster titantium xfi HD with a pair of m-audio av40s connected, but i also want to use headphones occasionally. is there a solution to switching between speakers and headphones without having to unplug the headphones? i know that the AV40s have a headphone-out jack, but they...
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    USB flash drive with a read-only toggle

    I'm looking for a USB flash drive (4GB or larger) that has a switch that will allow me to toggle between read/write mode and read-only mode. I have never seen one in person, but have heard of them. heck! i have no idea if they make them so i'm asking if anyone has seen one and where I could...
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    Linux for parents

    I'm thinking about installing linux on my parent's computer, but i'm not sure which distribution to use. At the moment, i'm considering either ubuntu or linux mint. the main thing(s) that i'm looking for is either the ability to have blank passwords for multiple accounts (one for mom and 2nd...
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    ASIO and SB Titanium XFI mode settings

    Since ASIO allows an application direct access to the soundcard hardware (if it's supported), but is the audio affected by the titanium xfi's modes (entertainment, game, etc..) and the other features (cmss3d, etc..)?
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    looking to add sub-woofer

    hello! i have a pair of m-audio av40s and i'm very happy with the setup, but i think i want to add a little bass err... a sub-woofer. what would pair up well with these speakers? i don't want to spend more than 100 ~ 120 dollars, but i'm willing to go over budget if it's justified. any advice?
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    zune audio vs moto droid audio

    Wow! I had thought that the audio from my microsoft zune (plugged into aux-in plug on my m-audio av40s) would sound better than my moto droid, but noooo! also, the zune sounds bad when plugged into the aux-in on my old klipsch promedias. what gives? the zune sounds weak and tinny. anyone...
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    what kind of overclock could i get with this...

    I have an intel Q9650, gigabyte GA-X48-DS5, corsair dominator pc2-8500, a coolermaster cosmos rc-1000 case and an Arctic Cooler Freezer 7 Pro (not sure which revision, bought it over a year ago). ATM, everything is at stock speeds/settings. What kind of overclock could I achieve with my...
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    making the fans cool more aggressively

    I have two HD4870s in crossfire mode and the temperature of the bottom unit frequently gets pretty high (in the 80s Celsius). I'm not overclocking my video cards, but I'm worried about the temperatures. Is there something I can do to make the fan kick in sooner? I know that I can set the...
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    mouse styles?

    I'm looking for a gaming mouse and I have been reading some old threads here to find information on gaming mice. Whilst reading some threads, I got confused with these mouse holding styles or whatnot. What is the "palm" or "claw" style? I'm using a Logitech G5 now, but it doesn't feel right...
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    what to upgrade to?

    My current video cards are in my sig: 2 hd4870s in crossfire. I want to upgrade but I'm not sure which way to go. I'm debating between either waiting for the hd5970 to become available or get two hd5850 right now. two 5870s would be a little too much money and i'm not sure if my 750watt power...
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    any recommendations on a SSD drive?

    I have been thinking about making the SSD plunge but I'm not sure which one to get. I prefer to have a smaller drive which will contain the OS and applications, but everything else (games, music, movies, etc...) will go on another larger/mechanical drive. So what would you guys recommend for...
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    What happened to all the X48 boards?

    When the intel X38 boards came on the scene they made a big splash than intel followed up by releasing the X48 chipset. Naturally, some new X48 boards started to show up. Now that the X58/i7 is out people are talking about that and also the boards that came before the X38/48. What happened...
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    different core temps on Q9650

    My setup consists of what's listed in my signature and it's housed in a Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 case with 4 120mm fans. At idle, the four cores vary in temps from around 33C to 39C and when I put them on a full load with Prime95 (long test) one of the cores jumps to 51C and another one...
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    Is there a way to install 32bit drivers on a 64bit vista?

    I'm waiting for some parts to roll in from newegg which will be used to build an almost new rig (hard drives, processor and the sound card will be migrated to new rig) and the 64bit version of Vista seems the only logical choice since I'll have 4gb ram and two ati 4870 cards running in...
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    looking for new motherboard recommendations with crossfire

    I currently have a gigabyte DS3L motherboard with a single pci-e x16 slot and an intel p35 chipset. I would like to move to motherboard that has two pcie x16 slots for some crossfire love. I would like to keep my current processor for now (intel e6750) so what would you guys recommend...
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    getting second HD4870 for crossfire

    This might be a stupid question, but will it be fine to mix a 4870 512MB with a 1GB version for some crossfire love? I'm asking this because I already have a 512MB version.
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    Do any anti-virus applications have free updates anymore?

