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    Security concerns (remote access) while I'm in a fullscreen activity like a game or a movie

    I'll get right to the question before I go on to explaining why I'm asking it and my story leading up to it. So while I'm in a fullscreen program and if someone succeeds in hacking using remote access into my pc and opens a program like email or my online bank account will I be automatically...
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    Intrusion detection warning for when gaming in full screen

    I'm looking into getting an intrusion detection (IDS) mainly for when I'm playing games in full screen on my pc. Like should it be an external device with light/audio warnings? Or can I be assured it can warn me with a popup or anything visual on the screen when I'm in a game? Or when in any...
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    Any IQ loss (mainly in textures) going from 40" to 55" in 4k?

    For pc games mostly, and some movies and videos. I'm ready to get my first 55" screen and it'll be either a LG Oled 4k TV or Samsung Qled 4k TV. I'm mostly into graphics in games and especially sharp textures. Lighting and other IQ matters too of course. So I will be stopping in the middle of...
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    40" 4k TV looks great for games. Have a question before I go larger.

    Does anyone notice less texture detail in PC games on a 55" 4k TV compared to a 40" 4k TV? I know that may sound like I'm trying to start an argument. But I really want to go bigger with a 55" TV but the pixel density is what I'm worried about. Right now I have a sweet 111 ppi on my Samsung 40"...
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    Do 8K videos viewed in 4K look better than regular 4K?

    This is just in Chrome watching YouTube videos that were filmed in 8k. So I haven't watched any 8k videos downscaled anywhere else. So anyone notice the 8k vids played in 4k on your 4k screen look better than plain 4k vids? Or maybe I'm just thinking it looks better. I select the 4k resolution...
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    Well there is one OLED pc monitor you can get

    But it's only 25", and just 1080 res and the price is crazy. And here's more description of it -...
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    Elex coming in 2017

    Can you say Skyrim meets Crysis 3? Edit: Why does it looks so blurry? I'm still trying to find a clearer one.
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    Ever think a game developer was out to get you personally? (game breakers)

    Maybe they read one of your posts they didn't like. Or found out something about you that rubbed them the wrong way. So they put in a game breaking feature in a game you were looking forward to for months or years. With me it's the ever present small white circular reticle in the very center of...
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    Dynamic Contrast in Samsung monitors

    Anyone a fan of the Dynamic Contrast video option in monitors by Samsung? Or for your Samsung TV too. I prefer it over other video settings on my 27" Samsung S27B970 and 24" S24B300EL. It makes images in pc games pop out more and with more brightness. Of course some can't stand that level of...
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    Apple Cinema Display or other 27" monitor by Apple

    Anyone else using it on a Windows PC? Or if you're on an Apple computer. My 27" Apple Cinema Display (2560x1440) seems to be working well in games and other software on my Windows pc listed below. I have a 3rd party monitor brightness control installed but haven't had to use it yet. There's no...