    I was just wondering, are there any anti-virus applications for home use that have free updates? I'm looking for an anti-virus program that works in Vista 64bit and has free updates. I want to install it for my parents and leave it be. I don't want it popping up later on asking that they pay...
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    humming sound with two sound cards

    I have just recently installed two sound cards into my computer which are then connected to my computer speakers via a y-adapter-cable. They both work fine but I'm getting this humming sound when they're connected. The humming sound isn't constant but it doesn't sound like it's random either...
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    utility to monitor and log video card temperature

    Hi Folks, I've been having an issue with a game and I'm wondering if the game is over-stressing and thus overheating my video card. So I was wondering if there's a utility program that would monitor AND log the temperature of my video card. I have an ATI HD3870. Thanks.
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    older power supply and pci-e connector

    I have a 500W psu in my current system that does not have a pci-express video card power cable (6-pin). Are there cable ends or connectors that can convert a 4-pin molex connect to a 6-pin connector?
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    what password manager software do you use (if any)?

    When it comes to saving passwords (windows, online message forums, etc...) I use both firefox (I left it remember) and a notebook that I keep on my desk to store passwords. I was wondering if there's a more convenient (or hi-tech) solution to storing my passwords. At least I'd like to more...
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    video card brand: how loyal are you?

    Guys, Have you ever changed video card brands or have you always been loyal to that one brand (nvidia or ati)? If you have left one brand and gone to the other, how many times have you done it? Me, I always bought nvidia cards since the death of the Voodoo 3dfx cards until recently when I...
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    Unusual Vista 32bit performance

    I just got Vista 32bit Business installed today and so far all is good enough (not perfect). As I was toying around with various ui and display settings, I noticed that windows *seems* to perform better when the aero theme is enabled. The only visible evidence of this is when dragging windows...
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    onboard Marvell Yukon NIC disconnecting (nforce3 250 chipset)

    I've owned this motherboard (Gigabyte GA-K8NSC-939) for about 5 months and it's been rock solid with no network problems. Now, after installing Fedora Core 4 which dual boots with Windows XP Pro 32bit, my network connections drops in windows (only windows!). In Fedora Core, i *NEVER* lose...
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    resize ReiserFS partition?

    How would I go about resizing a reiserfs parition? i'm aware of partition magic, but it does not support that type of filesystem. is there something out there that will allow me to resize it? thank you in advance.
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    How is the creative audio player that's bundled with the X-fi?

    I'm running windows XP Pro 64 bit edition so I'd have to download the media player that is for the SB X-fi but I'd like to know if it's any good from those that have used it. So what are you opinions?
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    itunes with foobar 2000: perfect combo?

    for those that like the sound quality of foobar 2000 but prefer the interface of itunes here is your answer: I found this link on and it links to a forum where you can download multi-plugin which will allow itunes to use the...
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    which filesystem? Shared by windows and linux

    i'm dual booting windows and linux, and i also have two other NTFS partitions that hold games and my mp3 collection. my ntfs partions are mounted as read-only so that they don't become corrupted (writing to an ntfs partition is still beta from what i have read and there is a potential of...
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    asp pages and inline scripting

    I'm new to ASP and I'm just created my first ASP page and threw it onto my Server 2003 running IIS6 into the /inetpub/wwwroot directory. for some reason I'm getting an HTTP 500 - Internal server error when trying to view the page. I created a second page using only block scripting and it...
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    all-purpose text/html editor wanted...

    at home i use ultraedit-32 for doing text and html editing but i've got nothing like it available at school. so i'm looking for a decent text/html editor that would run from a USB drive. This is my only option because s/w cannot be installed on school computers. i'd like an editor that has...
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    How to view that status of IIS/FTP server?

    On server 2003 is there anyway to find out who is currently connected via FTP so that I can monitor who is uploading/downloading. If there are no naitive apps/utils than are there any decents apps that will show me the status of IIS/ftp? All I'm looking for is a window showing who is connected...
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    what converted you to AMD?

    I've gone AMD over 4 years ago and never turned back but I would like to know how or why others switched to AMD. I'm just curious. food for thought: if AMD one day becomes top dog and starts throwing their weight around like intel will you still stay with AMD or switch to a competitor?
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    good html and javascript reference book

    i'm taking a class on javascript in college and the text that we're using is alright but doesn't contain any reference or appendix section where it has a comprehensive list of html tags and javascript commands/functions. come on, who remembers every tag and command/function? anyway.... i don't...